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Fungin for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

Guard, shit!

Usually, the detection of fox spots on the pet's skin leads to panic and degenerate sentiment.

Well, firstly, until the tests have been done and the Woodpecker has not confirmed the carcass, do not panic.


  • Instructions for use
  • Dosage
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reviews of the preparation
  • Prices

And secondly, the lichen is treated!

And in this material you will learn - knife.

Instructions for using Fungin for cats

Get acquainted - Fungin, a drug that affects the lichen, thanks to its inclusion in clotrimazole. In addition to the antifungal agent, the formula "Fungina" includes propolis, glycerol and other useful peanuts.

Fungin for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

At the same time, they make everything so that the cell wall of the membrane of the fungus is broken and not subject to restoration. As the permeability of the cell wall rises, over time harmful cells collapse.

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Do you want to know when Fungin for cats works?

  • For fungal skin diseases;
  • With fungal eczema;
  • With seborrheic dermatitis.


Fungin can be purchased as a spray in vials of 20, 30, 40 and 50 ml and in the form of a solution of 10, 15, 30 ml.

If your pet is prescribed a solution, it is applied to a place of defeat with a pure cotton swab at a rate of 0.2-0.3 ml per 1 kg of gut mass. Wipe the solution with circular motions.


Be sure to capture about 1 cm of skin around the lesion area when you are working.

It is recommended to do so once a day for two weeks.

Spray treatment is similar in technology. Simply slip off the wool and make a few paddles in place of the fungal lesion.

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The advantages and disadvantages of Fungin for cats

The advantages include the availability of the drug and its convenience.

To disadvantages - an unpleasant smell and the need to restrain the animal for 20 minutes after treatment, so that the pet does not wipe or lick the drug.


Whatever the great temptation, Fungin should not be used if:

  • A cat is diagnosed with
  • infectious disease If the cat is on rehabilitation
  • If this is a pregnant cat
  • If this is a cat feeding
  • If this kitten is up to 1 month old

Side effects


Reviews about the use of Fungin for cats

Georgiy: "Our cat in the cottage behind the ears of bare spots. He was assigned to Fungin. This is a yellowish liquid with a disgusting smell. The cat resists, but we also do not sew - wrap it in a blanket, we process, and then in the blanket and hold for a while. Lisin began to grow on about the 5th day, all did 10 treatments, went 50 ml of the means. "

Valentine: "Our cat was assigned a Fungin after a suspicious spot was spotted with a special lamp. The place of processing has become obsolete. And after some time noticed more than one spot, and 4 full fox spots! Then I began to do the old thing - the clotrimazole ointment. There was no recurrence, the skin did not hide, and also saved money! ".

Margarita: "The cat escaped for a few days, and when we found it, it turned out that our home-dressed tunic picked up lichen in the street. Spots were on the back. Fungin was smeared honestly for 10 days and the result was negative - the spots became larger. As a result, we have cured the cat, but not this drug, but the means that were cited in the forums. "

Irina: "I'm not so fond of Fungin. Firstly, terribly stinks, and secondly, in a cone my cat starts to hysterical, and without a cone it is impossible to hold it half an hour. Our struggle lasted 4 days and I surrendered, went to a vet and asked to appoint another method of treatment. "

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Traditionally, we offer you to learn more about the manufacturer of the drug. This is an official site where you will read more about this antifungal agent:

http://www.api-san.ru /catalog/ fungin-forte-sprey

The cost of the Fungin in Kiev is 97 UAH per bottle 30 ml and 230 rubles for similarthe same bottle in Moscow.


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