Turkish Tacila Military Pigeons: Breeds and Videos

Takla pigeons is the most popular breed in Turkey. In our country, these birds are also highly valued thanks to good flying abilities and a special game of wings in the air. For this the birds received the name of the slaughter. Let's talk about them in more detail.


  • 1 Description of the breed
    • 1.1 A little history of
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    • 1.3 Demanding Tacolas
  • 2 Video "Tactical flights"

Description of the breed

The Turkish breed of pigeons Takla is the only species that is enjoying great success in all of Turkey. Other species are known to have a regional distribution. Today, Turkey is both a homeland and the main exporter of this breed to other countries. Among them there are a lot of species, both in form and in color. However, bright and colorful birds do not succeed, as lost their basic abilities of an unusual flight. There are still bubbed, double-haired, mustache and nasopharyngeal subspecies.

Turkish Tacila Military Pigeons: Breeds and Videos

A bit of the story of

Speaking of this bird, one can not but tell about the history of its origin. The name of the breed "Takla" in the Turkish translation means "perekid".That's what these pigeons do when flying. The first Turkish representatives of this breed appeared during the days of the Seljuk tribes in the territory of the modern Mediterranean. Although many sources of the homeland of the Tacala warriors are called the Central Asian region. But in the Mediterranean indicate that they appeared only closer to the 10th century.

In all subsequent times, these birds separated only for the sultans. Pigeons brought nomads to many countries. So, after 1055, they also appeared in the immediate east. Today it is believed that it was from Takla that such breeds as Iraq, Iran, Syrian and Armenian originated. After 1071, these famous birds came to Europe.

Turkish Tacila Military Pigeons: Breeds and Videos

Peculiarities of birds

Pigeons Takla are one of the brightest representatives of the group "slaughter". Their flight fascinates and by the way, can last up to 10 hours in a row. However, sometimes, admiring their skeber, some birds lose their orientation and fall down. In this situation, birds are often injured and hammered.

A variety of colors and subspecies are found in the breed. However, as we have already noted, birds with a colorful and vivid plumage virtually no manifest abilities in flight. Representatives with a more modest coloring - beautiful battles. True, for this, experts say, it is necessary to specially teach young people. In the inexperienced bluefin tuna, the beautiful Takla is transformed into lazy and slow-moving monsters.

Demanding Tacala

Turkish Tacila Military Pigeons: Breeds and Videos

In addition to special training, the breed of these Turkish pigeons requires sufficient material investments. If you are a beginner in poultry farming, then we do not advise you to start these birds. They require a lot of time and effort. Note that the achievement of a positive result can be expected for a long time, for example, until the bird reaches maturity.

Also remember that the representatives of this ancient breed are worth a lot of money, for example, one person can cost from 100 to 500 dollars. Of course, the price depends on the age and level of training of the pigeon. But then, if you start a tribal well-trained slaughter Turkish Takla, then you will receive a lot of pleasure, watching for their magnificent flight. You can also see it in our video.

Video "Tactical flights"

In this video, you will be able to see how the doves of Takla fly and how they hit the wings, for which they got their name.