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The best premium food brands for a premium premium kitten - Review

Finally, a mustache-striped friend appeared in the house, which immediately caused a lot of questions: what to feed, where to organize a sleeping place, what to do with a toilet, etc. Of course, there were many issues, but the main one was and remains the question offood. Undoubtedly, it would be desirable that the child of

was all the best and food is no exception.

Premium cat food will be infinitely pleased. However, here the owner puts a bunch of possible threats: for adult cats, this one for pregnant women, and he is the one at all for dogs. What to choose? Why to give preference? Here it is also useful to understand a wide range of different feeds for kittens.

Top pet food brands for premium premium kittens

Royal Canin

Royal Canin feed manufacturers are impressed by the fact that they need a cat, a cat or a kitten. The Royal Canin Kitten( Kitten) is a well thought out and balanced formula. It is because of the substance in it that the baby gets all the necessary elements, including for the strengthening and development of bone tissue. Kitten British Shorthair - Another creation of Royal Canin is specifically designed for kittens of the British Shorthair cats. Great for kids aged 4 to 12 months. This kind of food is enriched with L-picture, which is so necessary for the growing organism. Available in packages of 400 g, 2 kg and 10 kg

Kitten Persian - intended for kittens of the Persian cat. The feed is aimed at increasing the softness and luster of the wool, maintaining oral hygiene, as well as effective protection against gastrointestinal disorders or constipation. Also packed with 400g, 2kg and 10kg of

Top pet food brands for premium premium kittens


. Its leading position also does not give up dry food Hills. The main purpose of feed development was to maintain healthy digestion and strong immunity. Its composition must necessarily include omega-3 acids derived from fish oil, and antioxidants. The line of feed presented is divided into two types: for, in fact, kittens and for kittens, teenagers. Pay attention to the nutrition of the first category of babies.

The company offers high quality food for kittens and pregnant cats with different flavor additives( for example, with chicken or tuna).Hills Kitten takes care not only about the growing body but also protects and maintains the health of the bladder. Available in packages of 400 g, 2 kg, 5 kg or 10 kg.

Science Plan Kitten is designed not only for kittens, but also suitable for feeding pregnant and lactating cats. It is able to provide the growing organism with all nutrients from the moment of weaning( 1,5 months) and until full puberty( 11-12 months).

Top pet food brands for premium premium kittens


Aksana( Acana), which has proven itself on the market of animal products as high quality and suitable for human consumption, has already managed to comfort more than one ventricular-streaked ventricle. Strikingly, first of all, is the composition: here are whole eggs, lamb meat, and herring, and pike perch, and even salmon. It is clear that such ingredients will help the kittens grow big, strong and healthy. Kittens feed for a long time, since the birth of Akan in the market of animal products. Moreover, in the composition of this feed are plant components that have a beneficial effect on the body. Available in 400g, 2.5kg, 7kg and 18kg

packages. Of course, what to feed a newborn kitten is a purely personal matter, but the information about the leaders in premium feeds for toddlers is given above. You can, however, try to trust a kitten and buy a small package of each kind of food. The one that the baby will spin on both cheeks and is his choice.

Top pet food brands for premium premium kittens