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Ribotan for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkot about cats and cats

Do you agree that a modern domestic cat is no longer a surviving creature like its wild ancestor? Our pupils suffer very much from the immune system. And in the case when immunity requires correction and enhancement, veterinarians recommend immunomodulators. For example, Ribotan!


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Instructions for use of the preparation Ribotan for cats

This immunomodulator is a complex agent consisting of low molecular weight polypeptides and fragments of yeast RNA.

Ribotan is recommended for:

  • Immunodeficiencies;
  • Viral Diseases;
  • Bacterial infections;
  • Fungal infections;
  • When detecting parasites;
  • For stresses, etc.

Ribotan for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkot about cats and cats

Dosage for

Ribotan for cats and cats is recommended intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Do you need to know how to take a solution for injection? It all depends on the age of a kitten or an adult animal:

  • Kittens are not 3 months - dosage 0.5 - 1 ml;
  • A kitten older than three months, but younger - a dose of 1 - 1.5 ml;
  • Animal - Dosage 1 - 2 ml


The frequency depends on the purpose of the drug.

For prevention of

  • , the kittens need to stab Ribotan 3 times a month for 0.5-1 ml;
  • kittens teens 3 times a month for 1 to 1.5 ml;
  • for adult animals prick 3 times a month for 1-2 ml

Other cases

  • In the initial stage of the disease Ribotan should be used 2-3 times a month with a re-course not earlier than 10 days;
  • On the eve of operations one should make a prick;
  • During the postoperative recovery, Ribotan is administered 2-5 times during 3-5 days.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

  • One day after administration, the immune response increases by more than 200%;
  • has no contraindications;
  • Does not have a roundabout.

Contraindications for use


sensitivity Side effects


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Reviews of the drug Ribotan for cats

Alsou: "As far as I remember, we have always had cats and, of course, some of them periodically sick. I have long understood that the symptoms of a viral disease should be given Ribotan - the disease is easier and faster. "

Valeria: "Six months ago my cat Kuril bobtail escaped from the yard for the first time, and when he returned, he was lively for a long time, showing no good appetite. Therefore, when she recently returned from a regular bout, I did not pull and, on the advice of a neighbor, inmured her Ribotan. I must say that the behavior of the cat did not affect it, all the same weekly lethargy and weak appetite. If honestly - this drug is not understood. "

Elizabeth: "It's painful to watch when a cat who was in the family of all your conscious life begins to fade. In our cat, it is expressed in a month-long bowel disorder. And more than one doctor prescribes Ribotan, but he helps for a short time. Nevertheless, we will periodically rush to somehow help our four-legged member of the family. "

Alice: "After we had been treating a cat for a month from pneumonia, of course, it was necessary for him to be immediately restored. To do this, it was decided to puncture Ribotan's course. About the preparation I counted on the Internet itself. I assure you, if you do the instructions, immunomodulator will! The pet returned healthy appetite, cheerfulness, activity, shaved hair. "

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A drug developed in Moscow by the company of the Firm NPViZts "Vetsvercenter" http: //vetzverocenter.ru/.

Cost of one vial( 1 ml):

  • in Moscow - 75 rubles,
  • in Kiev - 40 UAH.


There is no complete analogue of the drug.