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Sphinx - the nature and characteristics of an unusual breed of cats

Perhaps the most amazing species can easily be considered a sphinx."Where is it seen, that the cat was without wool! She is clearly sick! "The grandmother who visited the cats exhibition with her grandchild was handed a verdict. If you ponder. .. And why, really, the sphinx without hair, because the cat on that cat, that the

should be a chic fur coat.

According to most zoologists and felinologists, the cause of baldness lies in gene mutations that have affected these cute animals. Woolly beings, however, remain as affectionate, kind and faithful as any other cat.

Sphinx character and features of an unusual cats breed

The nature of the sphynx

Sphinx, like nobody else, likes to be at the center of the general attention that other animals in the home and people require. Patience distinguishes the sphinx from other members of the cat family. A no-sheer cat will never brazenly wake the host, she will only modestly wait until he wakes up herself.

A shameless handsome man just shines with intelligence and vigor, which allows you to attract the views of enthusiastic guests. Sphinx more than other family members of cats loves to sleep under a blanket.

Being close to a person - this is the purpose of the life of breed members. These cats, like other mustache-striped ones, walk by themselves and do not like when they are forbidden to go to a certain room. The worst punishment for the sphinx is to call the full house of the guests and lock him in the room of one.

Sphinx character and features of an unusual cats breed

Favorite game of sphinxes - hide and seek. And the owner should not forget that he is also included in this fun. If it is not possible to find a kitten, it is necessary to check all the cabinets, boxes and boxes in which the cats are so fond of hiding, and also necessarily look at the top of the wall or closet. Yes, that's where the sphinx is willing to hide.

Excessive curiosity may cause loss of mustaches over a gas burner, a flight from a window or a balcony. The Sphinx will do everything to satisfy its curiosity.

If the house is boring and the owner has nothing to do - you need to create a shirtless kitty that will instantly bring joy and light to all household members. Exercising some kind of damage to the sphinx does not even guess what makes something bad, so do not be scolded and even beat the pet. A highly developed intelligence helps your pet understand everything that the host says.

Sphinx character and features of an unusual cats breed

Sphinx will obey any member of the family, but will definitely choose a pet. Along with the chosen person, the pet will spend most of the time, making it, without leaving the field of vision, to examine the entire territory and look at its interesting muzzle in each box or closet.

Anger and aggression are completely unrelated to the breeders. The soft and tender temperament helps the sphinx cat to be a great mother not only for their children, but also for the owners.

Particular admiration is caused by aristocratic manners and parenting. The cat will not interfere, I will not impose, but will gladly join the game. Do not forget that the game has already begun, and the pig-sphinx is already looking for its owner. By the way, people who suffer from allergies, contrary to popular belief, should not be advised to start a sphynx - they are not hypoallergenic, despite the lack of wool. Read about these cats here.

Some peculiarities of the

breed The temperature of the body of the sphinxes is slightly higher, they have increased heat exchange and accelerated metabolism, and therefore they eat wilted cats more often than others. However, it is not necessary to overfeed a pet - for them it will not be good any more. The sphinx does not have eyelashes, so it is necessary to wash their eyes daily, as described here, so that the eyelids do not stick to secreted secrets.