Ethash what is this folder

If your computer has slowed down for some time, CPU and video card resources are used at its full power without any reason, and at the address Users - AppData - Local you have found the folder Ethash - this means your computer is used for landing -the process of

making bitcoins on the Internet( in turn, why the AppData folder is here).In this article, I'll tell you what it is about the Ethash folder, for what it serves and what's the feature of a process called "landing."

Ethash what is this folder

Way to the Ethash

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As Ethash appears on the

PC One of the most famous cryptographic products is the bitcoins usedin the same name as the payment system. For the earnings of bitcoins there is a process called "mining", which is built on the decision of computers mathematical problems. The miners( computational programs) must pick one correct hash from the set of combinations, and get 25 bits for that reward. Such programs-moneys support the work of the monetary system, carry out system transactions and serve as a link in the work of the p2p network.

One thing to do when you download and install maemer on your computer on a personalized initiative for small-scale earnings. Other - when it hits your computer without your knowledge, it loads the resources of your processor and video card, and it's great to prevent normal operation of the system. Typically, such "non grata" Ethash minicomputers get on the computer as a result of a bandling or with any virus that, in addition to infecting a computer with viral programs, helps the creator of the virus earn some money on the use of the power of the infected computer.

Also, I already described the values ​​of Windows.old and Thumbnails folders, if you do not know about their values, I advise you to familiarize yourself.

What is Ethash

Ethash Folder is one of the attributes of the presence on the platform of the computer, called Ethereum. Despite the fact that most analytic materials consider the Ethash virus as a wizard, this is not the case, and most antivirus programs are relatively calm about the presence of a wizard on a user's computer.

Usually, in this directory there are several files in the amount of 1-1.5 gigabytes each, and their number may increase excessively over time. Once we have figured out what it is like to know about the Ethash folder, you can remove it.

You can delete the Ethash

folder Because it's clear that this Ethash folder is one of the components running on the wizard's computer, a simple deletion will not do anything, and after a while it will be restored by the hacker. The same mayer can act as a separate process with a characteristic name, which is easy to calculate, and "encrypt" for any system process( for example, svchost).Great instruction on why the svchost process loads the processor and how to deal with it here.

In some cases, the Ethash and Ethet directories are the result of the activity of the processor att.exe( or ctfhost.exe), but, as mentioned above, the process name may differ.

Ethash what is this folder


process If the Ethash can not be removed due to the standard removal program, then you will be able to use anti-virus programs such as Dr. Web CureIt!(in the settings, enable the "Prohibit low-level applications on hard disk" applications) and HijackThis, which are effective in locating and removing unwanted mailers. Select one of these programs on your PC, complete a full scan of the system, and in most cases the Ethash wizard will be quickly deleted.

It is also possible in the task manager to track which processes are heavily loaded by the processor and memory of your PC in idle mode. They may belong to the mine, it remains to track their location and remove them. After detecting and deleting the process initiator file, you can delete the Ethash folder.


What is the Ethash folder? The Ethash folder is an attribute of the presence on your computer of the platform for the Ethereum mining, which performs its work independently of the user, significantly loading the system resources. In the removal of Ethash will help a set of recognized antivirus programs, you can also track the activity of the system on its own and "kill" processes that will take significant resources of your PC at idle time. In most cases, Dr. Web CureIt! Is a powerful anti-virus scanner that quickly and efficiently removes Ethash Mine from your computer.