How much ovum weighs and how often birds are eaten

Ostrich egg - not only a natural product that can feed the whole family, but also a very important commodity. The creation of ideal conditions for birds is a key to success and a constant high fruit harvest. In this article, we will talk about the stomachs of ostriches, as well as how much

weighs a product like an egg.


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All about ostrich holding

Some farmers prefer not to breedonly ordinary ostriches, but also Australian ones, Casuarians, and Nandu( South Africa).The breeding period and the number of these species of birds have much in common. But there are some nuances that should be taken into account and taken into consideration. For example, how many degrees should be in the room where the ostriches are or what weight was in the largest fruit in history.

Beginning and Duration of

Beef eggs for females begin at about two years of age. In rare cases, an African ostrich can begin to bear when it is 1.5 years old. At about this age, females begin to carry unfertilized membranes. Females ripen for 40 months, and Nanda can become suitable for conception of offspring, when she will be 2.5 years old.

How much ovum weighs and how often birds are eaten

The nature is laid down in such a way that these birds run twice a year: in winter and autumn( in addition to the Kazuar females who carry eggs in August).How long will the female replenish the masonry? The duration of this period is about 2 months. That is, if the birds began to carry a laying in February, the last offspring can be expected at the end of March. In autumn, ostriches run at the same rhythm, providing farmers with offspring or fresh eggs.

Ostrich fruits can be of different colors: from white( African ostrich) to dark green( Him, ordinary Casual) and yellow-golden( Nandu).The maximum yield per season for a single female may be up to 80 pieces. It happens that the ostrich is not at all to be procured offspring for a whole season in a row.

It is worth noting that never these non-flying birds do not run identically from season to season. You do not need to expect that Nandu will postpone 60 eggs, because in the last February there were so many germs. On the weight of ostriches, any varieties can be affected by weather, nutrition( in particular, the lack of vegetables in the diet), conditions of detention and other factors.

How much ovum weighs and how often birds are eaten

Factors Affecting Egghead

A good offspring comes from those feathers that have the ability to eat grass roots and swallow small pebbles. Birds that have ample space for movement and free survival are more likely to be added to the weight, which also affects the carrier. In addition, this indicator is influenced by the temperature of the room, which contains ostriches. How many degrees should be in the pack so that the bird feels comfortable? Approximately from +16 to +20 C.

The effects of stress on how birds will often be borne. If you plant ostriches and decide to move them from one room to another, then be careful. Usually birds are very nervous in such situations and can take away less important such product as ostrich eggs. In such cases, an anti-stress diet should be introduced consisting of an increased amount of nutrients. How many days before the transfer is necessary to feed birds with a double dose of vitamins? Approximately two days.

How much ovum weighs and how often birds are eaten

Do you want your home pupils to produce viable ostriches and have a high carrying capacity? Then you should take care of adding to the diet herbal flour. It is especially important to give it to females in winter. During this period, the feed of adult individuals should consist of 5-7% of herbal flour. The straw will be enough 3-5% in the diet.

The number and weight of eggs

The weight of ostrich eggs varies from 450 to 1800. How many chicken products in a shell can replace one ostrich creature? It turns out that about 40 pieces.

African ostriches postpone their future cubs to a common nest. Parameters of eggs of this variety of non-flying birds are as follows: the length of such a creation varies from 15 to 21 cm, and it weighs not more than 2 kg( with a rare exception).The egg of the ostrich has a shell thickness of just over 0.5 cm. One ostrich of this species carries 40 to 80 eggs per productive season( it lasts from March to October).

How much ovum weighs and how often birds are eaten

Big nests - this is the place for laying ostrich eggs Nandu. Typically, such nests can include a laying of 5-7 females. In one clay can be from 15 to 40 products in a dense shell. The incubation period is approximately 1.5 months.

The female carries an average of 11 to 20 eggs to him. This is she doing every day or every three days. The shell of such embryos is approximately 1 mm. How much does this ostrich product weigh? It can be tightened to a maximum of 900 grams. In addition, masonry with eggs weighing 700 grams were marked. All the results of the laying of birds into it are composed of masonry. The total clutch can count up to 25 eggs.

A female common casuar carries its green eggs in a mosquito nest and leaves. The laying may have up to 6 eggs, the weight of which does not exceed half a kilogram. If eggs are hanged correctly, the birds of this bird appear in September.

How much ovum weighs and how often birds are eaten

Interesting Facts

Here are some facts about ostrich fruits that may surprise you:

  • The largest demolished ostrich product has been registered in China. It weighs 2.35 kg with a diameter of 18.67 cm.
  • Growth of hatching chicks - 12 cm at an average weight of 500 g.
  • Very often, females during the period of pairing and after the birth of offspring become very aggressive( especially this applies to Him).
  • Calorie in ostriches is less than that of chicken.
  • This product is a record holder of sodium and selenium.
  • Video "One ostrich egg"

    In a roller you can see how much protein and yolk is in a product such as an ostrich egg.