How to properly cut a dracena yourself?

Dracena can be found practically in any room, because it requires a minimum of attention, tolerates slight changes in temperature, lifts other irrigation water irrigation, and also grows well even under electric lighting, while the

pleases the owners with its exotic beauty round.year. It is believed that dracena improves energy in the house, moisturizes the air in the room and reduces the level of formaldehyde. With good care very often it reaches very significant dimensions, about 2-3 meters in height. At such sizes the plant loses its attractiveness, aesthetics, and the height of ceilings does not always allow. Then you need to think about the flower to crop. Many of these procedures horrify and try to postpone it later, but in reality it is a rather simple process that does not take much time. Even a freshman can easily handle this procedure. Tips on how to trim the Dracena you can read below.


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In some cases, to cut the

If your flower grows rapidly and the height of the ceiling does not allow it, then it is recommended to thinkabout circumcision of dracena. This will allow the plant to be more well-groomed and healthy. The pruning is best done when the flower is in the phase of active growth. This is from the beginning of spring and until the end of the summer.

Many ask if you can cut the dracena in winter? There is no clear answer to this question. If to understand, winter is not the easiest time for home colors, they fall into a kind of hibernation and it is very undesirable to disturb them, as it can harm them. Pruning is quite a stressful procedure for a flower, and even if everything is done correctly, then there may still be various problems and there is a high risk that the plant will completely disappear.

How to properly cut a dracena yourself?

During the period of active growth, the flower produces peculiar "growth hormones" that accelerate healing of the trunk after trimming, but this does not happen in the winter, due to which the healing is slowed down several times.

As it becomes clear from all the above, it is best to wait for the right time and only then cut off, exceptions are only in emergency cases. For example, your flower broke in the winter, and by the spring is still very far, then the scratch of dracena should be carried out immediately. Provided that care after trimming is proper, the plant will soon come in.

Also relevant is the question of whether you can cut the dracena if it is weakened and unhealthy? "In this case, the answer will definitely be negative. As already mentioned, pruning is a great stress, and only a healthy plant can cope with it. It will be right for you to begin to cure your flower, and then you can already cut it, otherwise the cut may start to dry out or bend, and in this case it will not be able to save it again. But, before proceeding with this procedure, study the "how to cut the dracena" well.

How to properly cut a dracena yourself?

Cutting Guide

Pruning is very important for any plant. This procedure is good stimulation of the formation of new kidneys, and due to this, the flower begins to branch. But not all florists understand the importance of circumcision. Here are some good reasons why you should cut the plant.

  • Deformed shoots. To give the plant an attractive look, a sanitary-forming crop is made. Then, instead of deformed grow beautiful new shoots.
  • Very often, when growing, the flower loses its refinement. And precisely the scratching dracena will help you to return to your beauty the former well-groomed look.
  • Sometimes you need to sanitize the plant, it should be done if the flower is ill. Infected areas should be removed without regret and as soon as possible so that the disease does not move to the healthy part of the flower.
  • Now you need to figure out how to trim the dracena correctly.

    How to properly cut a dracena yourself?

    You need a sharp blade knife. The height of the trimming you choose at your discretion, the optimal height is 15-20 cm from the top. With a sharp knife, cut the trunk of the plant at the level where you want to get branching.

    Do not throw away the cut part, it can be used for reproduction. To do this, dry it for a couple of days and then simply place the cut tip in water or soil and wait for the rooting. After it leaves the roots, you need to transplant the dracena into a constant capacity. At the bottom of the pot, put a good drainage. Pay attention to the fact that the pot necessarily must have a drain hole.

    The cutting area must be cleaned so that it does not rot. It is best suited for treatment of molten paraffin or thickened activated carbon. Be extremely tidy and do not drown with molten wax on the tender leaves. After the circumcision, dracena begins to lose moisture very quickly, which prevents the appearance of new kidneys. For this a couple of times a day it is recommended to spray the stalk with water at room temperature.

    How to properly cut a dracena yourself?

    It would be very useful to wrap the slice with wet moss-sphagnum, and to put a transparent package on top of it so that moisture does not move too fast. A couple of times a week, you need to remove it to check in what state there is an escape, and then, a little wet the moss, put the package back. This will accelerate the appearance of new shoots.

    A pot needs to be placed in a dark place, but necessarily where it is warm. The temperature should not fall below 25 degrees. Make sure there are no drafts near you - Dracena does not like them.

    Education of the kidneys - the process is quite long and takes at least a month. As soon as new kidneys begin to appear on the trunk, safely remove the sphagnum and the package, now dracena can take care of herself.

    How to properly cut a dracena yourself?

    Now, after studying this article, you know everything about how to cut a dracena and how to properly care for her so that she would delight you with her incredible beauty for many years.

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