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Scotch Terrier: photo, dog, breed, character, buy, train

Scotch terrier: photo, dog, breed, character, buy, train

Scottish terrier, whose photo can be found online, takes from Scotland, where his output was hunted.
A dog was to hunt for small rodents, as well as other animals that hide in the holes. These can be attributed to the same foxes.

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Terriers were long and strong tails. For many, this will be news, but just for the tail, the dog was taken out of the hole where the prey was frozen. This was done after the dog catches the game.

In the future, it became clear that this is an interesting feature of the breed is not very convenient for hunting. In view of this, it was decided to remove the tail. This explains that modern dogs of this breed do not have a long and large tail. Many believe that the dog was taken out in England. However, this is a mistake, since the first representatives of this breed appeared exactly in Scotland.

This is evidenced by the structure of the dog's body. Unlike English terriers, the Scots have long trunk and short paws. Also in Scotch Terriers, the wool has a rigid structure and is very thick. It is to protect the dog from cold mountain winds. These features remained in the breed to this day. At the beginning, when the breed only appeared, the dogs were hunted, but in the future they began to be kept only as home pupils.

The breed has gained great popularity around the world. Increasingly, this dog met on the streets. The same can be said about our country. Previously, they could be found very often on the streets of cities. Gradually, the popularity of dogs declined, but they still remain in demand.

This breed can be found in any city on the site for walking dogs. Since the breed was previously intended for hunting, Scotch Terriers sometimes go about their genes. Often, these dogs fall into senseless, and sometimes comical situations.

Black Terrier: Character and Habits

Anxious and energetic - all this can be said about this breed. A dog is rarely in a state of tranquility and is more likely to be in motion. Such dogs, living in apartments, often throw something and affect. If you plan to get this dog, then be ready for something that will soon break in. At the same time, it makes no sense to scold the dog, because it does not because it has a bad character, but simply very unsteady and everywhere nose. If the pet is living in a large private house where there is a backyard, the dog will constantly spend time there.

In the yard, the dog will have one right - digging. This breed is guided by its genes and constantly digging as soon as it gets access to open land. Moreover, if a dog notices a kind of nail or hole, then the dog will definitely pay attention to her. The removal of a dog to the country or outside the city can be prepared for the fact that it digs everything where it will be. Also, the dog is very indifferent to other pupils. The fact is that the dog can arrange its "neighbors" a very unsweetened life. Therefore, if you plan to make another pet, you have to think about everything pretty well.

Scotch terrier: photo, dog, breed, character, buy, train

The problem is that the dog can deliver a lot of trouble to a new pet. The terrier will constantly persecute him with his endless attacks. So, with the same cats of Scotch Terrier dogs, the photos of which you see above, get very bad. Rarely, there were cases when the dog of this breed and cat coexisted together. The same can be said about children. A baby can accidentally make the dog hurt, and the dog responds to the bite. Therefore leaving alone a dog and a child is not the best idea. However, this can happen only with very young children. With teens you can not worry about it. In this case, the child can even make friends with the dog, as both will always have an excess of energy, which is a great help for the games.

Also, the dog chooses to own a master and they may have only one family member. The rest of the family suffers from the dog only because they are near his master. However, this breed is considered a family dog. They will gladly go with the masters, be it a trip or a simple walk. They will also be able to go on a car trip without problems. It is worth noting that the dog does not like to part with the owner. For them it is very bad and the dog feels very badly emotionally.

Considering this, it is necessary to understand the fact that the dog of this breed is being wound up, that she can not often stay alone at home. This can be very problematic for both neighbors and other pupils. Being alone at home, the dog will bark and scream rather loudly and for a long time. All this can cause dissatisfaction with the neighbors, as it will disrupt their rest. At the same time, the dog is an excellent watchdog, because any sereh or quiet sounds behind the door necessarily scare the dog. This is far from a guard dog.

As a watchdog, the dog is perfectly suited. It is important to note that for strangers, the breed is very suspicious. Often a dog may be aggressive towards them. In this way, it's important to bring up the dog so that it relates to outsiders loyally. Otherwise, you will have to think about finding a place where you can hide the pet for the time while guests in the house. Otherwise it may turn out that the guests necessarily get small injuries.

How to Care for Scotch Terrier

The main problem with keeping this dog is its wool. The problem is the need to constantly cut the dog. The fact is that such dogs are often put up for contests and competitions. To ensure that the dog faces the jury neatly, it must be regularly trimmed. Scotch Terrier breaks the photo on the photo, but it's a very hard and difficult lesson, which many can not afford. In this case, the best will be to give the pet to the professional.

However, if it is not planned to put the dog on the competition, it can be cut and independently. To do this, there will be enough conventional cutter machines. To learn how to properly cut this breed, you can see some instructive videos. You can also visit several master classes. The breed does not melt, which means a permanent loss of hard hairs that grow on the fur coat. All this suggests that this dog carries a lot of cares. Therefore, it is necessary to take a responsible attitude to the decision to start this dog.

Not only need to constantly cut a dog, one can not forget even about claws with ears. They need to be constantly checked so that they do not have any contamination. If dirt has been detected in the ears or claws, then it should be removed. Since the dog is a very active way of life, she will always be dirty. Because of this, she often has to wash and clean the dirt from her ears. In addition, if the dog rarely walks in the street, her claws can grow very much. Therefore, it will have to cut the claws also.

Most often this problem concerns those who keep a dog in the apartment. When the owner hears a groove of claws on the floor, you can safely gather to trim the claws. And it's not an aesthetic component of this problem. Long claws can deliver a lot of discomfort to the nurse himself. If you are going to start this dog, you can prepare for the fact that claws will have to trim every two weeks. Again, to trim them yourself without proper knowledge and skills will not succeed. It's best to get expert advice and read more about this procedure. You can also go to the salons for dogs and observe the work of the masters. After that, you can begin to trim the claws of this dog yourself. In addition, for a haircut will have to acquire a special tool.

It should be noted that the dog should only live in the house. The long stay of a dog on the street will cause her to freeze. Especially vigilant to watch this winter. For a dog to feel comfortable in the winter, it needs to be warmed up. This is possible if you wear a dog in special jackets or overalls. In the house, the dog needs to sleep in places where there is no cold, no drafts. It is especially important to wear a dog when she is trimmed. This will avoid overcooling.
Scotch terrier: photo, dog, breed, character, buy, train
If you talk about nutrition, then here the dog is not particularly picky. She has good health, which enables her to eat almost everyone: cooked house or bought in the store. In that case, if it was decided to feed the dog with natural food, then in advance it is necessary to get consultation with the veterinarian. He will help pick a ration for a dog. However, there are no special differences in the diet of other breeds.

A compulsory part of the diet of this dog should be: meat, fish, dairy products, a complex of vitamins, vegetables and fruits. If you decide that the dog will be buying dry food, then you still need to pick it up. It should be of high quality. Otherwise, the health of the dog may collapse and problems begin.

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Where can I buy a dog of this breed

In order to purchase this really Scotch Terrier, then behind itYou can not go the market. You can also forget about ads on the web or other sites for ads. These sites are likely to translate a translation for the price of this breeder dog. The right solution will be to find the contacts of the nearest nurseries. They may not be in your city, but they will probably be close to him. The cost of this dog will depend on what is his name, taken by the parents of the dog in the exhibitions. If the pupils have a good pedigree, then its price may vary in the region of 1 thousand dollars.

In case if the puppy is acquired not in the kennel, but from the hands, then the price can range from 200 to 300 dollars. It is important to note that paying more than this figure does not make sense, since it does not have any pedigree, passport or other documents. When choosing a place where you can buy a puppy you need to pay attention to the documents that are issued at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, when a dog is bought - the price is not important, but the fact that the dog will become a member of the family in the future.

How to bring it up and train

The breeding of this breed needs to start from the moment when the dog just appeared in the house. Otherwise, breaking broken and broken things simply will not work out. At first, the educational process is important to escape the dog from constant jumps to the owner or his guests .This habit is typical of Scotch Terrier. Also, a dog of this breed may try to gnaw everything that it sees through its excessive curiosity. From this pupil will also have to retrain for a long time and persistently. It is best to buy a dog in a pet store, which she will gnaw as much as she wants. In this case, it is necessary to choose a toy so that the dog does not gripe constantly with one rubber or a tree. Today, united toys are sold. It is also a good decision to give the dog several toys of different types.
Scotch terrier: photo, dog, breed, character, buy, train
In addition, it is necessary to ban the dog after a walk all the time to run on a chair or sofa. It should be taught to immediately go to the bathroom. This is due to the fact that the wool in the dog grows in the form of a skirt. Thus, in the rain on the wool may be dirty, which, upon coming home, should be washed away. Otherwise, the dog will smell all the furniture in the house. Also, you can not teach a dog to sleep on the furniture after a walk.

One more component of raising a dog is the prohibition on the pupil sleeping with the masters. The problem is that, in addition to dirt, it can bring with it and a host of bacteria that can be contagious and disrupt the health of loved ones.

Thus, in this article all the main points relating to this dog were given. This is a very interesting and energetic dog that will be given to its owner. In addition, she is amusing enough because of the lack of her companionship. With such a dog, you can safely start your channel on YouTube and teach funny videos with her participation.

A dog of this breed will bring a lot of pleasure and fun to its masters!