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Hemangioma - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

A benign tumor called the hemangiomas, which consists of vascular tissue. This is one of the most common types of benign tumors, hemangioma is found, mainly in children.

According to statistics, hemangiomas are found in about 2% of newborns and in 10% of

children up to a year. Almost three times more often hemangiomas are formed in girls.

Despite the benign nature of the tumor, it can quickly grow. In the process of growth, the tumor can destroy the tissues surrounding it, and disrupt the normal functioning of the hearing, vision, respiration, etc.( depending on the location of the tumor).

In addition, hemangiomas represent a significant cosmetic defect, especially if it is located on the face.


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  • 2 Types of tumors
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  • 6 Forecast and prevention of

Causes of development of

To date, precise reasons for the development of hemangiomas have not been established. However, known factors that may lead to vascular tumor:

Hemangiomas causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo

  • Environmental problems;
  • Mother's disease in the first weeks of pregnancy or respiratory illness;
  • Receiving a mother in the process of pregnancy medications that can affect the fetus.
  • Premature baby birth to the world.

There is a probability that the appearance of hemangiomas is regulated by hormonal regulation, since this type of tumors in girls is three times more likely than boys.

Most often, hemangioma manifests itself directly after birth, but in some people it appears later.

Types of Tumors

Depending on the morphological features, several types of hemangiomas are distinguished.

A simple type of vascular tumor develops from capillaries. In this case, education is located on the surface of the skin. It may have a tubercle-shaped, flattened or flat surface. Color education - red or bluish-purple, when pressed on the tumor, it is pale, but then quickly restores its color.

Cavernous or cavernous type of hemangiomas is subcutaneously. This type of tumor looks like a nodal, hilly formation. The consistency of the tumor is mild, elastic. Education is formed from cavities filled with blood, from above the education is covered with natural or cyanotic skin. When you press a finger, the color of the hemangiomas becomes paleer. With tension( crying, coughing) - the tumor is stronger.

The combined type of vascular tumor is characterized by the presence of symptoms, both simple and cavernous hemangiomas. The tumor has a subcutaneous and partly above the skin. Symptoms depend on which part of the tumor is predominant.

A mixed type of vascular tumor has a complex structure, since it contains elements of not only vascular, but also other tissues - lymphoid, connective, and nervous.

Clinical picture of

Vascular tumors may be single or multiple, their size varies widely. The most common is a simple hemangioma, with the share of other types of tumors accounting for 5-7%.

Hemangiomas may have a different localization. In most cases, vascular tumors are located:

  • On the head, in the scalp. Especially often at the back.
  • On the face.
  • In the oral cavity.
  • In the genital organs.
  • At the top of the torso;
  • On the limbs.

Hemangiomas may be formed on the internal organs or on the bones.

Hemangiomas causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo Externally, the vascular tumor looks like a tall skin or planar formation with a tubercle-nodular structure. The size of the tumor may be different, from 1-2 millimeters, to 15 and more centimeters in diameter. The shape of the tumor may be different, and the color varies from pale pink to crimson. In the case of cutaneous vascular tumors, the temperature difference is pronounced, the formation is much hotter than the surrounding skin.

Hemangioma grows not only in width but also in depth, so tumor enlargement can lead to severe tissue compression. Education is easily traumatized, with their damage, there is a severe bleeding, which is difficult to stop.

Simple hemangiomas can spontaneously regress. The process of regression begins with the appearance of a pale spot in the center of the tumor, which extends towards the periphery. The regression process may take several years.

Diagnostic Methods

In the examination of patients with hemangiomas, the participation of a dermatologist and surgeon is required. Depending on the location of the hemangiomas, an ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist or urologist may need consultation.

The basis of diagnostics - external review. To determine the spread of the tumor is performed ultrasound. If you suspect that hemangioma affects the surrounding tissues, an X-ray examination may be prescribed for the area.

Treatment of

The treatment method is determined depending on the location of the hemangiomas and the rate of its growth.

Yes, urgent measures should be taken if the tumor is located in the head, neck or oral cavity and, in this case, has a tendency for rapid aggressive growth. Necessary treatment at cavernous vascular formations, as well as, with hemangiomas complicated by infection, bleeding, necrosis.

In simple hemangiomas, exhilarating tactics are often chosen, since such tumors often regress themselves.

When choosing a method for removing hemangiomas, they try to achieve the maximum positive functional, oncological and cosmetic outcome.

Hemangiomas causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo Surface hemangiomas are best removed by laser beam, cryodestruction or electrocoagulation. Cavernous education of a small size successfully treated with sclerotherapy.

If the hemangioma differs from the complex anatomical localization( for example, in the field of the eyeball) or has a large area, radiotherapy or corticosteroid therapy is used.

Treatment of folk methods

The use of herbs in hemangiomas is justified only with a simple type of tumor if the physician has decided to observe the patient. Before you apply herbs to treat a baby it is important to consult a doctor.

Folk healers are recommended with a simple hemangioma:

  • Tea Mushroom. Apply a piece of tea mushroom to the tumor, secured with a bandage or a plaster. Change the compress once a day, treat the three-week course with a one week break.
  • In case of hemangiomas, warm soda baths are useful.
  • For internal use in the hemangioma treatment process, it is possible to use a decoction made from a plantain, St. John's wort flowers, mother-and-stepmother.

Forecast and prevention of

Prognosis with hemangiomas, in most cases favorable. However, when a vascular tumor is detected, an appeal to a physician is mandatory. Only a specialist can decide whether he needs treatment, or it is worth taking a wait-and-see position.

Prevention of the appearance of hemangiomas is not developed, since the reasons for the formation of vascular tumors are not well understood. It is important that a woman during pregnancy should not take any medication without the appointment of a doctor and, as far as possible, avoided contact with toxic substances.