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The rating of cat food in a 100-point system - from elite to good

All modern cat food can be divided into three classes depending on its quality, and this is based on our feed rating:

The low-quality economic product - characterized by low quality raw materials. Usually they are made of waste or shortage of goods, that

goes to the market of human food. The low price allows you to use this type of feed for those owners who are not ready to spend on the pet. Most often such a food can be easily purchased in supermarkets and even small kiosks at a stop.

Failure to comply with storage rules negatively affects quality even more. The balance of nutrients in such feeds is poorly observed or not at all. Negative changes in the behavior and character of a pet may be due to the fact that food is grossly violated by nutrition requirements. Laboratory examination of the composition of such feeds almost always does not indicate what should be, if you believe the package and its composition. Also, harmful nutritional supplements can be included, which significantly reduce the level of assimilation of nutrients or at all minimize it. Advertising such a feed is usually abundant in bright colors and attractive slogans.

Rating of cat food for 100 ball system from elite to not bad

Medium quality - Medium product .More expensive, somewhat better quality. The composition of such feeds includes components that take into account the pet's lifestyle and his age. The need for a pet in certain minerals or vitamins in such feeds is filled by inclusion in the main composition in the form of protein powders, fertilizers, etc.

High-quality premium product. Selective feedstock, which passes compulsory certification, is the basis for premium feeds. Laboratory studies of such feeds allowed to determine the exact composition and match it with the ones indicated on the package. Usually one does not match another.

Rating of cat food for 100 ball system from elite to not bad

Classification of feeds on a 100-ball scale

Of course, 100 does not mean perfect. Just for the moment, feed is better off. Consequently, 90-100 points get those feeds that are of high quality, a serious process of cooking and developing new species. These include mostly expensive feeds:

  • 100 - Hills, Nutro Choice
  • 99 - Eukanuba
  • 95 - Eagle Pack, Bosch( Bosch)
  • 93 - Iams)
  • 89 - BIOMILL, Purina Pro Plan
  • 88 Royal Canin
  • 85 - Nutra Gold, NUTRA NUGGETS, Pro Pac( Pro Pack USA)
  • 82- Flatzor
  • 80 - Leonardo( Leonardo), Belcando( Belkando)
  • 79 - Diamond
  • 78 - Pro Pac( About Pak Ukraine)
  • 77 - Royal Canin
  • 72 - Gimpet ShinyCat( Jimpet Shaynicket)
  • 50-70 - Dr. Alders Tiernahrung( Dr. Alders)( in
  • 55-65 - Gourmet( depending on the formula)
  • 67 - Sheba
  • 60 - Purina ONE( Purine Wang)
  • 45 - Dr. Clauder's( Dr. Clauder)

Rating of cat food for 100 ball system from elite to not bad

Other feeds refer toEconomy class and do not deserve due attention due to their harm to the pet's body. If the owner does not want to harm the caudate one - it is better to save him from such food.

Despite the full completeness of the mineral composition, it is recommended to give grass seeds and to diversify its nutrition.