2017 Year

How to create a New Year's atmosphere in the house until the New Year 2017?Room design

How to create a New Year

Probably, many people love to decorate their home before the New Year holidays, because it raises the mood and gives a sense of approaching the New Year 2017. Shopping, buying gifts, creating a New Year's menu, choosing a festive outfit, party conversations - all this

brings such pleasure. Moreover, the New Year's atmosphere should be felt not only by the owners, but also by their guests. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to create the New Year's atmosphere in the house until the New 2017 year. After all, each visitor must understand when coming to your home that the New Year is very loving and waiting.

2017 will be under the patronage of the Fire Crusoe. That is why the design of rooms must meet all of its requirements. The main colors are red, magenta, blue and orange. In addition, you can add golden and silver.

How to create a New Year

Decoration of the apartment on New Year's Eve 2017.

In order to guess the Cape of Fire, you must adhere to some rules for the design of an apartment or home:

  • Ornaments may be the usual garlands. The cock loves everything bright, so colorful lights will appeal to him.
  • But the same thing Cute does not like much. Therefore, the decoration of the house should be of several colors and shades. You need to use balls, sequins, snowflakes in the colors that you like the Cockerel. But do not forget about the harmonious combination of shades. Otherwise, excessive mixing of flowers will show a misery, and the jewelry will look sloppy.
  • You can use your imagination and decorate your home in a rustic style. After all, Fire Punch is still used to living in a rural setting, so he likes this idea. With this design of the room you can use soft capes on the sofa and armchairs. And on the windows you can put a piece of cloth from delicate cotton.
  • How to create a New Year

  • New-year ornaments, made with the help of hand-made materials, will be appropriate. They can hang around all over the house literally. These include stars, decorative garlands, balls, flowers and New Year's sacks. At the same time it is worth choosing the most prominent place in the house, on which it is necessary to put the Fire Cave.
  • To emphasize the fire element, you can place candles on the house and light them during the New Year's evenings. Such a surprise will be very pleasing to Cockerel.
  • In almost any interior, you can enter red rugged blocks. They can be laid out on shelves or placed in a large straw or wooden vase. The color of the apples will become the symbol of 2017.
  • But figurines of predators are better not to put this year in the house. The cock will not tolerate them. And this can only arouse him.
  • The room can be decorated not only by the figure of the Cock, but also by other members of the family. These may be yellow chicken and common chicken. You can make a nest on which the bear will sit alone. Such an ornament can be put under a Christmas tree or put on a shelf next to the Piven.
  • It is worth noting that decorating a home does not always have to be expensive. Most of them can be made independently of the improvised and unnecessary materials. Typically, such products are much nicer than purchased. Each home during the New Year holidays should become a little more comfortable due to ornaments. This is what will make it possible to feel a truly New Year's atmosphere in it.

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