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Roulette for dogs: price, large, varieties, useful video

Roulette potion for dogs: price, large, varieties, useful video

One of the most important components of an outfit for a dog is a leash. The main thing when choosing a leash is to determine its main function, and then determine the color, material. To select a roulette tape measure for dogs it is necessary on the basis of their mass of a body.

  • Main varieties of leashes
  • Roulette selection for dog
  • Four-side friend's helmet
  • Leashings of nylon and tarpaulin
  • Legs options - chains
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  • One for all or all for one

Major varieties of

leds There are different typesleds:

Selection of a roulette leash for a dog

In Russia, such levers began to be used not so long ago, despite the fact that abroad it is very popular. This species has several advantages: it is a constant connection with the owner in conjunction with the relative freedom of the animal during the walk. The owner constantly monitors the situation and can regulate the proximity of the pet. The choice of a leash must depend on the weight of the dog's dog, the corresponding parameters are indicated on the roulette handle. It is important to carefully examine the carbine and check the quality of its manufacture, reliability and size. If the dog has a fairly calm character, then the excellent option will be a rope-strap rope, for the vigilant recommended belt type. To replace the short leash it is enough to roulette on 2 meters, though one more length of 5-6 meters is desirable to have in stock.

Roulette potion for dogs: price, large, varieties, useful video

Helmet for a four-legged friend

They exist in a variety of variations: for dogs, absolutely miniature rocks like chihuahua, as well as for such as a German dog. The materials used in the manufacture will vary depending on the size of the animal. This can be tarpaulin, velor, nylon, canvas or leather. The basic rule when choosing a sticks is the right size selection, since it should fit the body of the pupil tightly, not "chip", but do not press. The most logical solution will be a trip to the pet shop with the pupil, where after the purchase to purchase a perfectly seated helmet.

When choosing equipment for an official dog, it is best to stop choosing a leather product with wide and sturdy belts and appropriate buckles and fasteners. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the rings on the plies are sealed, not bent, and the belts must be stitched up. For small breeds( Yorkshire or those-terriers) it is better to pick up pliers of soft material, for example velor. For dogs more, such as an English bulldog or pug, a leather or nylon variant is more suitable.

For specific purposes, there are specialized types of equipment. So, in order to carry cargo with a dog, it can be picked up a cargo helmet, or a ride for the appropriate tasks.

Nylon and Tarpaulins

This is a completely customary and standard training solution. They come in different lengths, from 1 to 20 meters, can be equipped with a handle or deprived of it. Both variants of the leash are very strong, they can not be broken by any dog. However, the nylon strap can be snuggled elementarily: having in its "arsenal" 42 tooth is not so difficult to do. In this regard, a large box will be tarpaulin, because such a feat will require a great deal of patience. The essential nuance that needs to be addressed is, of course, a carbine. More affordable Chinese will take less time, it is better to stop choosing Polish carbines. The price for leashes-roulette for dogs of large breeds varies from 600 rubles to 2 thousand.

Roulette potion for dogs: price, large, varieties, useful video

Leads variants -

chains These leeches are rather a glamorous accessory, especially in combination with a metal collar. Only owners should be aware that using the chain is not recommended everyday, because it is a fairly heavy chain. However, this is an ideal solution for dog owners who prefer to cheat the leash, since the metal elements of the trick is unlikely to happen, and the feeling is not pleasant. Therefore, it is highly probable that the pupil will soon cease attempts. As for the length of such a chain, it rarely happens more than one and a half meters. When choosing equipment it is important to check the quality of the links, they should be welded.

Choosing a dog's leash - "the driver"
Roulette potion for dogs: price, large, varieties, useful video
If you need to follow a dog with a full stroll while walking, then this is what you need. Very short version with a large carbine, which is necessary for animal control in a place where there is a large number of people.

Useful video on topic

One for all or all for one

The question that comes before the owner of the animal is the number of leaks needed for one dog. It is necessary that both the host and his pupil feel as comfortable as possible in almost any situation. Therefore, it makes sense to buy different types of leashes: one for walks, the other for training, etc. When purchasing a new leash, you need a gradual learning of the animal.