How to transplant kalanchoe in another pot: instruction

Kalanchoe is the most beneficial plant in terms of growing at home, since care is simple and easy. But despite this, it is not always possible to achieve flowering in this plant. The reasons for such a situation may be a variety of circumstances. Sometimes

resolves this problem by facilitating transplant. This article will tell you how to transfer Kalanchoe and when to do it.


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When transferring

, Kalanchoe is a convenient beginner's flowerbed. Caring for it is easy. You just have to adhere to some rules. Therefore, taking care of a flower at home will not take away much time.

How to transplant kalanchoe in another pot: instruction

It should be noted that the care of this plant involves the stage of transplant into another pot. But many people who put in at home this wonderful flower, do not always know when it can be transplanted into a new pot. It is believed that the best time for this is spring. It is only necessary to do this after the flowering stage has passed.

If home care at Kalanchoe was correct, then the flowering period will come on time. At the same time, when the care was broken, the flower may not blossom. In this situation you can focus only on the spring period. This time in any case will be optimal.

Transfer the plant to a new pot can be once a year. This will be quite enough for the calanchoe to come in the period of flowering. At the same time, care at home at the flower should be correct:

  • moderate irrigation;
  • requires lighting level;
  • shading during rest period;
  • clipping after flowering;
  • dressing.

When the optimal time for transplantation has arrived, this procedure should be prepared properly so that the calanchoose will fit normally into a new pot.

Video "A Few Useful Tips on Transplanting"

Rules and Techniques for Transplanting

How to transplant kalanchoe in another pot: instruction

Care at home for this plant implies the timing of certain procedures that are time-consuming. One of the important points of care for Kalanchoe is a transplant. It is needed in the following situations:

  • has completed the flowering stage;
  • observed sealing of the earth;
  • from the pot began to appear roots;The
  • plant begins to quench. He leaves leaves or other symptoms of malaise are observed;
  • flower purchase. It should be noted that the transplant should be carried out immediately after bringing the plant in the house. This should be done in order to quickly adapt Kalanchoe to growing at home. After all, in the store he grows in completely different conditions of growth.

When the plant begins to fall, you can begin preparing for the transplant. To do this, you will need to prepare the following materials: the

  • is a new pot, which will be slightly more spacious than the old one. The new capacity for cultivation should be 1-2 cm more than the old one. You can use a ceramic pot;
  • special land. It can be purchased in a specialist store or cooked with your own hands. But remember that the land should be suitable for the succulents;
  • elements for creating drainage system in a pot. For these purposes you can use clay pebbles and claydite. They can be replaced by a bit of brick and gravel;
  • water. Please note that watering the flower is possible only with soft, settled water. To get such water, it is simply boiled in the kettle.

How to transplant kalanchoe in another pot: instruction

Before proceeding to transfer a calanchoe at home, it is necessary to cut off all the fetal inflorescences from the flower stem, dried and sick branches, as well as extra leaves.

Then you need to prepare the pot. It should be washed well with soap and rubbed dry. Some flower growers claim that the pot after washing should still be treated with a weak solution of manganese. This is done in order to prevent the infection of plants by various pathogenic microorganisms: viruses and fungi. If you bought a new pot, then it is recommended to drop it in the bucket with water for a day. This will allow the surface of the crumbs and other unwanted elements to be washed away. Also, this procedure will allow the removal of gases from the tank that remain in the pores after burning. When everything is ready, you can start the transplant.

The proper technique of transfer of calanchoe into a new pot involves the following actions:

  • prepared earlier pot wipe dry;
  • is now preparing the ground for a new pot. You can use the purchased soil mixture, but you can cook it with your own hands. In the soil mixture should include leaf soil, sod land, as well as sand. In this case, all components must be mixed in a ratio of 2: 4: 1, respectively. Some experts recommend adding to the prepared soil mixture a bit of peat and briquettes;
  • further to the bottom of the prepared pot you need to put clayey and shards splinters. By doing this, you will create an excellent drainage system that will prevent stagnant soil moisture. Remember that in the Kalanchoe the root system is prone to decay with excess moisture. And this is a direct path to the appearance of various parasites and diseases;
  • after the main elements of the drainage system are properly located at the bottom, on top of them should pour a layer of sand. In the final result, the thickness of the created drainage layer should be at least a quarter of the height of the new tank;

How to transplant kalanchoe in another pot: instruction

  • then you should fill the bottom with a little new ground;
  • the plant itself must be plentifully watered before planting;
  • then gently pull out a flower from an old pot;
  • after this from the Kalanchoe need to accurately shake the excess of the old ground. If the flower is large enough, then you do not need to shake the ground. In this situation, a plant with a lump of old land is transferred from a new pot. In addition, it is necessary to cut the roots that have broken or become screwed up.

Now you just have to transfer the plant to a new capacity for growth. Then it is necessary to fill in the free space of the pot of the earth until the root system is completely closed. Remember, the soil level should be a few centimeters below the edge of the used container. Now there is only a flower.

After all of the above manipulations have been made, the flower leaves at rest. Further care of him is no different from what was done before the transplant. It is best to put the flower on the eastern or western side after the transfer. Care for the plant should be followed accurately with all stages to achieve its rapid use and subsequent flowering. Especially important at the very beginning of the above-described actions is to avoid land plundering.

How to transplant kalanchoe in another pot: instruction

The actions presented above are suitable for Kalanchoe of all varieties grown at home. This is a universal stage of care that will be identical for all types of these plants( Kalandiva, Hepinese, etc.).

As we can see, transferring Kalanchoe to a new pot is quite easy. There are no difficulties in implementing the actions described above. The main thing is proper follow-up care, which will provide the flower with all the necessary for high-quality and full-fledged growth, development and flowering.

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To cope with this task, you need to know about all the details of the process. This video tutorial will help you avoid frequent errors and transplant Kalanchoe without much danger.