The content of the dwarf rabbit is a droplet

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  • Rabbit Expression Characteristics
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Decorative Rabbit Care At Home

A dwarf rabbit is very popular as a pet. Often, people buy dwarf rabbits

for young children to accustom them to a sense of responsibility, or give the animals a sign of attention to close people or colleagues. But there are many questions about the meaning of these cute rodents.

The content of the dwarf rabbit is a droplet

Breeding rabbits are an excellent option for home and business development.

Characteristics of Expressions of Rabbits

The length of a body of a decorative rabbit is 25-30 sm. His legs are short and thick. The main feature is the hanging of a long eyelash. Decorative pronounced rabbits got the nickname "rabbits-rams" for the appearance of the young lamb.

Dwarf ram differs in a flap, almost square. In adult males, the length of the ears can be 30 cm at the same length of the body. In females, the ear is slightly shorter. The weight of an adult male should not exceed 3 kg. If weigh more, then the rabbit develops obesity, which threatens the appearance of problems with the heart, liver and digestion, which can shorten the life of the animal. The minimum threshold weight for an adult male is 1.5 kg. The weight of females differs by 150-200 grams in the smaller side. Although there are some large breeds of rabbit-rams, for which the size of the body is allowed to 60 cm and weigh up to 8 kg,

The content of the dwarf rabbit is a droplet

. Rabbits of the breed are: black, brown, blue and golden.

All rabbits are born with standing ears. The latter begin to hang only in 5-7 weeks. The color of pronounced rams is often monotonous, white, gray, ore individuals may appear. It is not uncommon for white sneak rams "in glasses" - with black spots around the eyes. It is allowed and spotty coloring.

Expressions of rabbits were brought out in England in the 19th century. A characteristic feature of modern rabbits-rams, a sign-long ears-was originally a mutation, but then they decided to consolidate this feature and erected a separate breed. Now there are many varieties of rabbit-sheep: English sheep, French, German, Dutch, Meissen, hairy, corduroy or plush. Noticeably different from other Dutch rams( sometimes they are called simply Dutch dill).They are more miniaturized than their other relatives. The weight of an adult Dutch dill is seldom more than 1.5 kg, never reaching 2 kg.

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content Feeding decorative rabbits

At home, you must ensure that the rabbit does not eat unwanted food. Sometimes the kids, having snack on something, offer it to their pet. It is necessary to clearly understand what the animal can feed, and what not. An incorrect diet can lead to illness and even a fatal outcome of a fluffy creature.

Any rabbit is a herbaceous animal, therefore, its 60% diet should consist of vegetable food. In the spring-summer period it is possible to harvest grass independently. But in the raw form it is not worth it, the pet may have bloating. The herb needs to be bathed in the sun for several hours. If this is not possible, it is possible to dry the grass in the oven for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 120 ° C( at higher temperatures the useful properties of the plants will be lost).

The content of the dwarf rabbit is a droplet

A food pyramid of decorative rabbits.

In this case, it is necessary to ensure that no poisonous grass is found in the food, such as an acanthocephalus and all the plants of the yolk family, pollen, poisonous, headaches, cowberries, fools, hogs. Representative dwarf rabbits are very fond of dandelion and clover. Clover plants contain a lot of vitamin B, which promotes the growth and activity of the rodent. But with one grass, the pet's pet will not be fed. The hay and fresh water in the rabbit should be kept constant. And to take the remains of food is needed every day, so as not to get parasites, dangerous for animals and for people.

The rodent needs to put the branches of the tree in a cage every day so that it can drain its teeth and do not bribe unauthorized things. Favorite breeds of trees - alder, willow and linden. Berez can be given only in limited quantities so that there is no problem with digestion. From the cherries in the rabbit, the rabbit may have a constipation, from the crash - diarrhea. Before placing branches in a cage, it is recommended to scald them with boiling water so that all insects and bacteria are destroyed.

Extra foods include apples, carrots and zucchini, as well as any vegetables and fruits. Potatoes can be given only in boiled form. In small quantities it is allowed to give raw potato cleaners. Exception is feeding rabbits. Potatoes are contraindicated in them, since they can cause blockage of the mammary glands from a large amount of starch, which will result in the development of mastitis, which will lead to an animal's disease or even a fatal outcome.

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Care of a decorative rabbit at home

You can not wash a rabbit under any circumstances. If your pet has a diarrhea, then dirty wool should be wiped with a damp cloth or a napkin. Any dwarf rabbit should have an enclosure or cage, even if the pet is free to move around the host's home. Rabbit - mostly nightlife. He can snore all day long. Therefore, in a cage it is desirable to equip a separate house for the animal, so that the rabbit could hide from direct sunlight and enjoy the day's nap.


You should also know that a clearing cell must be fitted for a comfortable stay:

  • The feed should be well secured so that it does not roll over. In this case, it must be removable so that it is washed daily.
  • Feeder should be deep enough and bridge.
  • The cage should have items for toothpaste. Not necessarily to buy, you can simply put the branches of the trees with the thickness of the index finger.
  • The floor should be even, the rabbit can not walk on the net. It is best to choose a cell with a removable plastic pallet, which will make it easier to change the litter. It should be changed 2-3 times a week so that there is no unpleasant odor. As a litter it is possible to use sawdust of hardwood trees or specialized material for littering rodents. Treads of coniferous species are not used, since they contain a viscous resin and can stick to the paws and wool of the animal, resulting in discomfort. A essential oils of coniferous trees can give off a smell, due to which the rabbit will lose appetite.
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    The size of the cage should be at least 50x70 cm. It should be installed on the stand so that during airing on the floor did not pull cold air. Stretches of rabbits are contraindicated. The dwarf pronounced rabbit has some intelligence. During long-term communication with people, he well memorizes his nickname and responds to it, can safely move around the apartment and with pleasure goes to the hands.

    All sweet bunnies. But the sweet food used by people to give the animal is prohibited. The rabbit is unlikely to give up chocolate or sweet milk yogurt. But the digestion of rabbit stomach dairy products is not able to. In the best case, the wrong sweet litter will lead to gas formation or obesity. In the worst case - to major problems with the gastrointestinal tract. For a variety of ration of an animal you can give a little dried cereal peel. The bread should not be mild. Black bread is banned, it can be acidified in the stomach of the rodent, which will lead to swelling or constipation.

    The life span of dwarf rabbits is 5-8 years, but long-lived lovers of this breed are well-known and survived to 10-12 years old. Sexual maturity is already 3.5 months, but it is not worthwhile to mate animals in this age. Ideal is the first coupling at the age of 6-7 months. If it is planned to keep ornamental rabbits on the tribe, then the male can alternately feed 2-3 males. Female can bring offspring directly from several males, this is due to the structure of the internal genital organs of rabbits.


    Females can be kept in pairs in one cage, and rabbits - one at a time. Males are ferocious, they can injure themselves or their neighbors, even as calm as decorative rabbits. When buying a baby it needs to be treated from parasites and inoculated from myxomatosis and VGBC.Do it right after the purchase. And if the rabbit brought the offspring, then it should be inoculated at the age of 45 days. Optimum temperature of rodents content + 22 ° С.