Animal Care

How to persuade parents to buy a hamster or other animal

Many children need permission from their parents or guardians to buy a hamster, as some stores do not sell pets to children.

First of all, make sure you have a good relationship with your parents. If at the moment your relationship is stretched, most likely they will say there is no


Maybe you broke your promise? Have bad grades? Were bad or something else? If you have similar problems, put them in order. This is also important because it is correct. You should build trust and responsible relationships.

Then, before asking, make sure you know exactly what you are talking about:

  • How much money do you need: the amount should include feed for food, supplies, cages, toys, bowls, etc.
  • You know howclean the cell
  • You know how to behave and care for a hamster so that it does not catch the

you should know it yourself so that it does not depend on your parents and that they do not need to do it for you. You can also create a detailed report or schedule to demonstrate that you know a lot about the hamster and are ready to care for them.

Now you can ask and persuade your parents to buy hamster for you. Most likely, you will manage.

Some Reasons Why Parents Reject:

  • They're afraid that taking hamster care will take a lot of time and your grades will go down.
  • They do not believe that you can properly care for your pet
  • They can not afford to bear the additional costs of
  • In your house there may be other pets such as cats( then you need a safe cage and a hamster placement area)
  • They may think that the hamsters will die too quickly( look at the page with information on the life of the hamsters)
  • Parents may not like the idea of ​​finding a rodent in the house( you can tell that the hamsters are very small and cute and they havenothas long tails like rats)
  • Someone in the house may be allergic to

If your parents still refuse to have a hamster, you probably do not know the reason for this. You have to find out the reason, but do not try to make them surrender and do not beg yours. Be patient. Say that you want to work hard with them and find a general solution to this issue.

We hope these tips will help you! Please write if you have a unique or exceptional situation. Maybe we'll cope with it together!