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We make interesting toys for cats with our own hands

We make interesting toys for cats with our own hands When there is a kitten in your home, the word "boredom" disappears from your vocabulary for a long time. Watching the games and tricks of a new family member easily replaces visits to the theater, cinema and circus combined. But the kitten game is not only fun. They

perform several functions at once: it is the upbringing of survival skills, and the way of communication, and health gymnastics. While playing, the cats immitate the typical situations of adult life and learn the correct behavior. Therefore, toys for cats should be correct.

What kind of toys like cats

. Pet grooming shops offer cow owners an enchanting variety of all kinds of balls, mice( including clogs), brooms, bells and other toy exploration( by the way, very inexpensive).Toy toys can be of interest to a kitten, but only for a short time. In two or three days, you will probably find that the expensive factory mustache made of natural fur is abandoned in the corner, and the fluffy mistress does not pay any attention to it. Much more

kittens like toys made with their hands from improvised materials.

Where to make cat toys

If you decide to please a cat child with an exclusive hand-made sticker, do not forget about its required properties. When a kitten is playing toys, he learns the most important art in his life - hunting. Consequently, the toy should be light and mobile, so that the baby would run away, working out the techniques of pursuit and capture. To make such toys is the best of paper or foil, since cats adore all the squeamish ones: these sounds remind them of fussy mice in the thistle. The classic version - a paper bow, tied on a rope - is guaranteed to lead your kittens into delight. Bottle caps and empty coils of thread,( cardboard or wood), will also fit perfectly.

We make interesting toys for cats with our own hands

Large paper bags will surely interest your pet: he will happily get there and will selflessly shred paper - the game hide and seek like children and cats, including. For this purpose also need cardboard boxes from under the shoes.

When offering kittens homemade toys, be sure to take care of the baby's safety. The toys should not be too small for the animal to swallow them. In no case can you use a damaged or beating material, because the wreckage can seriously hurt him. Never leave unattended a kitten playing with long cords or ropes - during the game, they can sweep around the animal's neck and strangle it.

Homemade cats in some sense remain kittens to a very old age. With the help of the game, they rejoice in life, fill the lack of movement and new experiences, express love and commitment to the owner. If you regularly chat with a cat, play with her, offer her toys made with love - you can not doubt that she feels herself in your home absolutely happy.