How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants

One of the most dangerous pest of terrestrial plants is a spider mite. It is capable of causing considerable damage to the plant and many troublesome gardener. It is multi-species, which means that virtually all indoor plants fall into the risk zone. It often suffers from ficus, palm,

lemon and cactus. The use of insecticides for their destruction was not effective, so special procedures should be followed in the course. From this article you will learn how to deal with spider mite on indoor plants.


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What does a mite and a plant look like?

This is a small spider insect that you do not just notice with a naked eye, has a brown, white or reddish color and "fades" on the underside of the leaf of the plant.

The spider mite on the flowers of flowers is rapidly multiplying. It takes only one week to two, so that from the sedated eggs individuals appeared and further developed. This occurs under favorable conditions under which even the "flash" of the reproduction of these parasites may occur. But the low temperature and high humidity somewhat slow down this process.

How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants

Appearing on one indoor plant, the tick is able to move to other healthy ones and infect them too.

What does it do? Placing on a leaf of a plant, it pierces her skin and suckles the liquid contents of the cells. After that a lot of small white spots appear on the bottom of the sheet. The sheet loses its color, it dies and falls. Also, the mite can weave a thin cobweb and cover it with the affected leaf of the flower. How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants If you do not take action, home plants are likely to die. In addition, some pincers are able to inflict damage and flower petals. For example, in a rose. By scattering in it, the mite can literally distort the indoor flower, minimizing all its decorative properties. This is, in principle, all the signs of a flower blight with a spider mite. As soon as you notice them on your plants, immediately begin to fight the parasite.

Cause of Infecting

Each florist who has a large collection of indoor plants faces this problem. And then there is a logical question: where does this disease appear on our flowers? How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants There are several variants of the development of events, leading to the infection of plants.

  • A tick can "come" with you from a flower shop where you have just bought a new room flower. This is the most widespread option. Therefore, immediately after the purchase, the flower should be "put" into quarantine: set it apart from other pots for 2-3 weeks. If during this time you have not found anything strange with him, calmly send it to the rest of "colleagues".
  • The Klitsch is going from the street to the apartment through the window or other accessible paths. Particularly unlucky in terms of inhabitants of the first floors, along with the windows which grow trees. It is precisely on them that mosquitoes penetrate the house on the web. Of course, if the flowers are located on your windowsill, in the first place they are at risk.
  • But do not think that your plants are safe in the winter. Many florists are confronted with this problem in the cold season. Why so? The fact is that at such a time the female mites fall into hibernation( otherwise - in diapause).Females "sleep" somewhere in the ground, curled up in a slob. And when the favorable conditions arrive at once, they wake up and "go to battle".The same applies to eggs, they can "sleep" to 5 years.
  • MICE PREVENTION Before you pour soil into a pot with a flower, bring moss, sand, stones or wood bark to them, care should be taken. The following manipulations should be carried out to prevent the infestation of the spider mite:

    • Just purchased soil should be poured into a container( preferably in a room where there are no flowers) and exposed to calcining or steaming. You can do this in an oven or microwave oven.
    • We do the same manipulations with pebbles, sand or wood bark.
    • Moss is filled with boiling water, after it has cooled down, it needs to be taken and dried.
    • Just bought flower, as already mentioned, it is necessary for a while to set aside from others, and even better - to process acaricides and put them in polyethylene packages for a couple of days.

    How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants This is probably all possible prophylactic procedures that help prevent the infection of your plants with a spider mite. Go instructions, your flowers will not only sound, but also look great.

    How to Fight

    If you find signs of spider mite on indoor plants, you must immediately organize a fight against them. The time for reflection is small, because every minute is important in the process of flower salvation.

    To get rid of a tick, you need to create unfavorable conditions for his life.

    How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants

    Both folk remedies and medicines will come in handy. A solution of water with a soap is to start with the ground parts of the plant, and then its pot, pot stand, sill or table( in general, the place where the flower stands).Let this procedure not eliminate the spider mite, but significantly reduce their number.

    Pest control measures include large watering of plants with leaf spraying. Then cover the plant with a plastic bag( hermetically) and leave the day for three. And remove the flower from direct sunlight, it has nothing to do with it. The fact is that the spider mite does not tolerate high humidity. And plentifully watering the flowers, you will bring them to destruction. How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants

    Help to effectively fight acaricide mites. However, keep in mind that they are safe for humans and pets, so they should be extremely careful. The list of such preparations includes:

  • "Phytoferm", "Aktofit", "Vermitk".The spider mite will be destroyed, but the sleeping females and eggs are not. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct several treatments at intervals: the temperature in the house is 20 degrees - processing in 10 days, the temperature in the house 30 - processing in 3-4 days. Remember that at temperatures below 18, all the measures taken will not produce results.
  • The drug "Apollo" eliminates not only adults, but also their eggs. Low toxicity.
  • "Acletic" can not be used indoors because the drug is very toxic. Its poisonous couples are capable of harming the human body.
  • Spider mite is afraid of medical alcohol. Enough to rub them leaves, pots, spray the soil. In addition, it is necessary to treat alcohol with a place where there is a pot with a plant: a sill or a table on all sides.
  • How to fight the spider mite on indoor plants Now in the struggle against the spider mite enter the national remedies - infusions. Reviews about such methods are not bad, so you can draw your attention to them.

    • A tickling decoction will help to get rid of the tick. Sliced ​​to some parts of the tubers boil for 40 minutes at 0, 5 liters.water, if taken 50 g of tubers. Cool and spray the plant. A repeat procedure should be performed in a week. The effect from the use reaches 95-100%.
    • Finely chopped onions insist 5-7 hours in water( 1 liter).Dishes should be closed.
    • Shredded dandelion roots( about 30 g) are insisted on 1 liter of warm water for a couple of hours.
    • Highly concentrated infusion is obtained when working with garlic. Get rid of 170 grams of roasted garlic, which is infused 5 days per 1 liter of water in a closed dish. Directly for work it is necessary to take 6 grams of infusion and dilute it in 1 liter.water.
    • Help get rid of a spinach dill on a flower from a spider mite. It will require him: 1 liter of water, 4 g of green soap, 5 g of camomile infusion. The mixture is sprayed with the plant, and after 24 hours, the plant is washed with warm water.
    • This method is found specially for those plants that can not be sprayed with solutions. The plant will "breathe" garlic. What does it mean? Cut the garlic and place it in a small jar next to the flower. Cover them with a plastic bag for a few hours. Remember how in childhood, due to lack of medicine, for the treatment of grandmother boiled potatoes and covered us with a blanket next to him? The principle of the same! If desired, instead of garlic, you can use turpentine.

    So, thanks to us, you became familiar with what is a spider mite and its main habitats. We looked at the causes of the infection of home plants and the ways of getting such ticks into the house. And, most importantly, thanks to us you have learned how to get rid of this misfortune and save your room flower paradise. And now the mite on indoor plants - it's not a problem!

    Video «How to deal with spider mites»

    Video about how to determine whether the plant is infected with spider mite and how to get rid of this misfortune.