Leather of ostrich: what is used for, its features

The breeding of ostriches is beneficial, besides useful dietary eggs and eggs, the exotic bird's feathers are in demand. And the skin of the ostrich, due to the unusual texture and strength, the product is popular and status. What is its advantage over other types of similar

products, why is the price so high?

Leather of ostrich: what is used for, its features Ostrich is valued not only for dietary meat and eggs, but also for exquisite skin.

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Product Features

The popularity of ostrich skin is due to its high quality and properties required for products from this material.

  • Despite the thickness, the skin of the ostrich is soft and delicate.
  • Has a low degree of wear and tear: things from it do not lose their appearance for up to three decades.
  • Wonderfully stretching, it can be provided in any shape, it makes it possible to make clothes, shoes, designer items.
  • Ostrich leather is water resistant, even superior to crocodile, thanks to these parameters, so the shoes are strong and practical.
  • The reason for the elasticity, softness and strength of leather products in high content of oils, the component prevents the appearance of cracks and damage to its surface.
  • The skin structure of birds is well suited for dyeing, the color scheme includes hundreds of shades of color.

One of the "pieces" of ostrich skin is an unusual granular texture. The pronounced feathers of follicles - sacs from which feathers grew, giving the relief of the surface originality and uniqueness, refined appearance.

The surface of the ostrich's back is the most sought after part of the skin, with the finest outlined feathers follicles, and the higher their concentration per centimeter of the square and height, the more valuable the product. The plot is small, it makes things so expensive.

Treatment of

Ostrich skin is well processed, but it is a labor-intensive process. The structure of the skin does not allow it to be subjected to mechanical influence, so until now, all stages of production are hand-crafted.

Leather of ostrich: what is used for, its features Ostrich skin repair is a very laborious and expensive process.

At 12-14 months the young ostrich is slaughtered for meat. The optimal age is considered and for skin treatment, during this period it is most suitable for making, reaches the required quality:

  • depending on the age and sex of birds, the skin area is 0.8 square meters, the maximum reaches one and a half meters in a square;
  • feather follicles are located at an ideal distance;
  • bird does not have time to get damaged;
  • young skin is full of natural oils, so they can withstand drying, do not crack and do not wood.

Due to these properties, the products are of high quality.

Africa is familiar with advanced ostriches, cultivation and dyeing brought to perfection. In Russia, ostrich farms have recently appeared, so only one unit has been trained to finish the skin properly.

Made by

The peculiar texture, flexibility and softness of the skin of the bird makes it possible to use it in the footwear and footwear industry, in sewing of fashionable clothes:

  • . The ostrich leather is suitable for sewing belts, purses, bags, making of book covers and folders.
  • Comes with comfortable shoes, beautiful jackets, hats.
  • Sometimes fragments of material are used to decorate the interior.
  • The softness and elasticity of the skin structure allows you to sew the product manually, which for designers and couturier - a wide field for creativity. Famous fashion houses - Gucci, Venetta, Prada and others - use it in their collections, every year, fashion makers around the world are pleased with new products.
  • Ostrich leather and the automotive industry have not been overlooked. It carries salons, panels and car seats, combined with other types of materials. Now offering more comfortable cars, exotic bird's skin.
  • Material is used as an option for furniture upholstery in various interpretations.

Leather of ostrich: what is used for, its features Ostrich skin produces a huge amount of different products.

Leather products are expensive, but the popularity does not fall, many things and items are made on an individual order. People are attracted by a distinctive drawing, excellent quality, easy care and an extremely long period of use, in which the thing does not lose its merchandising qualities.

Every country in the world has its advantages in ostrich leather products. For example, in the southern regions of America, they prefer to buy boots, and in Japan women use handbags.

Sometimes in shops there are products that imitate the original, forgery is made from natural materials or used substitutes. Therefore, in order not to pay money for deception, one should have an idea of ​​what the true skin looks like:

  • in genuine leather, in contrast to substitutes, so follicles rise above its surface;
  • if it rubs the skin between fingers, it gives a kind of creak.

Ostrich leather products do not require an international certificate, as when exporting reptile skin, so it's easier to sell it abroad to a manufacturer.

Leather of ostrich: what is used for, its features Ostrich leather products do not require certificates, so they are widely distributed around the world.


  • Leather of ostrich is distinguished by its quality, softness and water resistance.
  • Has an unusual texture that gives it originality.
  • The processing process is a complexity for the manufacturer.
  • Suitable for the production of footwear, haberdashery and other products that are demanded by designers.
  • Despite the high price, it is in demand around the world.

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