Pigeons, Peacocks: Standards and description of breed, breeding, photo

One of the most beautiful pigeons is the Peacock Pigeon. This noble and state bird is very popular among pigeons. The name of the dove was due to the unusual tail he holds as the true peacock. Furry, Curly Curls

framed by fan of feathers. The tail is fairly large, consisting of almost thirty feathers, sometimes you can meet an individual with fifty feathers in the fan! Pigeon peacocks are well-trained, for example, flying in a pole of a pole, and by virtue of their presentable form, they are often "actors."They can be found in the circus, in fairs and squares, and white people act at weddings as a symbol of purity and new family life.

Pigeons, Peacocks: Standards and description of breed, breeding, photo Pigeon Pigeons have a very attractive appearance with a characteristic lush tail and are well-trained.

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dovemen From where they arrived

For long flights the bird is not well adapted. Now you can completely hold it in the cage, without fear that it will fly. For a long time, spent by breeders on the output of the perfect appearance, the quality of the flight of birds has deteriorated. Of course, in ancient times, the pigeons of the pigeons fluttered perfectly. After all, this is an ancient breed of birds that originates in the mysterious India. Now the pigeon breeds of the peacock can be seen all over the world. So I want to close my eyes for a moment and imagine a city square lit by the western sun, and wandering along it doves with a lush tail, proudly lifted upwards.


There are several standards for the breed of pigeon pigeons: Russian, American, Hungarian. The differences are small. The color varies greatly, from pure white to plumage to a caramel brown color. There are sisi, gray representatives, as well as pigeons with several colors in color. According to the standard on the back of the bird should be a hole, the skin around the eyes of one color with a beak, have a sophisticated form.

Pigeons, Peacocks: Standards and description of breed, breeding, photo Different types of peacock pigeons differ only in color from feathers.

The breast is even, set in a clear semicircle, small in size, and the dove itself should be small. The head is small, neat, slightly thrown back, with bright shiny eyes of various colors. The vertical position of the tail is one of the main qualities estimated by ornithologists. After all, the tail is the main dignity of the bird. It is necessary according to the standard and the presence of a feather pillow at the base of the tail. It gives the splendor and stability of the peacock ponytail.

Tips from Experienced Pigeons

Breeders of pigeons assure that this is a rather unpretentious bird, is in great demand. The breeding of decorative pigeons is often done by beginners, as it is not too difficult, but brings a great aesthetic pleasure. Before the beginning of the breeding season, peacock pigeons need to cut the tail feathers, otherwise they will not be able to grow.

We can not forget about the basic rules and rules of keeping birds, the cleanliness of the cage, the full diet of birds and circulation, in which case, to the vet ornithologist. He will advise which vitamins can be given to birds for their better health and will diagnose if your pupils are ill.

Many inexperienced breeders want to know how much the pigeons of this breed are. The cost depends on the purity of the pedigree of the bird you buy. The price for pedigree pigeons at times reaches one and a half thousand rubles per person.

Pigeons, Peacocks: Standards and description of breed, breeding, photo The cost of one individual peacock bean can reach one and a half thousand rubles.

It is not easy to maintain the purity and standard breed, to paired pigeons should be approached responsibly and carefully to prevent the emergence of serious deficiencies in the breed. The cultivation of decorative pigeons is a good and simple business. And this is not surprising, because many people want their holidays to be something special, for example, wonderful trained pigeons, which will decorate any holiday.

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