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Doduction in cats - symptoms, forms and periods of development

One of the most dangerous cat( and not only) diseases is considered a rabies. The main danger is the complexity of setting the correct diagnosis. Sly Rabies Virus - the pathogens of the disease, may be in the pet's body from 14 days to 12 months, practically no

giving itself! Therefore, it is very important to know the first signs of a rabies and ways of infection, in order to be able to protect themselves and save the pet.

As a rabies infected with

If a cat walks in the street, it can easily become a rage by eating an infected rodent or having hit a sick animal. Rabies Virus is in the saliva, so any, even minor, bite is dangerous. Once on the skin or mucous membrane, the virus through the microcracks penetrates into the body where it starts active activity.

From now on, an incubation period begins, the duration of which directly depends on the amount of Rabies Virus in the body. It also affects the location of the bite or injury and the severity of the damage, because the sooner a bad infection will reach the brain, the sooner the first symptoms will appear. Usually it takes 14-21 days, but as mentioned above, there are cases where the duration of the incubation period lasted almost a year. Unfortunately, in the saliva of an infected animal the virus appears even before the manifestation of the first signs of the disease, which greatly increases the likelihood of infection with other animals or humans.

Drop in cats symptoms, forms and periods of development

Symptoms of rabies

Cats in cats are divided into three forms, on which the symptoms also depend:

  • Buina. A favorite after an infection begins to fear and refrain from people, eating poorly or not fitting to the bowl at all. There is lethargy, the cat stops responding to its name or the usual words like "food" or "eat".However, some pupils, on the contrary, become too obsessive, there is an unnecessary affection. The mood changes lightning fast. Diligence, anxiety, annoyance, affection, again, anxiety and so in a circle. Being angry, her lover constantly looks around, listens to something. Passing by the owner can become the object of attack - the cat, being inadequate, easily recognizes the danger of a nurse and will taste or scratch it. Unexpected bright light, occasional shereh can frighten a pet and cause an attack of rage, which immediately will be replaced by depression and weakness.

The most important symptom of this form is spasm of the pharyngeal muscles. The cat is not able to swallow water, it refuses normal food and stretches to inedible items( polyethylene bags, stones, small toys, etc.).A pet actively chews, bites herself. A little later the voice disappears, the lower jaw falls, resulting in a tongue rushing out. Strabismus can also be formed.

After some time there is a paralysis of the hind limbs, the cat reluctantly moves only with the front paws. Further refuses practically all muscles, and paralysis of lungs and heart leads to a sad result.

It usually takes 3-11 days.

  • Atypova. The name of this form speaks for itself - non-standard symptoms do not allow to timely diagnose the correct disease, which leads to sad consequences. Atypical forms of rabies are often confused with the rumble because of similar manifestations. The virus manifests itself as follows: first there is a strong vomiting, then diarrhea from the faeces and blood( or only blood), later exhaustion. Veterinarians have only 5-6 days to inspect and treat, after which the animal can no longer be saved.
  • Quiet , it's the paralytic form. It manifests itself mostly unnecessarily. The cat, as a rule, begins to actively loosen, is constantly around the host. If a favorite behaves this way, it's worth knowing that this is not necessarily a tale, so you should pay attention to external signs. And they are: a depressed state, a constantly hanging lower jaw, abundant salivation due to difficulty swallowing.

Duration of the disease - 2-4 days.

Drop in cats symptoms, forms and periods of development

Periods of development of the disease

The disposition of cats occurs in three stages irrespective of the form:

  • Early period - a precursor, there are insignificant changes in behavior;
  • Period of active excitation - the pupils in the cat are expanded, do not react to light. A pet suddenly attacks, scratches, bites or displays unnatural friendliness;
  • The period of muscle paralysis, which primarily concerns the larynx and mouth. As a consequence, abundant salivation is due to the inability to swallow. This period is progressing with tremendous speed, causing coma, and then the death of a pet for some several hours.
  • Following the manifestation of the first symptoms until the fatal outcome is an average of 10-15 days.

    A rabies virus is very dangerous and life-threatening. It will easily withstand twenty-five degrees of frost during 2 years, but the boiling point( ie +100 degrees) is fatal to it.

    Can be scarred and can be purely domestic cats. The owner could step on the saliva of a sick animal and bring an infection to the house on shoes, which the cat will necessarily need. Therefore, even pets need to be vaccinated against rabies.