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How to choose a healthy kitten - the three most important tips

There is a long awaited moment when, finally, all households agree to make a kitten. How much effort was spent on persuasion - known only to some. Now it's the hardest thing to do - choose a handsome man from hundreds of others. But, to start a pet breed or better to pick up

near the landfill of an indifferent hideous kitten? Buy on the bird market, take friends or acquaintances, visit a pet shop or contact the breeders? Prefer short-haired breeds or start a fluffy friend? All these are minor issues.

The most important thing is to choose a healthy kitten. It will be very regrettable if the baby from the titled parents eventually turns out to be the carrier of any type of worms such as worms, ear or subcutaneous mite or worse than different dermatomycosis. You do not need to fall into panic or look for a breeder just because they have decided to buy a kitten on the bird market or bring home a lost, that is, a street kitty. There are a number of simple tips that will help you choose even if not an ideal but more or less healthy kitten.

How to choose the healthy kitten for the three most important tips

Where to buy kitten - Tip # 1

First you need to determine where your kitten will be bought. In the world of technical progress, you can order a baby through the worldwide network, and also with delivery home. This is the worst option. First, there will be no visual inspection, and secondly, the announcement may indicate the breed kitten from the titled parents, but in fact the baby Myrka will be brought from the neighboring porch. Of course, there is nothing wrong with getting a baby without a breed. Such cats will, at times, be better friends than their titles, but they are too devastated by their fellows. Just leave an unpleasant siege on the soul, because you could pick a kitten at the entrance, and not pay for it as a travel bag.

You can apply to a pet store where the probability to buy a breed kitten is slightly higher than on the ad. But then the question arises about the baby's health. In some pet shops( we will not call them) do not allow the touch of a kitten to buy. Accordingly, it is impossible to determine his health. In this case, attention should be paid to the external signs and behavior of the selected small. Activity is the first sign of health. The second place is the appetite. If circumstances allow, it is better to observe the chosen kittens at least 3-4 hours. How does he eat, go to the toilet? If a kitten shakes his head from time to time - he's likely to have an ear tick, but there may be something worse. A weak kitten who prefers to sleep is likely to be seriously ill.

How to choose the healthy kitten for the three most important tips

Probably many people have heard the expression "glassy sick eyes".So, this applies not only to humans, but also to animals. If the kittens have glass eyes - he is ill. And in combination with a warm dry nose. ...

Buying a kitten in a nursery is most beneficial. Of course, in specialized nurseries, look closely at the condition of the kitten, his mom and dad. When buying a kitten in a kennel, the owner will save himself and the kitten from unnecessary risk. On the other hand - the risk is everywhere.

Wherever a purchase took place, whatever the kitten( paternal or peculiar nobody) has chosen the owner, it is imperative to visit the vet to ensure 100% confidence in the baby's pet's health.

How to choose the healthy kitten for the three most important tips

Appearance and Movement - Tip # 2

A healthy kitten will be light, confident, active and curious in nature is usually well developed. A healthy kitten is not afraid of people and does not run away. If he tries to squeeze in a corner or loudly eats during the touches - there is a chance that the kitten is not healthy.

Appearance - one of the health indicators of kittens. There should be no unnecessary fullness or the opposite of thinness. In a healthy kitten, the wool is silky, has a natural shine. The presence of coils, shabby - bad signs.

It has already been mentioned before about glasses, but it should also be mentioned that they should not have any secrets, mucus. Near the eye should be clean. Wusk is an important indicator of baby's health. You can lightly turn your eye off and see if there is a brown sore in the anus. If not, you can be calm. Of course, the seller could self-clean the ears before the arrival of potential buyers, but a kitten, periodically painful for the head and has a tear-eyed eye - this will be noticed by any buyer.

It is also necessary to pay attention to things under the tail of the baby. The hair there should be normal, the presence of bald areas - a sign of skin infection or dermatomycosis. In addition, around the anus should be dry and clean.

Appetite - Tip # 3

Appetite has long been considered an indicator of health. Now it can be applied not only to people but also to animals. It is necessary to observe the chosen kittens - how well he eats, he eats a lot, snacks or siblings to quickly get to the bowl. At the same time, do not forget that too good appetite can talk about problems with worms, and therefore, it will be necessary to carry out de-worming to deprive a kitten from parasites. Weak appetites and a small amount of eaten food say that most likely, the kid is ill.

If a kitten is shining with health, it shows playfulness and activity - it is instantly visible. But a simple review will never be over. It is desirable, after the purchase, to bring the baby to the veterinary clinic and check it there, even if there is no suspicion. Now the main thing - to provide the kitten with such care, so that he did not cease to please their masters, remained as active and joyful, shining in health and surprised everyone with their vigor.