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Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

The "evil rottweiler" stereotype has long been established in the minds of people of little-known dogs of this breed. In fact, rottweilers are serious animals that are balanced and able to keep themselves in absolute calm. However, rottweilers can get angry. Let's understand, in

, in which cases the dog shows aggression, and what to do in such a situation.


  • Who is the flock leader or the causes of hierarchical aggression
  • Preventive methods
  • Aggressive dog - correction of the situation
  • When the dog exceeds its authority
  • Late socialization - the cause of aggression

Who is the flock leader or causes of hierarchical aggression

Domestic dogs as wellwild siblings, continue to live on the flock principle. Only now in their flock are the owner and his family. For a dog, there is no concept of "equality", so it's important for her to know what place she takes in the hierarchy of her pack. Only then will she feel safe.

There are two variants of event development: either the owner will determine the place of a rottweiler in a pack, or the dog will do it himself. If you do not immediately show Rottweiler, who is the leader, he will not miss the opportunity to take a prominent position.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

If the rottweiler growls, does not listen, rushes to the owner, on the outside, then the owner missed something in education. Such behavior can not be sudden. When the puppies are allowed to behave in a similar way, he grows up to a self-confident and rebellious dog, ready at any moment to protect or to violate someone's rights.

Most of the owners of rottweilers do not pay attention to the first manifestations of their dominance and allow them a lot of extra: to sleep, where they want to, eat first, always go first and much more. These are innocent, at first glance, things and do the dogs a leader. If the host wants to change something in the usual way of life of the Rottweiler, he will face his dominant or hierarchical aggression.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

There are cases when the rottweiler listens to the owner, but growls on other households. And this is also the fruit of wrong education. One can not allow a dog to consider himself the most important of any household. Hierarchical aggression is the most dangerous form of aggression that can lead to serious conflicts between the dog and the family members. Evil rottweiler is capable of much.

Preventive Methods

The sooner the prevention of the dominant behavior of Rottweiler will begin, the less will be the problems with the manifestation of hierarchical aggression. You must become the leader for him since the first day of the appearance in the house.

The place where the puppy will sleep will need to be determined once and for all. You need to stop each attempt to get into the armchair, bed and other places where you and your family sleep and sleep. To show the dog their leadership, you can occasionally drive it out of the forbidden place and settle there instead of it.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

If the rottweiler decided to block your path and lay in the middle of the room, you can not bypass or cross through it. The right actions - free your way by pushing your dog off your leg. If he kisses, then there are problems with aggression. Continue in the same vein until the dog stops interrupting your movement.

Never let Rottweiler leave the room, house, apartment, entrance before you. Respecting host dog should always go second.

While feeding, the rottweiler can aggressively treat your presence without allowing the bowl to be removed within the prescribed time. Most likely, you allowed him to eat earlier than you, or fed from your table. In any case, start to produce in animal stamina - make you wait until you eat it yourself. While Rottweiler eats, hold the bowl for fifteen minutes and clean, despite the indignation. You are the leader - you decide when and how much it is.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Never show excessive affection. It will not make the dog happier, but will expand her allowed limits. Only strict discipline and timely "good" or "good-looking" must be present.

Also, the dog should not be aggressive if you take away the proper thing for her. Only the leader can decide when to start the game, and when to finish. Therefore, you can not allow a young puppy to become the owner of toys. If the rottweiler began to growl - shake it, simultaneously shaking for the nape.

Behavior of a dog that is able to bite, adjust with a leash - pull until it releases the toy. If this does not happen, wait for the dog to throw it away. Then throw a toy - the rottweiler never has to play with it anymore.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

If you started playing with a puppy in a rope drag, in no case do not release the rope if it starts to merge. Otherwise, you will let the Rottweiler understand: Should I bite, and I will get everything I want.

All household members should do the same. So the rottweiler will learn that the puppys are in the family hierarchy, he stands after all and will not show aggression to your relatives.

At a specified time, the dog must undergo special courses, through which he develops the skills of obedience, respect and protection of the master. You can find out more details in the article "Features of Rottweiler Training".

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Aggressive Dog - Correction of the Situation

Rottweilers, of course, are not killers, they think so much about them. But if you have an aggressive dog growing up, in the future it can become dangerous for you and your family as well as for occasional passers-by.

Before you begin to remedy the situation, appreciate your strength. Maybe your dog is more energetic and stronger than you. Then it will not be easy for you to convince him of his superiority. Never engage in open conflict with Rottweiler without complete confidence in your victory. Leaving, for example, during a fight, you once again convince the dog that it is she who takes a leading position.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Determine in which cases you can keep the situation under control. Clicking on the rottweiler, forcing him to change the behavior pattern, can be by:

  • encouragement for the correct behavior in the form of delicacies, free walks, friendly applause;
  • punish for disobedience by getting rid of your favorite things;
  • physical exposure;
  • castration.

If the rottweiler continues to display hierarchical aggression, in spite of all your efforts, you will have to give the dog a reassurance for who can handle it. In the run-up cases, when an evil rottweiler went out of control, began to ignore any commands and began to rush to all in a row with a clear desire to bite, pound it.

Hierarchical aggression is not the only type of aggression that rottweilers are prone to. Instincts, feeling of ownership and much more can cause anger in dogs.

When the dog exceeds its authority,

Rottweiler - an official dog, is able to protect the owner, his family, property and the territory entrusted to him. For such qualities and dogs of this breed are appreciated.

The times of Rottweiler allow and even force the territory to be protected, then it begins to assume its ownership. Gradually, he produces territorial aggression. It manifests itself when someone else comes to his possession, whether it is an animal or a person.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Ideally, this should be the case, because the dog was precisely for this purpose to protect it. However, the dog may exceed its authority and exert aggression not only to the outside but also to your guests. It is especially dangerous when the Rottweiler began to consider its territory and the places where you usually walk with it.

As with hierarchical aggression, you will have to adjust the behavior of the dog. If the rottweiler remains aggressive to the outsiders, you will have to hide the four-guard guard in the crib or room when guests arrive. And before walks, put on a muzzle on him and do not remove until you return home.

Another type of aggression that manifests itself under the influence of the dog's working qualities is protective. If the rottweiler finds that the owner or other family members are in danger, he is struggling to defend. This is correct, but sometimes the animal operates without cause.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Usually these bacon behaviors are when they have zucchini. Becoming a mother, the dog begins to seem that outsiders want to harm the kids. And it produces a protective reaction.

Sometimes dogs are aggressive in protecting the most vulnerable family members. For example, a small child. Many hosts make a big mistake by allowing the dog to guard their child day and night. Having become accustomed to always being on guard, the Rottweiler can consider all outsiders as a security threat.

In this case, it is extremely difficult to re-learn the animal, because the protective reaction is based on natural instincts. This is better prevented than correcting.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Late socialization - the cause of the aggression of the

To support the physical form, the Rottweiler still needs to be taken to the puppies in parks or on special dog sites. There he must learn to communicate with his siblings.

When faced with the world for the first time outside the home walls, the puppy feels confused. Some hosts at such moments incorrectly perceive the behavior of the baby. They believe that he does not show fear, but unreasonable aggression to the outside world. And by their actions the owners only worsen the situation.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

Consider an example when the owner first leads his puppy to where other dogs are walking. Naturally, the owner put on a pet leaver, as he is afraid that he will flee. And then the puppy sends an adult, but a benevolent dog. His goal is to get acquainted with the newcomer, nothing more.

Fearing that an alien dog cripples a little puppy, the owner starts to go and pulls him on the leash. As a result, a young Rottweiler can not meet a stranger with dignity, or escape, - a tight leash takes him away. The puppies have one way out - swoon or bump. An adult dog goes from an inadequate dog to find a more sociable friend of the game.

The owner considers the behavior of the puppy as a nerve aggression. He does not come to the head that he himself forced the dog to do so. A grieving host starts to calm her up with good words and friendly applause. Rottweiler, however, perceives the master's solace as the encouragement of his aggression - he scurried, the master praised, and the alien escaped.

Angry Rottweiler, Rottweiler killer with photo and video

If this situation is repeated three or four times, then the dog will continue to aggressively treat the fellow members in the future. The owner had to allow the puppy to independently understand the situation, despite his uncertainty. Then the kid realized that he was afraid of nothing, and it would be more friendly to treat other dogs. Nothing reinforced aggression has gradually disappeared.

If the rottweiler is properly raised, timely socialized in society, then he will be sure of himself. Know their place dogs who are able to communicate with people and brothers, show aggression rarely and only for some reason.

And did you encounter dog aggression? Please comment on your story in the comments.

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