Stork-rose - planting and caring for flowers in the garden area( video recommendations)

Seed Rose Seed and Care of Flowers in the Garden Sector( Video Recommendations) A stock rose, a wonderful tall flower, is often grown in areas for a more spectacular and decorative flowerbed in the garden. Presented by perennial and one-year forms, this cousin of roses( in a common man - Malva) provides a unique opportunity to decorate the

garden, creating permanent flower arrangements, and for one season. And about how the planting of a beautiful rose of a roses takes place, as well as what kind of care it will be needed, we will describe in this article.

This flower is quite unique, because in addition to its spectacular decorative, it has medicinal properties. Having planted a stem of a rose on its area, it is possible to pamper yourself with a beautiful view, and provide yourself with a folk remedy for the treatment of colds.

A seed of rose rose stems, which are planted immediately on the beds, when frozen, and at home for seedlings.


  • When and how to plant plants on the seedlings
  • How seeds are seeded directly on the bed
  • What conditions are needed for plants
    • Location
    • Watering
    • Nutrition
    • Tailoring
  • Pests and diseases

When and how to plant plants on the seedlings

Seed Rose Seed and Care of Flowers in the Garden Sector( Video Recommendations) Forseeding a stock of roses on seedlings in the home or hothouse conditions will end the end of March and April. The root of this flowering culture, growing up, looks like a rod, and it can easily be damaged when transplanted, so it is better to sow the seeds to make individual containers. Peat cups are ideally suited, but deep pots and boxes will also fit in. The receptacles are filled with nutritious and slightly damp soil, and then they are seeded( see photo).After laying seedlings, they should be sprinkled with soil from above. At home, it is also worth cover with the film to create a greenhouse effect.

The optimal temperature at which planting seeds of a rose of a rose will bring the results in the form of the first ladder is considered to be a statement from +18 to +20 degrees.

With such a temperature regime, the sprouting of the sprouts can be expected in 14-15 days. If the landing of seedlings was group and carried out in general boxes, then it is recommended to thinning stairs. You can do this procedure a few days after the emergence of stairs, leaving between plants about 3-4 cm.

Seed Rose Seed and Care of Flowers in the Garden Sector( Video Recommendations) Further growing and care in the stairs before their permanent transfer should include:

  • regular moderate irrigation;
  • airing and tempering.

On a flower bed, a stem of a rose in the form of young sprouts of the seedlings is recommended to be planted in May. As a rule, by that time there will be warm weather. Strengthen and stairs, becoming like the photo.

How to plant seeds right at the garden

Seed Rose Seed and Care of Flowers in the Garden Sector( Video Recommendations) If you plan to start growing a seed of roses from seeding right away on the bed, then try to purchase the landing material before the beginning of May. It is precisely this period that is best suited for planting seedlings. The site where the landing will be carried out, it is better to dig it and prepare it for the planting process beforehand. Next, it is necessary to make holes or furrows, the depth of which should be about 2-3 cm. You can be guided when landing a circuit 30x30 cm, without allowing a gap of 50 cm or more. In the hole should be placed, if possible, 2-3 seed culture.

After all the seeds will be in the holes, it is necessary to spit from the top a little more layer and lightly tuck the landing. Then the soil in the area should be slightly moistened and leave it in this state before the stairs. In general, the landing process can be done on video instructions that are available online.

Under favorable weather conditions, germination of seedlings will take 2-2,5 weeks. After some time, when on plants there will be 2-3 actual leaves, it is necessary to conduct thinning, leaving in each well 1 strong sprout.

Appeared in the grooves of the ladder thinned upon reaching between them a distance of 25-35 cm.

What conditions are needed for plants?

Care for a stem of a rose should include the right choice of cultivating place, as well as watering, feeding, pillar building and tied up, pest control and flower diseases. You can learn more about the peculiarities of growing in the video.


Seed Rose Seed and Care of Flowers in the Garden Sector( Video Recommendations) First, the planting of a rose of a rose should occur in areas with generous sunlight. In the light penumbra, plants are also able to grow. Secondly, there should be no drafts in a permanent place of cultivation, since gusts of wind can break the stems.

As for the soil, the stock of roses is not demanding in the composition. But it is better to plant the plants of this flowering culture on fertile and well-fertilized land. But on sandy areas and with a dense clay composition it is strongly not recommended to plant a rose stem.


It is necessary to pay special attention to the watering of young ladders in the first year of their cultivation. It is necessary to water a rose rost regularly, but the soil should not be constantly moist, but it should not be allowed to dry it. When watering plants, try not to let water fall on the leaves.


Seed Rose Seed and Care of Flowers in the Garden Sector( Video Recommendations) During the entire season, care in terms of fertilizer is limited to a couple of times. So, for example, you can fertilize plants after planting them on the beds and in mid-August. It is recommended to use for such procedures universal fertilizers that are used for garden crops.

Tailoring to the

Pole To reach a height of 1.5-2 meters, naturally, a rope-rod will need to be tied up. In the form of supports you can use wooden pins, which is recommended to hammer in the ground not at the root of the stock of roses. In order not to damage the stems, you can take a garter as a garter, or a natural soft rope. The timely plants are well developed and will not be broken by the wind.

Pests and diseases

Seed Rose Seed and Care of Flowers in the Garden Sector( Video Recommendations) Rose stem can be struck by "rust", which manifests itself as brownish spots on the entire surface of the upper leaves. Get rid of the disease is possible if you remove the affected leaves, as well as spray the plants completely with drugs - fungicides.

Here you have become acquainted with how the planting of a stock of roses in the area occurs and what care is needed for plants. As you can see, all the processes associated with the cultivation of these amazing flowers are not complicated. At the same time, giving the necessary attention to plants, they will give you their lush and spectacular flowering to the fullest.

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