2017 Year

New Year's bouquet with their own hands in 2017. We make a bouquet for the New Year

New Year

Many residents of our country believe that going to visit on some holidays is taken with a beautiful bouquet. But what kind of bouquet can be said on the holiday of the New 2017?In this case, you can make a New Year's bouquet with your own hands in 2017 with sweets or topiari.

Such new year's bouquets of

will be a great gift, because any gift made by their own hands is of greater value than bought in the store.

New Year's bouquets.

So, we make a bouquet on New Year's Eve 2017 with our own hands.

At present, many florist stores offer a huge selection of the most unusual and exotic colors, even without looking at the winter outside the window. Just 20 years ago, stores could not boast such a rich assortment. Then on the windows you could find the most frost-resistant varieties of flowers. Despite such a rich choice today, New Year holidays are primarily associated with coniferous twigs, cones, dried flowers, citrus fruits and, of course, sweets.

New Year

You can create a chic bouquet made of candy cones wrapped in a beautiful foil. Bouquet with chocolate candies can be made in a small basket. It should be filled with small fluffy sprigs of spruce or pine. You can add several cones. These candies are also placed here. Additionally, a bouquet can be decorated with New Year items: with asterisks, tinsel, beads. In the center of the bouquet you can put a cock or Santa Claus. The handle of such a basket should also be decorated with some bright satin ribbon.

There is another interesting New Year composition, which by right can be called a bouquet. She will also be decorated in a basket. The basket needs to be filled with various fruits. A bottle of champagne is placed in the center of the basket. The bottle should first be decorated with a New Year tinsel or a large red or golden ribbon ribbon on it. From the outside to the basket, you can carefully tied the ribbon with candy. The handle of the basket is also beautifully decorated and the New Year's bouquet is ready. Having given such a gift to your friends or relatives, you will definitely become a welcome guest at home. This basket is perfect also for a gift to your boss.

New Year

New Year's bouquet in a glass - another unusual idea of ​​creating a composition. For her it is necessary to pick up a large wide glass on a thin knife. Of these, people usually drink wine. At the bottom of the glass you can put New Year's rain or artificial straw. Next, they put small Christmas balls of any one color. If there are no small balls, you can use candles to decorate the fir tree. On top of them put candy, beautifully packed in foil. The final element will be a fir branch. It can be decorated with any bright flower or cone.

And these are just a few examples of how you can make New Year's bouquets with your own hands. And believe me, such a gift will be glad to receive everyone.

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