Hydrangea room: home care at the flower

This wonderful plant conquers the hearts of gardener at the same time with pride and elegance. When growing it in the open ground and on your own window sill, you must adhere to certain rules. How to care for such a culture properly on its own, maintain the

temperature regime at the optimum level and timely moisturize the soil, reproduce, and learn about all other intricacies in our article.


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General rules

Home hydrangea has a lot of amazing colors - creams, white, pink, lilac, lettuce, blue. At home, fans of indoor plants often choose to grow the following varieties - large, petiole, tree, volatile, jasmine hydrangea. Its homeland is Southeast Asia, where there was a beautiful legend. The fact that when the Buddha himself came to light, from the heavens a nectar spilled on the ground and wonderful flowers were poured. To care for such a guest at home is not an easy task for beginners florists.

Hydrangea room: home care at the flower

The greatest attention will have to be paid to support the cycles of development stages, control over winter conditions, and care when the formation of buds takes place. Almost in any care, hydrangea will please the owners with a bright green crown, but in order to achieve lush flowering, it is necessary to properly choose the soil, lighting, monitor the temperature regime and in time to water the flower at home.

It belongs to the family of deciduous cyclic shrubs and does not preserve deciduous clothing even when content is at home. Before wintering, hydrangea gets rid of the leaves and goes to rest, for which it needs to decrease the temperature and change the system of irrigation, as well as the introduction of fertilizers. The period of rest of the plant at home lasts about 2, 5 months, activity falls in spring and summer.

Temperature and watering

Hortense room is very demanding at home to the correct temperature regime. This is equally important in the proper care of the flower than adequate lighting. Such indoor culture - an amazingly beautiful flower - feels great if the air in the room is cool. The optimum temperature regime is 20 degrees of heat.

Hydrangea room: home care at the flower

If the index is higher, it may be an unpleasant phenomenon, such as a violation of plant development cycles in your home, and getting rid of leaves. In the winter, hydrangea should be in the room, where the temperature varies from 4 to 8 degrees of heat. In this time of resting culture, you need to stay in a cool and dry room. Let's leave the flower of the house on the balcony, because it is quite zimoyustoychiv. When choosing this option you need appropriate care - shoots should be cut to two-thirds of length, incline to the ground and cover with a lap, let's put a nonwovens on top of the matter.

These amazing plants fully justify their botanical name - "Hydrangea", which in Greek means "water tank".They are very fond of abundant and frequent watering, which should be provided to the owner of the house when the plant is actively developing. In order to prevent rotting of the root system and waterlogging of the soil, it is necessary after each irrigation to wait for drying the soil in the upper layer. The frequency of irrigation experts recommend to reduce from the beginning of autumn, and before the onset of winter they make them very rare.

Hydrangea room: home care at the flower

Once again, begin to plentifully water your favorite at home, when the rest time is completed and the first leaves will be visible. To maintain a normal level of humidity in a room where your home hydrangea is living in the house, when exercising competent care advised by spraying. Well-established installation of a humidifier, they most often serve saucer or pallet with moist stones and moss. At the same time, make sure that the water in the pallet is not aligned with the bottom of the pot.

Video "Caring and Growing Room Hydrangea"


Hydrangea room: home care at the flower

If we talk about the ways in which this cabbage can be planted, then there are only a few of them. Any of the types of hydrangeas - either jasmine, or large-leafed or other - often converts the house with the help of cuttings. Because planting seeds is more time consuming and time consuming. It is used in exceptional cases - for example, if it is the only possibility to grow some of the rare varieties.

Soil for sowing seeds of a house is recommended to take such, which includes the seed, leaf soil, humus in equal parts. Seedlings of hydrangea seed must be sown in a small bowl at the end of the winter. On top they are covered with glass, which is lifted every day to spray and ventilate crops. Glass will become unnecessary when fragile sprouts are removed from the soil. If you see a few new leaves, you should dive the seedlings and place them in deep containers. When the seedlings are completely alive, they need to be planted in separate small pots.

Littering with cuttings at home is more convenient for both beginners and experienced flower growers. Cuttings can be obtained from rootstocks, on which there must be two or more pairs of leaflets. Can not be used for breeding blooming shoots. First, the sharp knife should cut the holder so that its length is 8 - 10 cm. It needs to be treated using a root-forming stimulant for these purposes.

Hydrangea room: home care at the flower

A special ground mixture is placed in the transplant tank, where the cutting of cuttings is carried out. After that, it is watered with a solution of manganese, but you should not do it too abundantly. Since the root system is otherwise able to start rotting. Cuttings are advised to plant in a special peat-sand substrate and place the house in a bright place at temperatures of 18 - 20 degrees and a humidity level of no more than 80%.

For maintenance of optimum humidity care of them assumes a room of cuttings under glass jars which necessarily are cleaned every day to carry out ventilation. Rooting should be expected after 3 - 4 weeks. Then it is permissible to transplant each stack into a separate container.

Care and Growing

At home, caring for such a demanding flower will not be difficult for you if you follow certain rules. To be able to admire the beautiful and magnificent flower of your beloved, taking care of her is as follows. Place the flower in a bright and spacious place where it will not be exposed to sunlight. Provide him with such care, in which the plant will not overcome drafts, unwanted fluctuations in temperature, and the optimal indicator will be at the level of 20 degrees of heat.

Hydrangea room: home care at the flower

During rest, move the culture into a dark and cool room where the temperature is within 7 - 10 degrees, and after the appearance of kidneys in February, turn to the usual place. During the cold season, your beauty needs less care, as it will restore the amount of time spent on flowering strength. Care of these plants at home is a constant watering of water in large quantities. The liquid for irrigation should be filtered, defended or frozen.

For environmentally friendly areas, the use of rainwater is a normal practice. Once a month, you are advised to water the plant with water, acidified lemon, at the rate of 5 drops of juice per 1 liter of water. Do not place a culture near the heating sources - it needs cool air. Fertilizer is introduced in the period of active growth - once a week, complex fertilizers for flowering plants. It's done in February.

To get a multicolored bush, one can make a solution of ammonia-potassium alum or iron salt, and on the other to add lime to the soil. Caring for your beauty, do not forget about pruning twice a year - in the fall after flowering weak shoots are removed, the strong ones are reduced by half the length, in the spring remove too elongated weak shoots. Live culture 3 - 4 years, annually transplanted into fertile soil and spacious pot through the way of transshipment. At the bottom of the container is placed a layer of drainage material, from above advise after landing to soak the soil with peat.

Video "All About Hydrangea Room"

To understand how to grow this plant at home without much effort, we recommend watching the next video. It contains some useful tips that will not be overwhelming even for experienced flower gardens.