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Knitting Rottweilers, How To Knit Rottweilers With Photos And Video

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

The ropeweights must be prepared in advance. To achieve a positive result you need to bring the dog in shape, find the right pair, timely conduct the necessary medical procedures and determine the method of bundle. In this case, it is necessary to wait

for maturation of the rottweiler, in order to avoid possible complications.


  • When you can knit a dog
  • In a bit differently
  • When you can knit a bitch
  • Looking for a partner and agree on a binder
  • Preparing dogs to tie
  • Technical side of the binder
  • Possible problems

Whenyou can knit a dog

Physically a dog is ready to knit in already six months. However, use in the breeding of so young dogs is meaningless - the ability to fertilize in them is still poorly developed. To the harness it is possible to allow dogs that have reached both stavecariness and final development. That is not less than one and a half years.

The owner, who solved Rottweiler before the deadline, may be faced with the fact that the dog will become unmanageable. Especially when you hear the current bitch. Before the treatment of psa, there must already be vaccinated the basics of education and training, so that he unquestioningly obeyed the master.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

Beginning with the first bundle, it is recommended to arrange psa no more than three or four counts in the first year and no more than six or eight in the second. Next you can knit Rottweiler about forty times a year until he is seven or eight years old. After that, the amount of binding should be reduced to ten per year. However, each case should be considered individually, taking into account the physical and mental state of a particular Rottweiler.

If the dog is in good condition, eating and training properly, it can be used in breeding up to twelve years. And if you allow health - then and longer.

In a bitch, everything is different

The body of a bitch is arranged differently. The reproductive function and disorders occur at certain moments when the egg matured in a female. This process is called a vent.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

If the bitch is healthy, feeds well and lives in normal conditions, the tunic is repeated every six months, at about the same time. However, the disease or individual characteristics of the dog can delay the start of the larynx.

The fact that a bitch has started a tinder is evidenced by changes in her behavior. She begins to noticeably nervous or ceases to react to the world around him, can get out of control, become aggressive or vice versa - too affectionate and playful. You can also notice physical changes. In female, the sex organs are noticeably enlarged, reddish secretions appear. She can often urinate.

Typically, the stomach lasts twenty to twenty five days. The first seven to nine days the bitch is aggressively attached to the chefs, can bite. From the ninth to the fourteenth day, the volume of emissions decreases, becoming lighter and more transparent. By the end of the second week, the allocation can be stopped for a while.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

From the eleventh to the fourteenth day of the egg, the mothers ripen and leave the ovary. These are the most favorable days for fertilization. About the readiness of the bitch to the bundle speaks and her behavior. It takes the courtship of the dogs and becomes an unambiguous position: squatting slightly and pulling the tail to the side.

From the fourteenth to twenty-fifth day, no matter what the viscose occurred or not, the bitches continued to be small. By the end of the tetanus they are completely stopped, the behavior and size of the genital organs come to the normal, and the interest in the dogs disappears to the next lump.

When you can knit a bitch

Despite the fact that the bitch reaches pubescence in six to ten months, you can knit them not before the year and eight months. Early bundles are associated with great risks: from complications to the health of the dog to the appearance of defective or dead puppies.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

Up to four years, bitch is best knit once a year. From four to seven to eight years, bundles can be arranged twice a year, but provided that the bitch has:

  • good health;
  • solid foundation;
  • proper nutrition;
  • normal maintenance conditions.

From the eighth to the tenth year, the female is knitted once a year. You will have to refuse the bundle if the bitch has signs of weakness or illness. Quarantine should last until the dog recovered when its body finally becomes stronger.

If the bitch is used in breeding once a year, it is recommended to choose a strain that falls between January and April. Puppies that grew in the spring-summer period, as a rule, immunity is stronger than in autumn-winter children. It's all about fresh air, sunshine and a large number of seasonal vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the health of puppys.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

We are looking for a partner and agree on the

binders to find the right partner at exhibitions, kennels or dog clubs. In such places, there is always the opportunity to get advice or advice from experienced breeders. If you do not have time to bypass, private ads will be delivered in newspapers or on content sites.

Become a partner for your Rottweiler, carefully read its documents: pedigree, tolerance to breeding and vetports, in which there should be notes on vaccination and deworming( run of worms).

Owners are required to show the dog so that you can be sure that there are no physical or mental abnormalities. You should also submit similar documents and show your Rottweiler. Define in advance the terms of the tie and payment method to avoid possible confusion or conflicts.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

To avoid strapping due to unforeseen situations, it is advisable to find a spare partner. In any case, rottweilers must meet with each other in terms of height and age.

Preparing Dogs for

Bonding It is possible to allow absolutely healthy rottweilers in normal condition - not too thin or thick. Dogs with overweight should be taken out as often as possible for walks.

Physical exercises and fresh air in any case will not be superfluous, especially bitch. Training strengthens the muscles, which contributes to the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth.

Sufferers from obesity rottweilers is desirable to plant on a rice diet - within two weeks to feed rice porridge, with the addition of vegetables and fruits. Meat can be given two or three times a week or daily, but in small portions.

One month before the binding, the rottweiler diet should be diversified with mineral fertilizers and products containing vitamins A, E, B, proteins, micro and macro elements. For two weeks, dogs begin to add twenty grams of vegetable oil daily. Dogs will need extra calcium in the form of drugs and natural products. For example, you can give Calcefit-15 and calcium cheese.

During the preparatory period, it is impossible to prevent over-cooling of the rottweilers or to create stressful situations for them. In a month and a half before the ligament, dogs make proper vaccinations and run worms.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

It is advisable to pass a blood test for cats on brucellosis and campylobacteriosis. These diseases can cause great harm to the health of bitch and future puppies.

On the day of the "x" rottweilers feed four hours before the tie, and an hour before the event is well off. If the viscose is intended for the morning, the dogs do not feed. The dog can take warm shower without detergents. But it is not desirable to wash the bitch, it is possible accidentally to bring an infection or to rinse a specific odor that attracts dogs.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

The technical side of the

bundle It is best to make a wool in a friend's psa spot so that he feels confident and shows more activity. There should be no distracting factors: cars, people, other dogs. You need to capture drinking water and petroleum jelly in case if the bitch turns out to have little lubrication.

On a bitch it is necessary to wear a muzzle - even the most good dog during a bundle can behave unpredictably. Also, she must have a sturdy collar, for which it can be kept in an aggressive mood. If an evil bitch bites a dog heavily, he can abandon the ligament for a long time.

If the rottweilers already had experience, you can use a free bundle. Suck and the boys run alternately in a free room or a cage and give time to get acquainted, to sniff. If the dog decided to do the planting, and the bitch does not mind, then there is a natural tie.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

If one of the partners knits for the first time and can not understand what to do, they will have to use a manual bundle, that is, to help themselves with the Rottweilers. For owners who have no experience, we recommend that you invite a specialist who will help with difficulties.

The manual method is also suitable for bitch aggression. The owner of the bitch must hold her collar over the entire bundle until the dogs are dispersed. If the malady turned out to be a male, then they will wear a muzzle on it too.

As with the free bundle, Rottweilers first give time to acquaintance. Then the host maintains the dog under the abdomen by hand or knee so that she does not sit at an inappropriate moment.

When a dog tries to do the seeding, it is possible to slightly slip the body of the bitch in such a way that its genital organs are close to the organs of the partner. A cobel is allowed to push a little, but you can not touch his penis.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

When the dog is planting, the dog begins to move rhythmically. Suku at this time continue to support. If she falls sharply, she can injure herself and her partner. When the spermatogenesis occurs, the male reproductive organ pours into the blood, forming a so-called knot. He does not allow dogs to separate for some time. This condition is called squeezing or locking. Usually it lasts from ten to forty-five minutes.

For convenience, the dog rolls the back of the paw through the partner and turns his back on him. If he fails to do so, he will have to help carefully. It is impossible to separate rottweilers during the lock, otherwise their genital organs can be injured.

When dogs are released, they are bred in different places and give time to relax, bring themselves in order, drink water. Half an hour later, rottweilers walk, but separately. You can feed in two to three hours.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

Possible Problems

If at a dating site the dog does not feel sexual attraction to the bitch, it may not be ready for fertilization. You can try to grow rottweilers and walk with them for half an hour. If at a second attempt the dog is not excited, it will have to move the bundle the next day.

This can happen due to the fact that the dog is tired of previous bands, he feels uncomfortable that he does not like a partner, she has a weak smell or a dog just does not have a mood.

Sometimes a bitch refuses to bind, pushes a partner, shows aggression. Most likely, it's a matter of character. Dominant bitch often does not let down weak-haired dogs. Of course, you can try to make a bundle the next day. But if another failure will have to change the partner.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

Some homeowners are confronted with a situation where the spermatogenesis occurs past the cervicitis. In this case, it is best to make an hourly break, lifting the bitch as far as possible. A small breaks are also made when the male can not carry out a garden for a long time.

If the owner of the bitch does not know the exact date of the start of the tin, it is advisable to spend another bundle for full confidence in the day-two. A reciprocal bond will not hurt even in the case when the dog was knit lastly four or five months ago. On the first day, he may have a low level of sperm activity.

Following a tie, the owner of the bitch will have to keep her under the lock for the next ten to fifteen days and walk only on the leash to avoid accidental bundle. Otherwise there is a risk of getting puppies from different dogs, which completely devalues ‚Äč‚Äčthem.

Knitting rottweilers, how to properly knit rottweilers with photos and videos

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