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German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

The breed German spitz has five varieties. Today we will talk about such species as medium, small and miniature, which are part of a group of small breed members. These dogs have similarities in the exterior and manifestations of nature. Distinguish them in size and colors.

A detailed description of the small German spitzs is presented below.


  • few words about all kinds of rocks
  • the guards to the indoor dogs
  • Square fluffy ball
  • double coat
  • multicolored miracle
  • Little ringing back
  • and loves to play, and sleep
  • their own and others
  • obedient pet - pet brought
  • And the houseand an apartment in
  • Durable health does not exclude complications

A couple of words about all kinds of breeds of

Before you introduce you to the particularities of small representatives, it is worth saying a couple of words about the classificationbreed German spitz as a whole. It includes five types of varieties, the names and sizes of which can be found in the table:

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

Particular attention deserves a miniature spitz, he is Pomeranian. The FCI( International Cynology Federation) and the RKF( Russian Cynological Federation) consider Pomeranian spitz a dwarf variety of German. American, English and Canadian dog breeding clubs distinguish the oranges as a separate breed. You can find out the difference between breeds in the article "Differences between German and Pomeranian Spitz".

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

A brief description of the breeds belonging to the group of small German spitzs:

  • Lifespan: 12-16 years;
  • the weight of each breed must be its size( see table above);
  • are very energetic animals that lead an active lifestyle both at home and on the street;
  • , educating the pet, can not give him a favor, otherwise it will start to dominate and will go out of control;
  • to train easy - spikes like to please the owner;
  • these dogs work well with children, becoming great friends in the games;
  • refers to strangers with suspicion; when they approach, they begin to bark;
  • spikes like to hoard large dogs, considering themselves as large;
  • if there are other animals in the house, it will take time for the spitz to get used to them;
  • these dogs will fit into any family and become excellent companions.

From Guardians to Dogs

The study of the remains of lacustrine and peat dogs found in central Europe gave rise to counting these animals as ancestors of modern spits. It is believed that the representatives of this breed are already 2500 years old. The first mention of these dogs can be found in the manuscripts of the fifteenth century. Ancient descriptions say that over time their exterior has not undergone major changes.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

First, spitzs were used as guardians of sheep herds and master's property. They also scared and caught small rodents. Basically, these dogs were kept by ordinary people. The situation did not change, while loud barking, but very beautiful dogs did not notice the higher levels of society. The nobility wished to keep Spits with you and made roommate pupils of them.

In the eighteenth century, German breeders, and then breeders from other countries, intensively embarked on the withdrawal of smaller breed members and obtaining different shades of wool in them. That's the way five varieties of breed appeared.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

Square fuzzy ball

It is easy to recognize the breed of German spitz dogs for a small buttocks, similar to fox, triangular and high-standing ears, thick and fluffy wool and tail-shaped rings. In the middle spit, the face is slightly longer than the small and miniature.

The trunk is like a square in its proportions: its length is equal to the height at the withers. Short, but muscular paws allow the dog to move freely, ductilly, and eagerly pushing the ground. It creates the impression that it does not run, but flies above the ground. A persistent look of almond-shaped eyes always invites you to play or run.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

Dog's jaws have scissor or tick-like bites. It is worth noting that the dental system is a sick topic of spits. Due to the poor breeding of animals, they can inherit snack, delusional or soft structure of the teeth.

Double coat

Any German spitz from a small group - the owner of a chic long wool, thanks to which he does not froze in the cold. This protection makes the dog a wonderful companion for winter walks.

Thick, soft to the touch, undercoat holds firm rust wool in an upright position, giving the dogs a halo of fluffiness. A distinctive feature of spits is the magnificent "collar" and "trousers", as well as the absence of a specific dog's smell.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

Looking at the furry spitz, you can immediately think that his hair needs special and careful care. And in this belief there is a part of the truth. Every lynx from the animal in all directions fly the wool. Only the daily wiping of dead wool can improve the situation. However, regular cleaning can not be avoided. It is better for allergic people to refuse to buy such a pet.

But in the rest of the time it is necessary to comb a dog no more than two times a week, otherwise you can comb the undercoat. Dogs are bathed for pollution, but no more than once for one to two months. If the street is dirty, then after a walk you can use a dry shampoo for wool and wet wipes for the paws. In general, spikes are large chistules and they are themselves watching the purity of their bodies.

It is also necessary to take care of the timely cropping of the pet, especially those who plan for him an exhibition career. If the owner does not have skills in trimming the dogs, then he will have to fork out the grooming wizard. The overgrown spitz looks sluggish, which does not adorn its owner.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

A multi-colored miracle of

The characteristic of the description of spitzs of a small group also includes their suit. Few breeds can boast such a variety of color schemes in the coloring of wool.

The breeders brought many color variations of spits. However, the FCI standard was adopted purely black, zonar gray, pure white, white-red, cream, ore and brown with varying color intensity. You can also three-color color of the wool, when on the main white background uniformly distributed spots of the above-mentioned shades.

A small call protector of

The instincts of the past and excellent hearing make small spits beautiful watchers. The cautious, alert and sure character allows them to first notice foreigners and announce their approaching ringing barking.

But the bark itself can become a stumbling block in communicating with Spitz. Each time the dog responds loudly to any stimulus that can pull out even the most patient host. Therefore, many consider these pets intrusive and intolerable.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

Suspicious, these dogs do not honor any guests or host friends. With good education they will not throw themselves at them, they will only be on the way, because the courage of such dogs can not take. What it is - bullying or manifestation of devotion and protection - to decide only the owner.

And loves to play and sleep

The German Spitz has inexhaustible cheerfulness, friendliness and friendliness. These features of the character in combination with the "smiling" muzzle have already conquered many hearts.

An energetic and playful dog will be able to find a common language with any household: an adult he will make the company on a morning jog or on a long hike, and will play with children for many hours in a row. However, too little children can not trust the dog. If a child accidentally hurts her, bites can not be avoided.

In small spits, the psyche is balanced, but they are subtly changing the mood of the owner. In addition, these dogs are ready to adapt to its routine: go and get up at the same time. These features make them great companions.

How to be a true friend, Spitz sadly for the host in his absence. Because of the forced loneliness, the character of the dog can spoil, turning it into a whimsical, evil and constantly growling creature. Therefore, very busy people such a pet does not fit.

Own and alien

A decent German spitz can communicate with any other pets. True, it takes some time for them to get used to them.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

But the situation is changing beyond the walls of the home. Despite the small size, the spikes consider themselves large dogs. For them, any big dog - a potential rival, which you must necessarily tweak, or even throw at him. In order to avoid conflicts on each walk, you will have to keep your eyes off the pupil and try to avoid meetings with large individuals.

Adulterous pupil - nurse raised by

German spits have a pronounced domination, for which they were nicknamed "Napoleonchikami".If you do not start their upbringing yet in a puppy age, the situation may get out of control. Any act by households over time risks becoming a pet in a bad character rice. Moreover, to educate these small dogs need the same as the big ones, showing hardness, persistence and methodic.

Spikes are endlessly in love with their owner and for the sake of him to please. Therefore, training such pupils is a pleasure. They quickly memorize commands and love to cope with difficult tasks. Dogs can be taught not only to bring the ball and jump because of low barriers, but also to perform various tricks. These animals often take part in circus shows, showing tricks and funny numbers.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

And in a house and an apartment in

Spitz small group can be kept both in a country house and in a small apartment. Do not scare them and move - they will be able to quickly get used to any situation. However, these dogs need enough space for active maneuvers. If there are a few places to stay, a good alternative will be daily walks.

Durable health does not exclude the complications of

Spits are fortunate - they have excellent health, which rarely crashes. These dogs are still alive and energetic until they are old. But even such strong animals can fall ill.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

Due to the small size of spatula, skeletal and joints problems that can sometimes withstand an active way of life can begin. Especially if the owner turned his dog into a sofa pet. As a result, dogs may have dislocations, dysplasia of various levels, injuries, fractures.

An unusual anatomical structure of the muzzle can cause eye problems. With excessive convexity, eyeballs can be traumatized and even fall out. Also, the eye rises tearlessness or vice versa - dryness.

The structure of the respiratory tract, namely the absence of closure of the cartilage, leads to prolonged cough and snoring during sleep.

At the genetic level spiky can be transmitted such hereditary diseases as failures in the work of the thyroid gland and kidneys. Also among these animals is the "black skin disease", when the dog starts to fall off the hair with large beams, and the skin on the bald areas - darken. Some owners may encounter epilepsy with a pet.

German Spitz, breed of spitz dogs with photos and videos

Hazardous irresponsibility often leads to overweight animals. Obesity badly affects their health in general. Ticks, fleas and other parasites may appear due to poor dog retention. Malnutrition often leads to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or food allergy. And unsanitary can be the cause of skin dermatitis.

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