Pakistani high-altitude pigeons: description, photo of breed

Pakistan Military Pigeons is a long-standing rock that has an unforgettable flight style with acrobatic elements. When you set the height and exit into the "candle"( "pillar"), such pigeons often roll over the head. They are called belligerent due to deafening wings, the sound of which

resembles a loud clicks of the shepherd's whip. Pakistani pigeons are distinguished by their abilities for super-long flights. For this, they are valued in the UAE, where they arrange special competitions and the most durable battles are used for the withdrawal of royal Pakistanis. There is evidence that they can spend in the air at 22 o'clock, which exceeds the known world record.

Pakistani high-altitude pigeons: description, photo of breed Pakistani pigeons are valued, above all, for a beautiful and high flight.

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Because of their external similarity, they are sometimes confused with the Tehran slaughter glucocortical breed. Pakistanis are small birds with an elongated or shortened torso. Their wings are adjacent to the tail. In the "long" representatives of the Indo-Pakistani pigeons, a little more tail and feather wings. In the "short" - the sharpened outline of the head, the beak is thicker and shorter. They are somewhat gravitating towards kouvrykami and fight wings. In the exposed individuals brown or black color on the tail, head, neck and tips of the wings. But the birds that are overfilling are mostly white, with a dark head and neck, with single black or dark gray feathers on other parts of the body. At the tail of Pakistani there are usually at least a dozen steering piers. The fingers of the short legs and the tongue remain inert. Eyes in such pigeons are often light, ice-pearl.

Pakistani high-altitude pigeons: description, photo of breed Pigeons of this breed have a small body, but strong wings and a tail.

Features of the flight

It is the Pakistani battle pigeons who conquer the high heights and prefer to circle in the sky for a long time. With the help of displacements, they throw themselves up( "knock the pillar").At the top of the flight, birds are difficult to see with the naked eye. They willingly fly alone, at least - a pack. Although Pakistanis are pigeon-bearer soldiers, they are not immediately revealing their talents. Early can be considered a battle at three months, late - in one and a half or two years. Pakistani same pigeons, have not learned the wisdom of "game", the connoisseurs are called spontaneous. Fast take-off and landing allow birds to go away from attacks by feathered predators, especially hawks. Flight pigeons with minimal training keep in the sky for 10 - 12 hours.

Pakistani high-altitude pigeons: description, photo of breed Birds fly so high that it's sometimes difficult to see them with an unarmed gaze.

Care and Training

Such pigeons, as Pakistanis, are generally unpretentious. Common to hot and dry weather, they feel comfortable in the Central Asian climate. The grown young, only mastered the chorus instead of a squeak, is first accustomed to go out on the roof and walk through it, and later - to fly with an experienced leader, and then - without supervision. It is important that slaughter pigeons, including the Hindus, should eat so that they do not fat, while maintaining enough strength.

It is better to choose a good morning for training, since pigeons of this type, like Indo-Pakistani people, need a transparent air with upward flow. The feeding is postponed until it returns from the flight.

If the training was protracted( 10-12 hours in a row), then the birds will have to rest for several days, 5-6 hours of flight are done once a day, short-term can be done in the morning and in the evening. The owner, confident in his birds, can leave them flying until dawn. Senior Pakistani mortal pigeons are dangerous to be released in bad weather, as they may not be able to find roads. Separate Indo-Pakistani birds, not strong enough and experienced, may lose their balance in the air after crossing and even crash into death. The lagging pigeon is advised to hold "on the hairpins", fastening him large feather feathers( you can adjust the ties or insulation tape).

Pakistani high-altitude pigeons: description, photo of breed To achieve high results, it is often necessary to train young pigeons.


Those who worked with this breed are convinced that Pakistani pigeons are genuinely pleased with the flight. Well, watching them is a pleasure for the Hollywood.

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