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The dog tore a yellow foam: why, what to do, nausea, manifestation, video

The dog tore a yellow foam: why, what to do, nausea, manifestation, video

If the dog owner notices that the dog is torn by a yellow foam, he begins to worry about how dangerous this symptom can be.

It is worth noting that vomiting is not an independent disease.

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This is a manifestation of digestive disorders caused by viral or infectious diseases,functional disorders in the operation of the SICKNESS-intestinal tract, or diseases that develop in the body when they are affected by helminths. Therefore, it is better not to treat vomiting separately. After all, elimination of symptoms will not cure, but only can complicate the diagnosis.

Causes of Foam Vomiting in Dogs

First you need to understand why a dog is tearing yellow foam. The formation of foam is a natural process that occurs in the stomach of the animal. When the stomach is empty, enveloping its mucus protects from the process of self-overturning. In addition, almost always it contains a small amount of digestive juice. High-molecular polysaccharides and proteins, entering into the interaction with oxygen, which the dog swallows, form a foam. In the yellowish tint it paints the remnants of gastric juice. Therefore, if cleaning the pelvis with vaginal masses leave for later, then you can see that over time foam will simply settle and there will remain yellow water with mucus.

A pupil may feel nauseous if he wants to eat or when a foreign object falls into the stomach. Also, many notice that dogs are starting to tear after they eagerly eat grass. This is an instinct that occurs when a feeling of heaviness or bloating occurs. So animals help cleanse the body.

The dog tore a yellow foam: why, what to do, nausea, manifestation, video

What may hide behind the vomiting

The presence of yellow foam or mucus in vomit massages may be a manifestation of functional impairment in the digestive system. However, often this symptom also occurs in the development of dangerous diseases. It is worth noting that animals are not less likely to suffer from indigestion, disturbance in the work of the pancreas and liver. In addition, vomiting can cause infectious diseases, poisoning and ingestion of inedible objects. But the problem is that the owners of dogs can not tell about their painful condition.

When no treatment is needed

  • If the dog is starved. When a dog tore a dog from time to time before eating, it may simply get rid of excessive digestive juice. Long hunger can cause nausea and vomiting, but if the pet's feelings do not deteriorate, and similar episodes occur quite rarely, there is no reason to fear. Correction of diet and diet will help to cope with the problem.
  • When a pet has swallowed an alien object. If on the eve of the dog accidentally swallowed a small pebble, a fragment of toys or bones, it can also cause the morning attack of vomiting. Most often the owners then find these foreign objects in the puddle on the floor.
  • It should be remembered that after the unauthorized release of inedible items, it is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the pupil during the day. After all, he could swallow some fragments of a bone or a toy that could then plug in the intestines.

    The dog tore a yellow foam: why, what to do, nausea, manifestation, video

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    In what situations nausea is a manifestation of diseases

  • If vomiting is repeated repeatedly and accompanied by a deterioration of the health of the dog. Most often it manifests itself in the form of lack of appetite, suppressed condition, pain in the abdomen, and fever. The animal sits, widely spreading the front paws. A similar symptomatology is characteristic for viral and infectious hepatitis, as well as for acute cholecystitis. All these diseases require urgent treatment.
  • In the chronic form of gastritis, frequent episodes of vomiting are observed with yellow fluids in the morning, before feeding. If at a vomit, connected with a feeling of hunger, a condition of a dog does not suffer, at a development of a gastritis the appetite is lost, the dog behaves apathetically I is sluggish. In such a state the animal may be several weeks, resulting in weakness only increasing, the dog loses weight, and the wool dulls.
  • Another cause of vomiting is damage by helminths. In this case, chronic intoxication of the body develops and a constant feeling of nausea. If the puppy gets sick, and the worms become too much, it can die.
  • A thorough diagnosis in a veterinary clinic is also required for those pupils who are biting tongue both before and after meals. After all, it can be a symptom of tumors in the gastrointestinal tract or stomach ulcers.
  • The most dangerous disease that, in the absence of timely treatment leads to the death of the dog, is pyroplasmosis. The main treasury of this pathology is that on the first day in the animal there is only vomiting, apathy and poor appetite. If the owner was not very careful - after a few days the dog will die.
  • In diseases of the gall bladder there is a blistering, which irritates the gastric mucosa. The body of the animal to get rid of it, so when cholecystitis so often occur attacks of nausea and vomiting.
  • Providing First Aid for Vomiting

    If a dog tore a yellow foam, what do not everyone knows about doing. If there is an admixture of bile in the contents of the vomit, the owner should determine the causes of this symptom. This is very important, because if a pet suffers from illness, viral or infectious origin, then only an immediate visit to the clinic is able to save his life. You can not survive in just one situation: when the episode of nausea was a one-time, and then the dog continues to eat with appetite, behaves actively and radiates fun.

    If the pet's behavior changes, he loses interest in eating and refuses to play, and nausea attacks are repeated - they should be urgently sent for consultation to the veterinarian .Before you go, feed a dog is not worth it, but you can give him a "Smecta".Remember that vomiting is not a disease, but only a symptom of it. Therefore, it is impossible to independently help a sick animal, for example hepatitis.
    The dog tore a yellow foam: why, what to do, nausea, manifestation, video
    If vagus attacks are systematically repeated every few weeks, this may indicate that the owners need to change the feeding regime or feed type. It is worth noting that animals whose rationale is based on concentrated feed more often suffer from gastritis compared to those pupils who are eating with natural food.

    Avoid problems with the digestive system will help replace the concentrated food with more natural. Also, reducing the frequency of morning attacks of vomiting will contribute to the introduction of infant formula of dairy products and the transition to separate food.