Transplant of flowering orchids: photo, video

Such a delicate matter as the transfer of the queen of flowers depends on many circumstances. With some species do this procedure exclusively after flowering. Let's try to understand whether it is possible to transplant a blooming orchid.


  • 1 Rules for orchid transplantation during and after flowering
    • 1.1 Transplanting orchid flowering
    • 1.2 Producing an overview of
    • 1.3 Removing unnecessary
    • 1.4 Preparing soil
    • 1.5 Transplanting orchid flower( video)
    • 1.6 Transplanting after flowering an orchid
  • 2 How to trim the orchid after flowering
    • 2.1 Correct Terms
    • 2.2 Choosing Tool
    • 2.3 What to Crop?

Rules for orchid transplant during and after flowering

Transplant of flowering orchids: photo, video

  • Usually this plant is transplanted planfully. For each species there is a period of its own. However, it is permissible to transplant the orchid when it blooms. What are the prerequisites for this?
  • You noticed that the roots began to rot. This is usually the case due to water stagnation at the bottom of the pot.
  • Became a tight dish, as the root system has grown. Here you can wait. Look around the situation.
  • Soil was too leaking. Hence, irrigation was wrong.
  • You have found that the substrate is of poor quality.
  • Germination of roots to the walls of the container. Usually this happens in clay dishes, due to deposits of salts.
  • Disease of plants or infection with ticks.

Transplanting Flowering Orchid

Conducting a Review of

Gently tucking dishes around the perimeter. This is necessary so that the soil is easily lagged behind the walls. The plastic pallet is easily restrained by your hands. For clay - use a hammer. Slowly take out the plant along with the substrate. If necessary, break the ceramic container. Roots grew into clay? Let them stay.

Remove excess

Thoroughly rinse the root system under the shower to remove the old substrate. We do a careful review. If you see rotten parts of the roots - cut them off. We cut branches with green leaves. Remember that flowers are on the stalks, we do the procedure gently. We also remove the flowers in the flower. They can separate themselves, but you can crop.

Transplant of flowering orchids: photo, video

Prepare Soil

A new pot, with holes ready. The main thing is that it is in size. Less dishes can not be taken. Stir to the bottom of fine crushed stone( drainage).Next - bits of wood bark. Take the ward for the thick part of the barrel, put it in a dish. Fill ready substrate to the middle. From the top - again, pieces of foam or bathed brick, like drainage. This layer is thicker than the bottom. Pour out the remaining soil. The whole process, the plant with the hand hold!

Soil goes out loose, all over the volume crumbled by bark. To evenly distribute it, use a wooden stick. The plant has a branched system of roots. Therefore, we leave small pieces on the surface. Put the flower on a lighted, well-ventilated place. Leave without watering 2-3 days.

Transplant of flowering orchids: photo, video

Flowering orchid transplant( video)

Transplant after flowering of the orchid

Here the rules are the same as for a flowering plant. The optimal time is warm. For example, the end of the spring, when the cold is gone, and the heat is not there yet. In this period, there is no active root growth. This happens once every 2-3 years. Because a new ground, dishes is needed.

How to trim the orchid after flowering

Correct terms

Consider the species, varieties. Find out the exact name of your beauty. The best option is October, November. Time t. Callsleep when the plant blossoms out. We see that there are no flowers, no kidneys.

Select the

tool Ideal here will be a garden slider. Although a sharp knife or scissors will fit. We wear gloves. Disinfect the blades with chlorine or alcohol.

What to trim?

Determine the location of pruning in advance. We remove stems, where there were flowers. From the root we leave half an inch. Think about whether your choice of tool is suitable for you.

Transplant of flowering orchids: photo, video