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Jack Russell Terrier: photo, price, dog, history of origin, habits

Jack scatter Terrier: photo, price, dog, story of origin, habits

A typical representative of Jack Russell is a cute tireless unrest that engages in all kinds of adventures and conquers the heart with its charm. This short-haired dog of a small size perfectly performs the role of an apartment pet and hunter.

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Expressive Eyes, High Mindfulness and Absolute AbsenceThe truth of the aggression made the representatives of this breed very popular. The terrible temperament of such a terrier requires a sufficient time for conducting on the street, which contributes to satisfying its need for mobility and sniffing the surrounding objects. Photo jack Russell Terrier does not convey his playful character.

Representatives of this breed belong to 3 groups according to FCI classification. Their growth varies in the range from 25 to 30 centimeters, and the weight - from 4 to 6 kilograms. Jack Russell Terrier coloring wool is dominated by white with black and reddened marks. These dogs live long enough - 10-15 years, and sometimes their age reaches 18 years.

In the article, we will consider the main features of the price, a photo of Jack Russell Terrier dog from the movie "Mask" and important moments that can not be missed in the upbringing of the pet.

The origin of petfood

Founded this breed by a British pastor named John Russell. In honor of him, these cute animals were named. The pastor was a hunter and wanted to become the owner of such a dog that carries all the best performance of the terriers.

At age 19, John bought himself Jack Russell, the protagonist of the breed, who struck the boy with his white-coat and temperament. In the future, the pastor was able to bring such a terrier who had the mind, the ability to fight predators and the lack of hostility to other dogs of this breed.

Such pupils soon gained popularity among hunters. True Jack Russell is a collection of bells rustling, steel nerves, tough jaws and ears that prevent the earth from reaching the earlobe.

A special kind of love this kind of terrier has found far from the homeland - in Australia. Australian dog breeders were fascinated by cheerful beautiful dogs, and began to buy them as a four-legged friend of the family. After all, they are unpretentious, enduring and easy to care for.

Kindness and habits of the breed

These temperamental representatives of the terriers are very mobile and cheerful with a stable nervous system. Jack Russell has the character of this choleric, they are brave and not afraid of anything.

Such dogs are not afraid of any difficulties and before they have not lost their hunting qualities, therefore they like to pursue any pet animals.
Jack scatter Terrier: photo, price, dog, story of origin, habits

The following features that fully characterize this pet can be distinguished:

  • Jack Russell is small, but very energetic, and this energy necessarily needs somewhere to splash out. For this purpose long walks, active games and training of any tricks are suitable.
  • Ideal for a family with a small child, as the terrier is distinguished by his friendliness and love of games. They are good for holding on the street, as they perfectly tolerate the cold and snowy weather.
  • Does not conflict with pets that he knows from an early age. In this case, to other animals, Jack Russell may be aggressive. You can not keep it in one house with a rabbit or a decorative rat, as they will be the subject of hunting a terrier.
  • One of Lex Russell's shortcomings is a loud bark, to which he displays all his feelings. He also likes to arrange various antics, and his whole life is filled with movement.
  • The beautiful appearance of Jack Russell combines with the manifestations of the style of a true terrier. He does not feel a sense of fear, brave and self-confident. These dogs consider the property of their owner and are jealous of his love and care.
  • Smart terriers are easy to learn, while enjoying this process.
  • Representatives of this breed never show aggression to outsiders, they can only be alert to them.
  • Who prefers this kind of

    By calling this breed is a normal hunting. Such terriers are able to make their own decision when catching a beast and fighting it. They are used by hunters not only to catch foxes, but also to capture wild game or fences of large animals, such as deer. A dog of small size is not very worried about deer, so the hunter is able to approach him.

    Like Jack Russell and dog breeders whose pupils take part in all kinds of competitions. In England, these dogs are leaders in agility. Their lightning-fast reaction helps them to be very smart.

    As a pet puppy, this breed became popular after the release of the Mask TV screen, which became known throughout the world.

    Selection of puppy Jack Russell Terrier

    After activating and obtaining a metric or puppet card, he can divorce his mother. Usually this happens not earlier than it will be 45 days.

    Jack Russell's Puppy is best chosen based on who his parents are. They can be both exhibitions and workers. They must have a diploma of education and origin.

    When looking at a puppy you need to pay attention to the fact that it was fun and interesting. This breed should not have aggressive manifestations for people, as well as shame and insecurity.

    Jack scatter Terrier: photo, price, dog, story of origin, habits

    You should also carefully examine the look of Jack Russell Terrier's puppy. If his hair is shining, his eyes are clean, and the tongue is pink, then you can conclude that he is in good health. About the problems can be judged by the bloated abdomen and dirty, sticking out the woolen cover.

    When purchasing a puppy, the breeder and the new owner must sign a special contract. This document specifies the terms of the agreement to which the class belongs to the animal( home or show-class), as well as the breeder's responsibility when the dog detects any birth defects.

    In any case, the new owner may within a ten-day period return the pupil back if he manifests itself in any developmental deviation.

    Useful video on topic

    https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = mYek5kIhiHI

    Mandatory care for puppies

    How to care for dog hair

    This breed is short-haired so there is no need to combine them often. It is enough to conduct this procedure once in a few days. The apartment representatives of the breed can always lick a little, and this process intensifies in the off-season.

    Jack Russell Terrier has almost no undercoat. The wool should be kept clean and, if necessary, should be trimmed. After walks, the white wool of the pet may become dirty, and you need to do a special wet cleaning for her.

    Walking a baby

    When staying near a dog, you must necessarily train it to clean. The character of these pupils is stubborn, so do not accustom them to the diaper as a toilet. This can provoke the dog to do in the future their toiletries on any textiles in the house.

    The puppy needs to be taken out of the street after eating, after awakening and during the fun. For a month the baby will get used to such a regime and he will be asked for a walk.

    In an adult dog, you need to take a walk 2-3 times a day, but each such walk should take about 2 hours with active games and jogging. If you do not let your pet release their energy outside while walking, it will do it at home, damaging things. This can affect the furniture, repairs or shoes of the owner.

    When walking in places where many people, it is better to keep the terrier on the leash.

    Power Jack Russell Terrier

    When choosing a pet feeding method, you may prefer ready-to-eat dry fodder or natural products. In the second method, it is necessary to give the dog a beef in raw and boiled form, buckwheat and rice porridge, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

    If the nutrition of the pupil is diverse and balanced, then before it is completed for 4 months, there is no need for supplemental ingestion of calcium supplements. After changing the teeth you can add to the diet a special complex of vitamins and minerals.

    Jack scatter Terrier: photo, price, dog, story of origin, habits

    As long as the puppy does not complete half a year, feed it 4 times a day. At this time, there is a major growth of the pet, so the basis of the diet should be meat products, which make up 60% of all nutrition.20% of all food is rice, buckwheat or millet. And another 20% is cheese or kefir, which contains useful calcium bones. They can be replaced by one day feeding.

    After executing Jack Russell for 6 months and up to 12 months, he must eat 3 times a day. Adult dogs usually eat twice a day.

    Converting all eaten food into energy is helped by mobile games and high physical activity. It should be borne in mind that the representatives of this breed are prone to completeness, therefore, with a lack of physical activity and various occupations, the amount of daily ration should be cut.

    Health condition Jack Russell Terrier

    Diseases characteristic of the

    breed These terriers, as a rule, do not have health problems, but sometimes there may be some diseases:

    • deafness;
    • eye pathology, cataract;
    • dysplasia of the hip joint;
    • anomalies of the femoral head.

    Necessary inoculations for

    breeders Puppies who have completed 2 months should be vaccinated twice with a complex vaccine without a rabies component with a difference of 21 days.

    The next vaccine is needed after the teeth change. This is usually 6-7 months. After that, when performing the dog 1 year, the vaccine is vaccinated using a complex rabies vaccine.

    If a pet will be hunted, then the vaccine against rabies should be done within 3 months. If Jack Russell is used only as a single family, then the first vaccine from this disease can be done only after it has been 1 year old.

    Oscillating Jack Russell Terrier

    This breed is generally knitted in a period of 3 weeks. In this case, the manual viscose is practiced. Jack Russell's dog can be united after his execution for 1,5 years.

    In order to make the documents for the puppies being removed, you must first obtain a diploma about the tests and the exhibition evaluation. After that, a divorce letter is given.