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Hunting dogs: photos, names, breeds, drathar, kurtshahar, retriever

Hunting dogs: photos, names, breeds, drathar, kurtshahar, retriever

Approximately 50 species of dogs consist of one group - hunting dogs. The history of their occurrence is connected with Great Britain, where such breeds appeared as: lagami, horti, retrievers. Photos of hunting dogs do not convey the whole grace of the pet.

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  • Protector and breadwinner - retriever
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Lovable representatives of the

in this article, we will consider a photo of hunting dogs, breed names and features of training andLet's start with the lagging ones. They are characterized by the so-called upper sense, so they are well aware of the smell of game. When detected, a dog takes a special stand: one of the front paws and the tail is raised, the nostrils are blown up, the head is raised. At this moment, the four-legged hunter closely monitors the booty and raises the signal to his companion-man. In England, these representatives of the breed are more often called pointerami, from the English "point" - to indicate. The most common species among the lagavids is Setter, and of which the Irish siblings are most popular.

Drathari, Kutschahari and Langhari

German hunters prefer more other blood breeds. Among them is to allocate the most desired hard-haired dartars, long-haired lancharars and short-haired smokers. The group got its name not just so. Due to the well-developed smell, representatives of this type of hunting dogs on the bloody trace may go for a wounded prey for a very long time and, ultimately, find a newborn animal. It can take a long time after the shot, but the result will be the same, despite the distance that will have to be overcome in search of a subwoofer.
Hunting dogs: photos, names, breeds, drathar, kurtshahar, retriever

There is a misconception about the dogs in this group that they are aggressive and even bloodthirsty, but they are all no more than misleading at their expense. In fact, these are dogs with a wonderful sense of stamina and endless devotion to their master. The most vivid representatives of this type are blandhounds, Bavarian and Hanover mountains. Photos of hunting dogs can be seen on video or found on the net.

Useful video on topic

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Defender and breadwinner - retriever

One of the most striking breeds among hunter dogs is retriever. The name of these wonderful animals is obliged to the English version "retrieve" - ​​to bring, to come. The distinctive feature is that they can not only find the submerged, but also independently bring the hunter's prey. Retrovirers will not confuse obstacles on the way to booty, as they feel great in both water and in thickets.

Hunting dogs: photos, names, breeds, drathar, kurtshahar, retriever
There are five kinds of breeds, of which only one is in the United States, and the rest in England. One of the brightest representatives is a golden retriever, which, unfortunately, now appears more often as a decorative, not hunting dog.

Cocker Spaniels - Young Hunters

Another classic example of hunting dogs is a cocker spaniel. He was often used as an irreplaceable companion for hunting various birds( for example, damsels).
Hunting dogs: photos, names, breeds, drathar, kurtshahar, retriever
Today, dogs of this breed are actively using border services from different countries to detect such dangerous finds as mines, explosives and drugs. Due to its extremely sharp sniffing, the cocker spaniel finds such loads without problems.