What to do if the chickens refused legs: reasons and solutions

Those who keep chickens or veterinarians are well aware that a concept such as paralysis of the chicken limbs may be caused by various ailments. At the same time, the most common reason lies in infectious diseases. If the chickens refused legs, first of all,

need to understand the cause, and then take care of treatment.

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Causes of

Chickens Denied Legs What to Do? Today, many starters of farmers are turning to this issue. Oddly enough, the reasons for this phenomenon can be very much. First, let's say that the refusal of the extremities or their paralysis is a complete lack of movement and from the medical point of view caused by the damage to the nervous system. But this defeat may be caused by various circumstances. Let's talk about them in more detail.

What to do if the chickens refused legs: reasons and solutions

So, the reasons may be the most varied. This is:

  • injury;
  • infectious diseases, such as Newcastle disease;
  • pathology.

Chicken legs refused, which means that the peripheral nervous system is also affected in the area that is responsible for the limbs. As a result of various causes, the connection between the neurons is broken, the muscles stop to decrease.

What to do if the chickens refused legs: reasons and solutions

With regard to Newcastle disease, birds of all ages are prone to it and paralysis of legs comes at its chronic form. In addition, in the chickens and chickens, there is glysis, respiratory failure, loss of appetite.

It is important to note that the bite's refusal may be due to banal misdiagnosis, unbalanced nutrition. Most often, the lack of vitamin B1 leads to paralysis.

Solutions Methods

In order to find out how to treat chickens from paralysis, you need to understand what this can be provoked and accurately diagnose. Yes, refusal of limbs is a symptom, not a disease. Of course, the exact diagnosis can be set only by the veterinarian. As a rule, in such cases a full examination of chicken or chickens is performed, blood tests, feces, and anamnesis are taken.

What to do if the chickens refused legs: reasons and solutions

It is worth saying that paralysis is especially common in chickens, but it must be remembered that it can be a manifestation of a serious illness. To avoid this, watch out for the diet of your chickens, include in your feed vitamin supplements, do not allow dirt and contact with unidentified birds and animals. Do not forget about timely vaccination.

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