Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhiye: tips for buying

Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie: tips for buying In our country, Vietnamese feathered piglets were introduced at the end of the last century. They quickly got used to the new lands and almost immediately became in demand. The smart herbivorous pigs who today can be everywhere, have gained a huge

popularity with their intransigence.

A lot of farms selling wild boar piglets is carried out both for meat and for further breeding, so for those who want to buy a young piglet you can only choose the appropriate seller. Most importantly, the breed of Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie has nutritious and tasty meat and fat. These animals are not so voracious, and the weight is gaining very fast. These black-breasted piglets favorably distinguish themselves from their pink European siblings.

For farmers who have online sales skills, piglets can be bought with delivery through online stores. Those who want to taste fresh meat of Vietnamese piglets can immediately order and buy the floor of the pig.


  • 1 Overview when purchasing
  • 2 How to feed
  • 3 Breeding
  • 4 Small piglets
  • 5 Maintenance conditions

Overview when buying

In order to avoid further problems with weight gain and fertility, when reviewing before buying, pay attention to the following nuances:

Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie: tips for buying

  • ForBreeding purposes, if it is possible to purchase young piglets from different mammals, it is necessary to use it. Further cross-breeding of pigs associated with family ties will lead to the birth of attenuated individuals. Such pigs will be badly gaining weight, and in the future there is a risk to stay at all without offspring.
  • When looking at the sow, pay attention to its milk particles and appearance. This review will give you information on the term of the recent farrowing and, accordingly, about the rate of growth of weight of newborn piglets.
  • When buying animals, pay attention to the behavior of children and the color of the piglets. Piglets should behave boo, be very mobile, have no signs of illness or lack of appetite. Vietnamese piggy black breed took care of the color.
  • Ask the owner of the feed type that was in the diet. If you move on to another kind of feed, then you need to implement it gradually, until the animal is completely not used.
  • And of course, in order to purchase breeding piglets, we strongly recommend checking their parents and seeing their parent pedigrees.
  • Read about all the features of Vietnamese swaddling piglets here.

    What to Feed

    Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie: tips for buying Black Selling Chicken Breeds Vietnamese Chicken Ducks Different With Enviable Appetite, Equally Eat Both Purchased Mixed Fodders And Self-Made Forage Blends. Up to 80% of the diet can be fresh grass. At the genetic level, herbivorous Vietnamese breeding pigs have a developed instinct for self-preservation, so they independently choose which grass can be eaten, but which can not. In winter, the piglet eats a mild hay with pleasure.

    Because of the high presence of vegetarian food in the Vietnamese fledged pig, the meat is milder and more tender than traditional pigs. The layer of fat due to the mobility of animals is small. With proper care, the meat part of the pork carcass is about 80%.


    Due to the early onset of puberty, Vietnamese pig breeds are ready for breeding after 4 months. The pregnancy period of the pig is about 114 days. In the first supremum usually born to 5 piglets, in the future the number of newborns increases to 10-20 individuals.

    Vietnamese pigs are very careful about the birth of offspring, they have a strong maternal instinct, so they are taking care of piglets in their first days and weeks of life.

    Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie: tips for buying A few days before the beginning of rabies, the female begins to behave restlessly, the stomach hangs, particles are formed, the nipples begin to get a red hue and swell. She also prepares herself for a place for childbirth. The most important sign of the beginning of childbirth is loss of appetite in a pig, in which case it is necessary to immediately begin to prepare for future genera. Need to clean the machine from unnecessary dirt, replace the hay. Organize the space for pigs, install a nearby lamp so that newborns do not freeze, sprinkle with thread, scissors, iodine and cotton wool. It is believed that Vietnamese honeybee pigs do not need extra care during childbirth, but it is better to be present. And the sow will be calmer, and you will have a situation under control.

    Little piglets

    After birth, the piglets are very weak, in the first hour after giving birth they are given colostrum, otherwise they may die. Immediately after birth, piglets need to be cleaned of viscous mucus, and special attention should be given to cleansing the oral cavity and nose.

    Due to the lack of newborns in the fat layer, the optimum air temperature in the piglets in the room should be within 30 degrees.

    To maintain the required temperature, you can use infra-red lamp for heating.

    Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie: tips for buying If the suckling pigs have turned out to be great and everyone lacks the maternal nipples - do not panic. The grains can be grown by feeding the usual baby nipples. It is necessary to observe the desired feeding interval, and can be fed with ordinary cow or goat milk. Milk before feeding should be heated to 35 - 38 degrees. It should be noted that long nipples do not need to feed a pig. Otherwise and after, as it grows, the animal will not take food full mouth. Sucking out only the liquid portion of the food, such a piglet will grow poorly and gain weight.

    At the end of the week after birth, care for Vietnamese feathered piglets should include animal feeding, including chalk with red clay, mixed with brownish-brown barley and wheat grass, and grass( in the winter, instead of grass, add hay).Roasted grains of grafting helps to relieve itching of gums in piglets and produces their habit of eating concentrates, which is important for the further transition to full-fledged feeding.

    Content of the

    The premises for Vietnamese pigs have some distinctive features. In it it is necessary to foresee both a sleeping place and a visibility. Vietnamese pigs are tidy and do not suit their toilet where they sleep. Vietnamese wild boar swabs do not tear the floor. This nuance can be taken into account when building a pig farm. To reduce the cost of construction of the floor can be concreted, and over the bedding with hay, so that from the cold floor the pig's body is not supercharged.

    Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie: tips for buying The bed of pigs can be equipped with wooden flooring, which is again fascinated. For the summer time it is desirable to equip the room with access to the outdoor playground for walking. Vietnamese pigs are very mobile, like to walk and swim. See also the content of Vietnamese swaddling piglets.

    The region of origin of Vietnamese feathered piglets is Asia. In Europe, the climate is different, pathogenic microbes and microorganisms are different from Asian, so it is believed that whipped piglets are not prone to European diseases and have high immunity.

    Vietnamese black pig that can be purchased not only in Rosvodchik, but also from a private person, able to live in the household as a pet as a cat or dog we have in common. This is often practiced in Asia, at the pig's home. It is even believed that the Vietnamese pig is well trained and able to learn at least teams than a regular watchdog or service dog.

    Summing up, we can conclude that growing Vietnamese feathered piglets is no more difficult to grow traditional European, and the early maturing period allows you to quickly get the desired result - fresh meat on the table. For lovers of the unusual tame the pig, and he will live with faith and love along with you a couple of decades.

    Breed Vietnamese piglets vyslobryuhie: tips for buying
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