Disease Of The Skin

Foot nerve dermatitis - causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment

It is commonly called aspatic dermatitis a periodic inflammation of the skin in infants caused by external stimuli. Since, most often, such an irritant is a diaper or diaper, then the dermatitis is called diaphoretic.

Typically, the ointment

dermatitis occurs in children under the age of one year. The disease is very common, it is noted in 30-60% of infants.


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  • 2 Clinical picture
  • 3 Forms of the disease
  • 4 When should I contact a doctor?
  • 5 Methods of diagnosis
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    • 6.1 Treatment by folk methods
  • 7 Prophylaxis

Causes of

As a rule, the main causes of diaper dermatitis are:

  • High humidity within the diaper or under the nappy;
  • Difficult air-to-skin access;
  • Presence of various chemical stimuli in urine and feces;
  • Influence of pathogenic microorganisms - bacteria, fungi.
  • Mechanical effect on friction, compression.

Diaper dermatitis causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment In principle, diaper dermatitis may develop in the infant from the first days of life, but the peak of the disease occurs in the second half of the year( age 7-12 months), as during this period, the diet is actively introduced and the composition of feces and urine varies.

In toddlers older than year, diaper dermatitis develops rarely, since until this age, the skin of the baby, as a rule, acquires the necessary protective properties.

Pediatricians believe that some children have a tendency to develop varicose veins. Such babies are often noted for relapses of the disease. The tendency is associated with increased sensitivity of the skin, susceptibility to allergies, violations of water and salt metabolism, high levels of ammonia in urine.

Children who have a protective skin function, along with varicella dermatitis, often suffer from associated infections. Often, such as Streptocycus aureus and Candida aldicans. Mushrooms of the genus Candida are the most common cause of skin lesions in newborns.

In addition, the frequent cause of diaper dermatitis is a violation of the rules of child care.

Clinical picture

Diaper dermatitis causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment The first symptoms of diaper dermatitis are redness of the skin in areas covered by a diaper or diaper on the buttocks, in the area of ​​the external genital organs, on the thighs. Sometimes, along with redness, there is the appearance of bubbles, peeling. In severe cases, diaper dermatitis may be characterized by the appearance of abscesses, swelling.

It should be noted that diaper dermatitis is a series of pathological conditions of the skin. For example, in infants who are on artificial feeding, there is often a localization of inflammation around the anus, as the reaction of the chair in such children is alkaline. In infants who receive breast milk, such symptoms can appear only after the introduction of supplements by solid food.

The appearance of redness in the inguinal folds, often associated with friction of clothing( diaper).However, most often, diaper dermatitis affects the skin, which is closely in contact with the urine of the child.

Diaper dermatitis causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment Often, diaper dermatitis occurs in a complex with seborrheal. In this case, there is redness and rash on the cheeks of the baby, the appearance of yellowish spines on the scalp, combined with persistent skin irritation in the buttocks and folds on the hips.

Foot nerve dermatitis is characterized by a wave-like course, any factors may cause exacerbation - food, infectious or even weather changes.

Occasionally, for diauline dermatitis, take candidiasis dermatitis. He has a similar symptomatology, but can not be treated by conventional means. If the rash in the skin folds is bright red with the spread of ulcers and the treatment measures taken within three days do not give a result, you should suspect fungal skin damage.

Forms of the disease

It is accepted to allocate three forms of diaper dermatitis:

  • Light form. In this case, the diaper dermatitis is manifested by a slight redness, which passes the field of bathing and the use of a baby cream.
  • The average form of diaper dermatitis is characterized by severe inflammation of the skin and the appearance of abscesses on it.
  • Heavy shape is manifested by the appearance of abundant rashes, swelling of the skin, eruptions and ulcers can appear. The infant may raise the temperature, which most likely indicates the addition of secondary infection.
  • Although the diaphragmatic dermatitis is considered to be exclusively childhood, it is sometimes noted in adult lying patients who are unable to control the processes of defecation and urination. Particularly often, appendicular dermatitis occurs in lying patients of the elderly, as they tend to lower the ability to regenerate the skin. Against the background of varicella dermatitis, lying down patients develop swadders.

    When should I contact a doctor?

    With slight reddening of the skin, of course, there is no need to seek medical help. An easy form of diaper dermatitis passes by itself if you set up proper skin care for the baby.

    However, in some situations, medical treatment is required. Calling at a polyclinic is necessary if:

    • Redness and rashes stay more than 3 days, regardless of the measures taken.
    • Manifestations of diaper dermatitis become more pronounced, rash extends to other areas of the body.
    • On the field of rash there were pustules, eruptions that pierced, crooks. Most likely, diaper dermatitis was complicated by an infection and the child needs antibacterial therapy.
    • The appearance of rash is accompanied by common symptoms - the appearance of diarrhea, loss of appetite, anxiety, fever.

    Diagnostic Methods

    As a rule, the diagnosis of diaper dermatitis is based on a review of the evaluation of the clinical picture. In uncomplicated cases of associated infections, laboratory tests are not prescribed.

    Treatments for

    The basis of the treatment of varicose veins - the correct skin care. If you notice redness, the baby should remove the diaper, wash it and increase the time of taking air baths. Thus, skin contact with an irritating factor - urine or faeces - is excluded.

    Diaper dermatitis causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment Further treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms. If the skin is wet, that is, from the inflamed surface, a liquid is released, then it is necessary to use baby's medical supplements, special drying ointments.

    You can use furatsillin or rivanol solutions to wash areas of irritation in the case of diaper dermatitis. Reddened areas are recommended to be lubricated with creams, which contains dexpantinol.

    For children who are prone to allergies, antihistamines may be prescribed. To pick up a remedy and its dosage should be a pediatrician.

    For the treatment of diaphragmatic dermatitis, the following are often prescribed:

    • The dasitin ointment, which contains zinc oxide, gives it a drying and pulling effect.
    • Cream Drapolen. This remedy is recommended for diaphragmatic dermatitis, as it has antiseptic, softening and protective effect.
    • D-Panthenol or Bipanten - creams containing dexpanthenol, which stimulates epithelization, enhances the protective functions of the skin.

    In the treatment of diaphragmatic dermatitis caused by Candida genus fungi, special means of anti-fungal action are used. Typically, these are creams with clotrimazole, miconazole, ketonazole, and others. The cream should be applied to the affected area for a month, treatment is not stopped until the course is completed, even if the external manifestations of the varicose veins are completely gone.

    Treatment by folk methods

    Easy nasal dermatitis can be treated with folk remedies. The main rule for successful treatment - more air baths, the skin needs to "breathe" and prevent it from contact with irritating factors.

    Well help the baths and irrigation of affected surfaces with decoction of herbs herons, chamomile, oak bark.

    In case of diaphragmatic dermatitis it is recommended to cook oven baths for itching. Need to take oatmeal( not flakes), grind it in a coffee grinder. On a glass of oatmeal, you need to take a liter of boiling water and boil the mixture at low boiling for 20 minutes. Then pour the broth into a bath filled with water.

    If there is no baby powder at hand, it can be replaced with potato starch. To prepare powder, starch is fried in a dry frying pan to a light yellow color. Then, after cooling, mix with an equal amount of powdered streptocide. The composition is used as a regular powder.

    Prevention of

    All parents should be aware that the best remedy for diaper dermatitis is prevention. It is necessary to keep the skin in the area of ​​the diaper in a dry and clean form.

    Here are the main preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of diaper dermatitis:
    Less moisture. It is not necessary to believe in advertising moves, which assure that one diaper is enough for 8-10 hours. Change the diapers to approximately every three hours. A change of diapers should be carried out at night if the baby wakes up.

    More fresh air. The need for air baths does not tire to repeat the doctors pediatricians.

    Remove Annoying Factors. In order to prevent the appearance of diaper dermatitis, it is necessary to minimize skin contact with irritating factors. In time to change the diapers, be sure to wash the baby after the chair, not limited to using wet wipes.

    Diaper dermatitis causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment The right choice of hygiene products. For bathing babies should choose special soft detergents. To focus on the reaction of the skin of the child, as well as what is perfect for one kid can provoke skin irritation in another. When choosing wet wipes, care should be taken that they do not contain alcohol.

    Proper diaper selection. If the child has a relapse of the diaper dermatitis, it's worth moving on to another type of diaper. Needless to say, there is no universal solution, and the kids react differently to the products of different firms. So pick up good diapers, have an experienced way.

    When changing the diaper, it is recommended not only to wash the baby, but also to apply a special remedy to the skin in places where the "panties" collide. Choose a cream for a diaper "requires a quality, released by a well-known manufacturer.

    Even if the child has no diaper dermatitis, it is recommended 2-3 times a week for prevention purposes to add a decoction or chamomile to the bath for bathing.

    Children's clothing should be washed frequently, using only special powders, rinses. If washing is carried out in the machine, an additional rinse mode should be used. The dried clothes recommend ironing iron with an honest side.