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Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

In dog fighting, where rottweiler against alabama, pitbul or dobermanis performs, there can be any result. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of each dog, the level of training, weight category. Some dogs have aggression that plays no role in the

fight, others are uninteresting in the fight, and others are very good for such an event.


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comparison with the other breeds

The stereotypes of the

In the past, dog battles were a cruel bloody spectacle that dog breeders used for profit. Some dog breeds were specifically taken out and then trained to participate in battles. Each host of the future party tried to obtain from him fearlessness and willingness to fight with any rival, sometimes until the last breath.

The cruel fun has sunk in the summer, dog battles are now officially forbidden. But the stereotype "warrior dog" remained. Many still believe that such breeds of dogs are unmanageable, aggressive and ready to attack at any moment.

Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

However, their opinion is wrong. So, at first, the task of fighting was to punish oneself. But not people. After all, each participant before the fight calmly stood in the crowd gathered, endured an overview of the judges who are watching the integrity of the battle. Naturally, this past has left its mark - many dogs are genetically predisposed to the manifestation of aggression in varying degrees.

But with proper upbringing and dog training, they will not show the evil side of the character unnecessarily. If the dog does not listen to the owner, shows excessive aggression, rushes on the passers-by, it means that the owner has badly nurtured him. Or specially sorted out.

In general, modern "fighters" - the owners of good physical form, strict and, in most cases, a balanced character. Now they are used only for human service.

Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

Training allows the

to be researched. Special test fights have been devised for working dogs in order to consolidate various professional qualities. Also, combat tests allow you to find out who is more exposed, witty, agile, and more bolder. During the battle, you can notice many advantages and disadvantages of the dog, which you can not recognize in everyday life.

Test fights are controlled by experienced kyologists, but in no case are officially prohibited bloody dog ​​battles.

For each test bout there are strict sporting rules, violations of which result in fines or disqualification of participants. Those who violate Article 245 of the Criminal Code( ill-treatment of animals) may expect fines, compulsory or corrective labor, or restraint of liberty for a term up to one year, or arrest for up to six months.

Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

Examples of Fighting Rods

There is no strict classification, which breed is considered to be fighting. Such a definition can be assigned to any dog ​​suitable for the protective, watchdog, guarding service. However, all dogs should have general parameters:

  • is a massive head;
  • muscular neck;
  • solid foundation;
  • outer covers that can withstand the bites of other animals;
  • is a small muscular paw, thanks to which the dog can run fast and long;
  • powerful jaw;
  • courage;
  • devotion;
  • obedience;
  • endurance.

Suitable for such a description are rottweiler, alabai, Caucasian shepherd, pit bull( American pit bull terrier), staf( American Staffordshire Terrier), American bulldog and other breeds.

It's interesting that the Labrador Retriever also meets the above parameters. But this breed can be credited to the fighters. The whole thing is in the character of the dog. He is already very kind and friendly. It can be used in hunting, rescue or search service, in sports. He can even become a guide, but not a guard or guardian.

If you put Rottweiler against Labrador, then stronger, of course, will turn out to be a rottweiler, even badly trained. After all, in the dogs of this breed there is aggression, which will necessarily flow out during the fight. The labrador is not completely angry. And the grip of powerful jaws is so "soft" that a rottweiler can feel nothing.

Brief description of the rider

A reliable and courageous rottweiler is able to protect the owner, his family and property, to repel the attacker's intruders. The dogs of this breed harmoniously combine hardness of character, autonomy, balance, devotion, endurance and fearlessness.

Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

In wrestling with the enemy, rottweilers have repeatedly proved their advantage, but only when it was needed. Dogs of this breed are too lazy to climb in an unnecessary fight. Provided they are able to keep their aggression under control. But how strong is this dog, how are they talking about it? Let's look at a few examples.

Comparison of a Rottweiler with other breeds of

If you put Alabais in a fight against the Rottweiler, then a battle might be equivalent to a force. To be clear, you need to say a couple of words about the alabama.

As you know, alabai is a frequent participant in the test battles that improve his watch and fighting qualities. This dog has an extraordinary power and is one of the largest in the world. Alabai is capable of overcoming many opponents, suppressing them with its mass.

Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

However, in the rottweiler there are powerful jaw, whose pressure at bite reaches twenty-two atmospheres. The outcome of the match will depend on the weight of the rivals, their training and individual characteristics.

Staff is strong, mobile and stubborn, it has the same aggression as a rottweiler. Therefore, the STAFF will be able to compete with Rottweiler and even win. Especially if you take into account the fact that the weight weighs almost as much as the opponent.

Choosing between dobermans or rottweiler, one can not say exactly who will be stronger. Though rottweiler and massive Doberman, both can show aggression during the battle. Everything will depend on preliminary dog ​​training.

Labrador rottweiler, doberman or rottweiler( photo and video)

Anticipate the outcome of a battle in which the Pit Bull vs. Rottweiler fights is very difficult. Despite the fact that the pit bull is half the opponent, he has a hereditary malicious excitement and a desire to fight to the end. Rottweiler is able to answer the same. Therefore, to think about who is stronger - the pit bull or rottweiler, you can for a long time. Anyone can win the fight.

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