Description and care for Dracena Sander

Dracena Sander is often referred to as bamboo of happiness, although there is nothing in common with bamboo that flower, except the external similarity. This perennial tree harmoniously fits in a stylish and modern interior, therefore, it is more often found not only in apartments but also in

offices, shopping centers and boutiques. The plant has become so popular that it is not difficult to buy it at all, just visit a flower shop.

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Description of the flower

In this indoor plant, there are several names - drazen Sander, sanderian and bamboo of happiness. Dracaena is a native of Africa, although the plant has become more popular in Asia. Despite the fact that dracaena is also called bamboo, it is very different from bamboo wood. The main difference lies in the fact that the throbbing Sander leaves grow directly from the trunk, and if you cut its upper part, the plant will give the side shoots, which is not characteristic of bamboo.

Dracena Sandera is an unpretentious, perennial plant. To grow it do not require special conditions and special care. The dracena sanderian grows quite slowly and almost never reaches a height of 1 meter.

Description and care for Dracena Sander

Sander loves sunlight and fresh air, and does not suffer from dry air at all. But the direct sunlight on the plant should be avoided.

Sanderian does not require soil as traditional flowers. For her, the optimal habitat is water. To grow dracaena at home, you just have to put it in a bowl of water. Water in the vessel should cover the roots of only 1-2 centimeters. Then you need to occasionally feed it with a special fertilizer.

For creative people who like to create unusual flower arrangements, Sander will have to taste. She will feel comfortable in a beautiful bowl filled with water, or in a glass vase with hydrogel. Some florists grow Sander even in an aquarium.

Description and care for Dracena Sander

Buy a drapery sanderanum practically in any flower shop. Dracena is unique in that it can be given an unusual shape. She, of course, looks great in flower compositions.

One more original version of Dracena Sander's cultivation is a decorative fountain. The plant is placed directly in the fountain, fixing on its bottom the roots of the flower using stones. It is necessary to change the water in the fountain once a week, in addition, do not forget to add nutrients for the full development of the plant.

How to care for

For sanderiana, water is an important aspect of life. In hot and warm months, the drazen Doger needs to be plentiful, and in the winter, watering should be moderate. If the plant is in water, it is important to change it once every 2 weeks. One should not forget about fertilizers, as the drazena Sander requires additional nutrients other than water. The water in which the dracaena grows must be distilled or, at least, filtered. If you do not adhere to these peculiarities of care, the leaves will quickly begin to turn yellow.

Description and care for Dracena Sander

Another dracaena bamboo feels good in a flower blend of earth and sand. By growing it in the usual soil, you can get the best result of the growth of the leaves and the plant itself. The soil should be loose, acidity pH 6.5.It is contraindicated to pour a basin with water, as it can start rotting the roots and trunk. To accurately guess with watering, follow the top layer of the soil when it dries, then you can start to slowly water.

In order to make the drapery sanderian feel comfortable, the room should be warm enough. The optimum temperature for the dracaena can range from +18 to +30 degrees. To throw Sander harmful direct sun rays, because of them the flower may simply perish. Sander feels great in a room where sunlight is scattered. Although Sander loves the light, it can be put in the dark, but in a wet room, for example, in the bathroom. However, in this case, the color of the leaves in the dracena will be much paleer.

It is not necessary to specially moisten and irrigate the dracena Sander, it can carry enough dry air. But wiping leaves with a damp sponge of a flower will not hurt.

Description and care for Dracena Sander

The growth and shape of bamboo dracaena must be constantly monitored. So, after planting one stem in the ground, after a while from him shoots begin to grow. If you do not remove the young shoots from the stem, the plant will look like running and shapeless. To give the trunk a curved look, the young trunk is placed in a special tube. You can buy it in a flower shop. After the trunk grows, it retains the shape of a spiral. Others will grow shoots will grow straight, as the curved form can only be achieved by artificial means. If you like the bamboo dracaena with bare trunks, the growing shoots need to be removed.

The best time to transplant a flower is spring. Usually it is transplanted into a soil mixture, connected with a mixture for indoor plants. Mix these two components for a transplant in a ratio of 1: 1.In plants that grow in water, before transplanting, it is necessary to wash the roots well and remove the dead parts of them. At the bottom of the pot, put the drainage, and then start the transfer of sardaria.

Description and care for Dracena Sander

Reproduction can be done with cuttings that grow on the apex, or with the help of shoots with sleeping buds. The most common way to reproduce a flower is by dividing the stem of a plant. The prepared ostriches should be placed in a pot with soil or in a container with water and cover with a tissue cloth to raise the moisture level for better maturation.

True to bring good luck?

Under the teachings of Feng Shui, dracena "happy bamboo" can bring happiness and health to the house. According to the Chinese tradition, placing a happy bamboo at the entrance to the house is a sign of respect for the guest. In addition, the Chinese consider it the most ideal gift for any occasion, and here you can agree, because such a strange plant will taste to any person. Growing dracaena at home does not require much effort, but its ability to grow in water and in the soil allows you to create unusually beautiful and original compositions.

Video "Dracena Sander"

The movie tells about a plant "happy bamboo";features of cultivation, care and reproduction are considered.