Description and rules for scalding

Fragrant Dracena is an evergreen shrub plant that, during flowering, provides a distinct, fragrant and pleasant aroma. Therefore, it is still called a fraction. Dracena well adapts to the environment and does not require any special care. This

shrub not only looks beautiful, but also benefits. Due to its green leaf, it clears the air from pollutants.

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Plant Features

Frags can blossom in two types of flowers: white flowers or small light green flowers. On a flower peduncle, which reaches 1 meter, fluffy inflorescences dissolve. Smelling flowers attract a variety of insects to their smell. But the roomy foxes bloom very rarely.

Dracaena fragrant in indoor conditions usually grows up to a maximum of 2 meters. The length of the leaves reaches 60 centimeters, and their width - 10 centimeters. The color of the leaves is green, there are brightly colored stripes and veins, which come in various shades, from light green to yellow.

Description and rules for scalding

Dracena fragrant care is especially important when the plant starts to get sick. The disease may develop due to bad conditions or parasites. For example, the tips of leaves can start to dry if the plant does not have enough moisture. Also drazen fragment is afraid of drafts and too dry air. And vice versa, in very damp room leaves begin to turn yellow and fade. Direct sunlight is also dangerous to the flower.

Fragrance may be ill from attacks by parasites, such as: bell peppers, aphids, spider mites, shields. In order to prevent the attack of these parasites, it is necessary to carry out prevention, which will protect the flower. For this purpose, it is important to regularly rub the leaves with a damp sponge, so that they do not accumulate dust, and also wash the flower under a warm shower.


The fragrant dracenae exists in several varieties. The most common are Compact and Massangeana.

Compact quality has dark green leaves, without streaks and stripes. Only one varietal, Compact Variegata, has light yellow stripes on the leaves. The trunk is lobar, leaves are collected in tight bundles. The plant looks very stylish and elegant.

Description and rules for scalding

Massangerina grows up to 1.5 meters, has a palm-shaped shape. The color of the leaves is colorful, in the middle of the sheet there is a clearly defined broad band. The length of the leaves reaches 60 centimeters, in the process of growth they gather in a beam at the top of the barrel. This variety is characterized by particular endurance among its relatives. One of the positive properties of this dracaena is that it is able to clean the air from harmful substances, and also moisturizes the air. In this variety in nature bloom very fragrant and beautiful flowers.

There are also many different varieties that differ in the shape of the leaves, their color and size. And depending on the variety, the height of the dragnet fragrant is also different. The genus of these evergreen trees and shrubs is about 150 species, but at home it is possible to grow about 40 species of these plants.

One of the rare varieties of indoor dragnans are Lemon, Surprise and Kanzi.

In floral shops you can find fragrant dracaena called Mix. A subscript of the Mix means that the plant is a kind of fraction of the draken fragment. It is possible to find out exactly what this variety is due to the characteristic features of the leaves, the height of the tree or the shrub and the shape of the trunk.

Description and rules for scalding

Rules for growing

It is important to create a supportive atmosphere and provide proper care so that it feels comfortable.

When choosing a place where to put a pot with a flower, you need to focus on the comfortable air temperature in the room. Dracena fragment is best placed in a room where the temperature is 19-25 degrees. Cold for these flowers is contraindicated. Do not leave the flower in a room where the air temperature is below 14 degrees. If it is too hot on the street or at home, it is necessary to provide additional watering of the fragment.

It is important to take care of the beautiful lighting for the flower. It is worth choosing a well lit room. If the windows overlook the southern side, you do not need to put a pot with a flower near the window, as constantly getting sunlight adversely affect the development of dracaena. This evergreen shrub loves fresh air, so during the warm season it can be taken out into the street or on the balcony. But again, be careful not to get sunlight on it.

Description and rules for scalding

Basically, the fragrant dracaena is well tolerated by dry air, but from time to time its leaves can be irrigated with water. If the flower is constantly in the room, where the dry air, sprayed with water it should be 1-2 times a day, so that the leaves are not twisted and not opal.

In the warm season, watering the flower is necessary quite often. But you can not pour it, otherwise the roots will start rotting. For good air exchange it is necessary to loosen the soil at least once a month. If the soil has formed a salt spread, it is necessary to remove it, and from above to pour a new substrate.

Watering in the cold season should be moderate. But, given that when the heating in the apartments is hot, it is possible to water it, it may be necessary to do the same as in the summer.

Transplant these plants better in the spring, since their period of rest lasts from October to January. If a young plant was purchased in a transplanting vessel, it should be transplanted into a permanent pot. Adult acne fragrant transplant every 2-3 years.

Description and rules for scalding

As the period of rest comes in winter, no feed is needed, and at other times dracaena can be fed with special means about 1 time per month.

How to multiply

There are two ways to reproduce a fragment. The first - with the help of the top of the plant. In this case, the cut is cut off in the length of 10-15 centimeters. Then it is placed either in a bowl of water to let it roots, or in a pot with soil mixed with sand. The container with water should be dark, opaque. Activated carbon can be added to the water for the best root process.

The second way is reproduction with stem pieces. The cut stem should be 5-7 centimeters in length. It is placed in a container with substrate and sand. The bottom layer is a substrate( 6 centimeters), the upper layer is sand( also 6 centimeters).Stem stick in sand by 2 centimeters. In this way, the stack is gradually rooted in the soil, and when transplanted, the roots will not be traumatized.

Description and rules for scalding

It is best to plant the plant in the spring, but it is not necessary. Otherwise, you just have to take care to create additional conditions for dracena. It is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature for the plant, so that it develops well and acclimatized. For this, the germ can be placed under the hood, thanks to which the effect of the greenhouse. Watering pistachios can be done only with warm water.

Video "Draco Fragrance: Care"

This video shows an adult plant dracaena fragrant and talks about the abandonment, reproduction, watering, pests.