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Yip Man 4 2018 |Date of release of a new movie, actors and plot, trailer

Remember the movies about the person who was the first to openly teach anyone who wants martial arts? Among his students was the world-famous Bruce Lee - a capable fighter, he learned much from the great Yip Mana.

All three stories are based on real events and conquered the world of

with realism and versatility. The paintings show not only the life of the wizard, but also help to understand many emotional torments that concern people throughout their existence.

If you want to plunge into that pristine atmosphere of wisdom, purity and incredible adventures, Yip Man 4 2018 will soon appear on the screens, which promises to become even more spectacular and memorable.

As the

movie series originated, the idea to create a film about the legendary martial arts master belongs to the talented director Wilson Ip. It was he who began large-scale filming of the first picture, invited prominent Chinese actors and developed a stunning plot.

After the premiere of the first picture in 2008, the director, inspired by incredible success, decided not to think long enough to begin filming the second part and safely finished it by 2010.Again, the audience positively perceived his work, admiring a great storyline and realism.

The third part of the fans waited for almost 6 years, but expectations were fully justified. The actions that unfolded in the trikvel, impressed the spectators to the depths of the soul.

Yip Man 4 2018 |Date of release of a new movie, actors and plot, trailer

It's amazing how expedient Wilson Ip was. He is the one who comes up with new moments, studies the life of Yip Man, so that the world will know how great this man was.

In 2018, he plans to release another sequel and is currently addressing various organizational issues related to surveys. At the moment, even the announced project budget - $ 22 million.

In addition, Donnie Yen, the actor who played the protagonist in the previous parts, said he is already working with the director to negotiate a new film.

"I want to share with you the awesome news: with my good friend Wilson Iip, I shot the last three films about Ip Mane with my participation, today we decided to unite and create a new project -" Ip Mana 4 "!So! I-P-M-A-N Part Four, "- wrote the Yen.

The successful outcome of this venture does not have to be doubted, so we just have to stop in anticipation of a juicy and dynamic action film with highly talented actors.

The release date of

Yip Man 4 2018 |Date of release of a new movie, actors and plot, trailer

The management of the picture prefer not to extend the premiere date and keep it secret. They can be understood, because they have given the number in advance, they may not fit into the terms, thus not justifying expectations of fans. So it's too early to talk about the release date, most importantly, that the release date is already known - 2018.

Probable plot "Ip Mana 4"

The action in the picture unfolds in America in the mid 70's. In one of the metropolitan areas, a native of Hong Kong decides to open a martial arts school. At the same time, he also distributed the brochures with a detailed description of the basics of kung fu.

Soon, the owner of the arms store decides to express dissatisfaction with the enterprising businessman. His fury was also warmed by the death of his son, who after reading these books, imagined himself a martial arts master and was killed in a street fight with gangsters.

Yip Man 4 2018 |Date of release of a new movie, actors and plot, trailer

Understanding the seriousness of the threats hanging over it, the foreigner decides to resist the store owner and his friends - scammers and robbers, among which there are those who skillfully owns the technique of kong-fu.

In order to cope with the dislike, it is necessary to remember the meaning of all that his teacher taught and fiercely defend, both from strike blows, and from balloons of firearms.

Actor and crew of

It is known that for this adventure action film will again take director Wilson Ip. His talent and incredible faith in success have led to the fact that the previous parts( also shot under his sensitive guidance), had a tremendous success among the audience.

In addition to working with "Yip Man" films, Wilson shot them a rather large list of paintings that are not less popular among movie makers. These are such projects as "Hour of the night", "Teaching the shamakers", "Summer-wrapped balls", "Ghost Fighters" and others.

The script to the fourth part of "Ip Mana" will be written by Edmond Von, who created the plot of all three parts of the painting. Throughout his career, he has been able to work on several large-scale projects, namely, "Everything is Good, It's Good Ending," "Save The General Jan," "The Dragon's and the Tiger's Gate," "Head Hunters."

Yip Man 4 2018 |Date of release of a new movie, actors and plot, trailer

The manufacturer's chair reached the unsurpassed Bak-Khv Vone. In the cinematic circles of China, this person has a well-deserved glory of the genius, since he has successfully produced over 80 films, among which one can pour "Ip Mana", "Magic of Victory", "Dancing Lion", "Ghosts of Love", etc.

As for the acting composition, while it is known that in the film, of course, will be removed Donnie Jen - a man who played Yip Man in the previous parts. Of course, without his sparkly and plausible game it is impossible to present another story about the eminent master of martial arts.

Already, fans from all over the world are eagerly preparing for the premiere and are trying to determine the final of the painting, since each of them wants to ensure that justice finally triumphs.

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