2017 Year

New Year's compositions with their own hands 2017. How to make a composition for the New Year

New Year

Many lord of their home in front of the New Year holidays want to create the most festive atmosphere at home, decorating rooms and absorbing a coniferous beauty. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is not necessary to buy Christmas decorations in stores and trading centers of

.Recently, the New Year's compositions are gaining popularity with their own hands.2017 will be the best reason to translate its boldest decisions into creating New Year's compositions. Festive New Year's mood will be presented not only by the products itself but also by the process of their creation.

In this article you can learn how to make a composition on New Year's Eve 2017 with your own hands.

Festive composition from branches.

New Year

Creating such a New Year composition is a very complicated process. To begin with, you need to prepare dry branches that can be found in the woods. Then the branches need to be painted with a gold or silver color. It is best to use paint from cartridges. It is possible to leave the branches also in its natural form. As a stand for twigs, you can use a vase, a pot or a simple jar. To give the jar an attractive look, it can be sewn up with sackcloth. You can decorate it with some satin ribbon. At the bottom of the jar is to put a piece of foam. It serves for the stability of the branches. When the branches dry, they should be flooded into foam. The final step is to decorate the sprigs with New Year's toys, beads and tinsel.

Festive compositions in the form of New Year's wreaths.

New Year

As a rule, such wreaths are suspended on the entrance door. Such wigs come in many different types. It can be made from living Christmas tree branches, bullets and much more. Consider the option of a spruce fir. It should be noted that for the manufacture of wreath it is necessary to use spruce branches rather than pine branches. In the pine needles are especially long, which is not very convenient in the manufacture of this composition. The basis of the wreath is to take a wire or cardboard. It should carefully gobble the branches of the fir and fasten threads in some places. It is also possible to hook bumps or small Christmas balls. To give the wreath a new-year look, it can be sprinkled with artificial snow. If the wreath does not hang on the door, and put on a New Year's table, then its center can be put on holiday candles.

New Year's compositions for the table.

New Year

Such festive compositions are made in the same way as a wreath. For a base, you can take any vase or a wide bowl of depression. In order for the fir-trees to stand and should not lose their needles, you can use a floral sponge, which should be periodically watered. A coniferous composition can be decorated with candles, bullets and even live flowers. They look very unusual on the background of spruce branches.