Ostrich meat: good and bad, taste and photo

Ostrich - the largest bird of all existing on Earth. Thanks to long and strong legs runs very fast, but can not fly, her wings are underdeveloped and small compared to a large body. Previously, birds were destroyed by an extremely beautiful plumage, now the popular

ostrich meat has become popular. To obtain a valuable product, they are grown on farms that appear around the world.

Ostrich meat: good and bad, taste and photo Ostrich meat is spicy and has a pleasant taste of

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Outwardly, ostrich meat resembles mature beef: the color variesfrom dark red to cherry. If the store offers light meat, giving out ostriches, this is a deception, the product is not worth buying.

  • The fillet is characterized by high juiciness, with its minimal amount of fat layers. They are so small that it is immediately visible - it is a product of the highest category. The male ostrich fillet weighs no more than 1.5 kg, in birds of smaller size - a maximum of one kilogram. For sale meat is divided into separate parts, the most useful is located on the lower back.
  • Fat in the area of ​​2%, and the amount of cholesterol - 32 mg per 100 g. For those who have increased cholesterol, this is a priceless protein product.
  • The main portion of carcasses for eating - the bird's limbs, accounting for 75% of the total amount of meat product.
  • The taste is similar to veal, but has a peculiar flavor.
  • Slaughter young individuals at the age of 14 months. Slaughter output is 68%, which speaks of benefit to the manufacturer. The carcass consists of 60% pure meat and 15% fat.
  • The frozen fillet is stored in the refrigerator for 14 days, but it is still better to take it for 10 days.

    Useful properties

    The usefulness and value of the meat of this amazing bird in its composition.

    • Compared to beef and turkey, ostrich is low in cholesterol. On average - 33.6 mg per 100 g of product. In the fillet of individual parts there is 60 mg.
    • The fat in it is insignificant - 1,6%.This is lower than in beef or broiler chicken. The product is not inferior to beef by the level of valuable protein, and it is a composition that is easily digestible by the body and is responsible for the quality of metabolic processes.
    • Meat of ostrich favorably distinguishes low calorie content - 103 kcal( in turkey 116 kcal).
    • The composition of fatty acids is not very different from turkey and veal, and polyunsaturated acids in ostriches more. It speaks of its high dietary properties and benefits.

    The insignificant amount of collagen in the amount of high-quality protein is well digested. So for these parameters ostrich meat is also the leader. The product is recommended for people with high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, diseases of the intestines and liver.

    If comparing beef and ostrich, then the first is not so dry, but nutritionists believe that this figure is not decisive, and give the palm of the championship of exotic birds.


    The poultry fillet contains a rich vitamin and mineral composition, which is also beneficial for the human body.

    • A group of vitamins B is present in the meat. This means that the product will positively affect the state of the vessels, the nervous system, metabolic processes.
    • Vitamin E strengthens muscles, gives glow to the skin.
    • Vitamin PP together with protein will give strength and energy to the human body.

    A wide range of minerals will allow the full existence of all systems of the body:

    • potassium helps the rhythmic work of the myocardium;
    • calcium will strengthen bones, hair and nails;
    • magnesium will help remove toxins, the element is responsible for the formation of metabolic processes;
    • selenium protects tissue cells, helps to build new muscle, along with iron, to fill the blood with oxygen.

    The main thing is that the ostrich product is so rich that 100 g is enough to fill the daily norm.

    Cobalt, phosphorus and nickel are present in the meat. But sodium is a little, which means that the pressure will not rise after the use of ostriches. Consequently, its undoubted benefits are for people with reduced health, reduced hemoglobin and high blood pressure.

    Ostrich meat: good and bad, taste and photo Meat is widely used in cooking class

    Skin and contraindications for

    Ostrich meat is safe for the human body, no harm to food. Valuable properties, rich in composition simply can not have a negative effect on the body. The only reason to abandon its use in the diet is individual intolerance. Its occurrence is caused by a number of reasons, it depends on the peculiarities of the organism.

    The only drawback of ostriches is the high cost of an exotic product. The farm for growing ostriches in Russia is still a little, importing meat from afar, this explains its sky-high price: up to 900 rubles per kilo of fillets.

    Gastronomic properties of

    In addition to its usefulness, ostrich meat has excellent gastronomic characteristics, has a pleasant, slightly unusual taste. Various dishes are made from meat:

    • is boiled, roasted, smoked, weighed;
    • is processed on steaks, roast beef;
    • is ground into minced meat;
    • even make sausage;
    • from it you can cook delicious soups;
    • include salads;
    • make chops and stew.

    Basically, the fillet of the hip part is used, it is tenderer than the breastpiece.

    Despite the fact that meat, as we have said, contains a small amount of fat, it does not become rigid, moreover, it is softer and more tender than the turkey. The main skill of the cooks is that during cooking on the fire the meat does not become dry and retains its specific taste. Chefs know: it does not require unusual complex sauces and side dishes, meat itself is very tasty. The easier it is to cook, the food will get better, save the inherent features only to him. So in terms of health from ostrich meat, it is more profitable than any other.

    The best side dish for ostriches - vegetables, served with potatoes. When combined with asparagus and mushrooms also get a special taste. For sauces, choose dry wines or broths, pineapples and oranges. To cook on a grill, fillets are soaked in lemon juice, olive oil.


    • Ostrich meat refers to products of the highest category, distinguished by valuable qualities and dietary properties.
    • Use is good for the human body, it has low fat and calories, it is well absorbed.
    • Has a rich vitamin and mineral composition.
    • There can be no language about the damage of the ostriches to the human body.
    • A variety of dishes are cooked from a fillet, but it's best to eat vegetables with vegetables.

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