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Puppy pupa: photo, price, dog, description, luck, diet, education

Puppy pupa: photo, price, dog, description, luck, diet, education

It's hard to find the same hollow, loyal, calm and smart four-legged friend like a pit bull. These powerful dogs never show their power over man. Puppies puppies do not reflect their character and temper. Description

  • strict American pet
  • manners and habits
  • Preparing to purchase a puppy
  • Selection Criteria puppy
  • adaptation period to the new location
  • helpful videos on the topic
  • Socialization puppy of this breed
  • How to Care for Pit Bull puppy
  • Diet Puppy dry puppy
  • Foodfeed
  • Correct education of puppies of pitbulus
  • Correct development of a baby

Once pitbully participated in fights competitions. Breeding of this breed continued to be engaged after the ban on such measures as they continued to be carried out illegally. Owners of such pupils earned quite large amounts at the rates. After the battle, the dog was put up for sale, and the price depended on winnings during the competition.

To date, the Federation of Cynologists does not recognize pitbulls as breeds. These dogs can not participate in exhibitions or other events. But in spite of this, there are places where pit bull terriers are recognized as a separate breed. In the United States, some representatives of pitbulls even register, their supporters are the Kennel Club and the American Dog Association.

That is why in this article we will consider the main characteristics, the price of puppies pit bull, dog photos and other necessary nuances.

Description of the severe American pupil

At first glance at such a pupil it becomes clear that he has great power. There are two types of breed: terriers and bulldog bite look. Sometimes they mix.

These dogs are not limited in weight and can have as much as 12 and 36 kg. Typically, there are representatives of the breed with a weight of 14-28 kg. The color standard can be anything but merl. Permissible color of the wool - from white and black to tiger, with all sorts of notes.

Puppy pupa: photo, price, dog, description, luck, diet, education

Different members of the breed with its severe appearance with thick neck, strong jaws, broad cheekbones and head of non-standard shape. The pitbulles have a wide chest and developed muscles. Ears can be bought, and the tail does not move.

Good luck and habits

Even in spite of all the benefits of the pit bullterrier, many people are worried about such pets. For example, Sweden and some US states are not allowed to breed this breed. There are countries where the walking of such dogs is permissible only in the presence of a muzzle.

For a long time the character of the representatives of this breed was formed. Currently, the pit bull is distinguished by balance and goodwill. Such dogs and hunting qualities have been preserved, so they can be used as guards or help during hunting.

It is possible to distinguish the following main features of the nature of the pit bullister:

  • He wants to always be useful to his owner. At the same time, a nasty pit bull notices any needs of his owner and tries to do everything to earn his gratitude.
  • A dog feels its power over the owner and members of his family, but never shows it.
  • Attentiveness and prudence even at a young age. They want to be wise and to be adults by puppies.
  • A good attitude to children. Pitbulls have the same quality as the boundless devotion to the people around them. He cares about children and never bites them, whatever they do to him.
  • Pit Bull Terriers are great for family content and can carry various services. But it should also be noted that in the wrong education representatives of this breed become dangerous pupils. In pedigree breeding of such dogs, individuals, which were marked by mental deviations, were destroyed. Thus, the breed was gradually formed.

    Preparing to buy a puppy

    When a person decides to acquire such a pupil as a pit bull terrier, he must familiarize himself with some of the nuances and buy the necessary accessories. Before sending to the breeder or to the nursery you should prepare:

    • to study the nature of breed, care, retention, nutrition and education of pitballs;
    • weigh all the pros and cons of such a four-legged friend;
    • pre-determine the sex of the puppy;
    • is the place to shop better than a specialized nursery;
    • when purchasing a puppy from a breeder to study all the information about it;
    • buy toys to make puppies gnaw without harming the owner's speeches.

    Puppy Selection Criteria

    When meeting with a puppy, attention should be paid to the absence of the following defects: poor level, weak joints, irregular bending of the back. The pit bull should have a middle-sized head, thick paws, a strong neck and a flexure of the back with a small hump.

    The back of the pupils may be slightly higher than the front. The extremities must be equal, differ in strength and elasticity. On the good fighting characteristics and courage of the pupil is the low landing of the tail.

    The color is chosen purely from the personal preferences of a newly born dog breeder. The main conformity of the breed standard. The cost of puppies with non-standard coloring is much lower, since they can not be used for breeding breeding.

    Do not buy a pet showing cowardice or, conversely, excessive aggression. Extreme sensitivity should also not be present in the puppies of the pit bull, as it indicates a lack of self-confidence.

    Adaptation period in new place

    After moving to a new home, the puppy should be well acquainted. You need to let him explore all the surrounding environment. After studying the territory it is possible to show care and attention to its quadruple friend: the owner of

    • and his family should often stroke the head, back and stomach of the puppy;
    • is gradually accustomed to the rules of conduct and not allowed in prohibited places;
    • show puppies to his toilet;
    • begin to train the first important "sit" and "place" teams;
    • can make it familiar with other pets after a 10-week-old puppy;
    • more often deduce the pet for a walk on fresh air;

    Useful video on topic

    The socialization of a puppy of this breed

    At a young age, the puppy of the pit bull terrier is not capable of protecting not only its owner but also itself, so at that time its socialization must pass. This will help him to get an idea of ​​the world around him and about other animals.

    A puppy's socialization begins with his mother's contact. She cares about him and teaches discipline. Also, the baby communicates with his siblings, where he learns to obey or, conversely, to rule.

    Next, socialization depends on the puppy breeder, as it is the first person to come in contact with him. He must teach the pupil to behave in the house, to take care and at the same time to teach discipline.

    Only after this new puppy owner begins to familiarize him with the world around him. The owner must introduce a small pit bull with strangers, teach communication with outsiders. To encourage good behavior with strangers, you should take a treat with your pet everywhere. This is especially true for puppys aged 14-16 weeks.

    When an unexpected noise can not be given, the pit bull has to worry. To distract attention should give him a delicacy and his example to show that everything around is quiet. This behavior is very important in the socialization of the puppy, as it affects all the further life of the dog. To accustom to a terrible situation is necessary gradually, while trying until the pit bull will not show his excitement.

    The animal learns about the world around it for a lifetime, and the more new it learns in its early childhood, the less sensitive and cowardly grows up.

    How to care for the puppies of the pit bull terrier

    The representatives of this breed from the young age need the quality care of the wool, ears and eyes. Newborn puppies begin to see up to 11 days after birth. Up to 1.5-3 months their eyes remain blue. Eyes every day should be closely examined and if there is marked allocation in the form of pus, then ask for help from a specialist.

    The first time to bathe the puppy should not be earlier than he will be 2 months old. The pupil should then be washed twice a year. Use of different shampoos is necessary only with intense contamination.

    When the grooves are repaired in a pit bull, they should be cut. Up to half a year it is done once a week, up to a year - once every 2 weeks. If the pulp is damaged, it can be prevented by a green leaf or a small amount of manganese.

    Puppy diet

    Immediately after birth, the puppies are fed with milk or in the first days of a very useful colostrum. After a 1-month-old pit ball, the diet is expanding. The breeder begins to accustom them to cow's milk, porridge, raw and boiled meat, as well as vegetables. The food is accompanied by the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    The amount of food consumed by a puppy depends on its age, physical activity and activity level. So, after weaning from the mother, they start to eat 5 times a day, after three months the amount of food intake is reduced to 4, after 8 months - three times a day.

    Puppy pupa: photo, price, dog, description, luck, diet, education

    Before choosing food components, you need to know that they should fit young people perfectly to ensure that all the necessary elements for intensive growth are received. The main part of a puppy's food is meat ingredients in quantities of not less than 100 grams of the total volume of the portion. The best option is beef. Once a week, meat products can be replaced by fish, as well as byproducts( heart and liver).

    Some pitbulls are very indifferent to fish, but you can not give it in large quantities to a puppy. In the extreme case, you can do 2 fish days a week, but no more. Every day in the pet's diet should be apple cake, boiled egg, carrots, dairy products( whole milk and fat-free cheese).The porridge can be cooked on the basis of milk.

    Pitbullterriers are susceptible to the appearance of fat burners, which are the result of malnutrition. If you find such formations in a pupil should immediately revise his diet. This excludes sweet and flour, and limits the amount of animal fats.

    Eating Puppy With Dry Food

    When choosing a dry food feed puppy as a diet, you must start giving it at two months of age. In this case, you should choose a high-quality product. In the first time it is given as a delicacy.

    If you do not show allergic reactions, you can bring a daily portion of dry food up to 120 grams, dividing it into several steps. In this case, the puppy must always have a bowl of fresh water in the access.

    Correct education of pit bull puppys

    Long and enhanced parenting will be a guarantee of getting a true four-legged friend without any problems with the psyche. Representatives of this breed become true only when the owner is patient and has experience in the care of animals.

    Many people think that effective dog training is achieved only with the use of rigorous methods and various torture, but in reality it is not. Such measures will not yield any positive results. Like any pet, puppy pit bull should be loved and in every way to attract his interest. It needs to be treated in the same way as other family members and do not keep it in fear.

    When you find yourself in a closed room, the pit bull terrier begins to behave aggressively. This is due to the fact that he needs a lot of physical activity, and walks with him should be at least 2 hours a day. Only in this case the pet will behave calmly. You can not reduce the time for walks and moving games.

    Pitbul is a very intelligent animal that loves to learn everything new and obey the mentor. The methods of successful breeding puppies are simple and effective. Several recommendations need to be followed:

  • It should be remembered that the dog's life is at the moment. When receiving a punishment or, conversely, the encouragement of the pupil perceives it only in those moments. It is useless to punish him for what happened a few hours ago, because he simply does not understand it.
  • It is necessary to strictly adhere to the established rules. If the dog is forbidden to climb on the sofa, then such a ban always works. You can not give in to the pesky request of the pet, as it will be repeatedly repeated.
  • Encourage pit bulls only for actions that will be useful in the future.
  • Puppy tries to please the owner in any way, so you have to tell him how to do it. The process of education is delayed by coercion.
  • You can not teach a team using a scream and a custom tone. It can only frighten the pet, but not raise up. In this case, you need to start doing everything first.
  • The parenting process is not always the way the dog owner wants it. Therefore, one must keep confident and be consistent. During training, the host should have a good mood.
  • The psyche and the pit bull's mood are formed until it reaches 2 years, after 3 years - the maximum is reached. Sometimes at an early age puppies require fighting contact, but you should not conduct such training until the pupil reaches 15 months. Sometimes such an aspiration does not appear at all.

    When training on fighting contacts it is necessary to do it gradually with care and patience. To do this, choose an experienced dog who will give the young pit bull a good lesson, but will not hurt much. If this permissible contact is liked by a pet, then one can do another one not earlier than in a month. Such contacts teach the dog confidence in their abilities.

    The correct development of the baby

    In order for the pupil to grow healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to take care of him, to look after and to train. Special attention should be paid not only to the physical form of the pit bull, but also to the psychological state.

    Puppy pupa: photo, price, dog, description, luck, diet, education

    At a lunar age, a veterinarian's puppy should be shown, and then periodically go on scheduled inspections. If the pupil does not participate in breeding, then it is sterilized or castrated.

    You should also do all the necessary vaccinations, the first of which is placed at the age of about 3 months. Before doing it, you need to make sure that the dog is completely healthy. After 3 weeks, a new vaccination is done. At the age of 5-6 months, the pupil changes teeth, and then the third vaccine is placed. The fourth vaccination is carried out after the animal's year, and then it is repeated annually.