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Lips crumble, dry and crack: reasons to do?

Not everyone knows what to do if the lips are peeled. Well-groomed, smooth lips not only attract men's looks, but also talk a lot about a woman. The lips are covered with a thin, delicate and very sensitive skin( like the eyelids and the area around the eyes).Because of this, they require careful

care, in particular in the summer and winter. Lip skin care includes daily use of moisturizing lipstick, shine, cosmetics for removing makeup and performing massage and peeling. Why do lips dry, what to do if they peel and crack?


  • 1 Factors That Affect Skin
  • 2 Corresponding Care
  • 3 Hygienic Lipstick
  • 4 Bad Habits
  • 5 Correct Liposcture
  • 6 Cosmetic Procedures

1 Factors That Affect Skin

Why are lips scalded, cracked and subjected to minor injuries? Blood vessels in the area of ​​the lips are located close to the epithelium, giving them a characteristic red or pink color. Unlike the rest of the skin, they do not have a fatty layer that protects them from temperature changes. There are no melanin producing cells in this area, which could protect against ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. Why dry your lips? Effects of harmful external and internal factors dry the skin. The causes of excessive dryness are:

  • low temperature( frost);
  • strong wind;
  • sun rays;
  • is the use of strongly salty products( salt removes water from cells and causes dryness);
  • is a habit of biting your lips and small blows.

Lips crumble, dry and crack: reasons to do?

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The reasons for which the lips are cracked and cracked can include taking somemedical products. Some medications such as isotretinoin, taken orally for the treatment of severe forms of acne, result in the drying of the skin and mucous membranes. Its effect is related to the inhibition of the production of sebum through the sebaceous glands. Lips dry without proper care for a very short time may cause wounds on them. Therefore, in the case of receiving such drugs, it is extremely important to regularly moisturize them, and in the case of the described problems, the use of a special remedy with essential oils.

2 Appropriate care for

Due to the fact that the mouth is subject to various types of damage, often the lips dry and peel. The skin in this area is an extremely vulnerable and tender face. What should I do if my lips are scalded? There are several tips that apply to the daily care of their skin.

Daily make-up. When washing, do not forget about the washing of makeup from the lips, as dust particles fall on their surfaces. The lips need to be thoroughly and neatly cleaned from the rest of the lipstick with a special cosmetic remedy.

Lips crumble, dry and crack: reasons to do?

Peeling and mask. It is necessary to do a mild peeling of the lips skin once in 2 weeks. For this purpose it is possible to rub in a circular motions cosmetic vaseline or olive oil, mixed with sugar. Do not use coarse peels. After the peeling, it is necessary to put a mask on the lips. It can be prepared with vaseline and a few drops of vitamin A. Apply it before bedtime.

External factors such as frost, wind, sunshine, temperature variations and excessive licking make the lips dry and peel off. Unfortunately, it looks unethical. Therefore, it is necessary daily to apply preparations for moisturizing and regenerating the skin of this area( restorative oils, creams, lipsticks or balms).These cosmetics moisturize and protect the skin from loss of moisture. In addition, provide the necessary protection from the sun. When applied systematically, they contribute to the fact that the mouth becomes soft and very smooth.

If the lip is scalded, lip massage will improve the condition of the skin. Performing a massage is 2 times a week. For this you can use a cube of ice or a toothbrush. After the massage, the microcirculation and elasticity of the skin will improve.

Gymnastics. Proper exercises will provide a beautiful and correct shape of the lips. You can perform exercises on their stretching across and along, saying loudly loud, you can open your mouth as often as you can a few times a day( as if you are eating something big).

3 Hygienic Lipstick

If the skin of the lips is often peeling, it must be adequately protected. The mouth is covered with a thin horny layer, which contains little melanin, in addition, they have no sebaceous glands. Frequent wetting of their saliva can cause dryness and peeling of the lips, contributing to the infection of different microorganisms. On the dried lips cracks appear easily, which contributes to the penetration of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them with appropriate drugs, it's all kinds of lipstick, balms, shiny.

Hygienic lipstick for care restores water-lipid balance, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the lips, provides protection from the sun, adds smoothness and elasticity.

Lips crumble, dry and crack: reasons to do?

The best balms contain sea buckthorn oil, shish oil, provitamin B5, vitamins A and E, mango and avocado extracts. They may have natural waxes, such as ozokerite, beeswax, lanolin, petroleum jelly and cocoa butter.

During periods of intense insolation, the lips are exposed to burns, as their surface does not produce melanin under the influence of light. Therefore, it is necessary to use chemical and physical filters against sunlight. Lips not only decorate the colors of the mouth, but also protect them from the harmful effects of UV rays. In their composition, they contain dyes and pigments, fats and waxes that protect the thin lip skin from water loss.

Shine provides less protection, it is not stored on the skin for too long.

Instead of lipstick, it is sometimes better to use regenerative lip balm, which works in a complex way( nourishes, softens and protects the delicate skin).

When discussing the composition of lipstick, it's worth mentioning about substances that should be avoided. In this case, they include alcohols, artificial dyes and parabens.

4 Bad habits

Proper skin lip care is not just about feeding and enhancing restorative processes. It is worth remembering the daily habits that affect their condition. The most serious mistakes in this case include:

  • biting lips;
  • licking dry mouth in conditions of strong wind, frost or extremely dry air;
  • smoking cigarettes;
  • is an inappropriate diet, poor in vitamins A, E and C, as well as inadequate fluid intake.

Lips crumble, dry and crack: reasons to do?

5 Correct lip balm

Beautiful women's lips attract and attract glances. With lipstick you can emphasize the natural color of the lips, their shape, make them more attractive. The effect that gives a lipstick or shine corresponds, first of all, to the correct color.

Lips crumble, dry and crack: reasons to do?

Saturated dark shades visually reduce lips, while bright and pearl tones can visually increase them. The choice of lipstick should depend on the type of appearance. Intense colors look good with a bright color of hair and skin. People with lighter skin should choose more delicate shades.

Lips should be painted using contour pencil, because thanks to it, you can accurately highlight, emphasize and make correction of the form. If you want to visually change the shape of the lips, you must first apply a makeup base on them, and then powder, after drawing the desired outline with a pencil for lips. Apply a lipstick with a brush. Her color should be in harmony with ornaments, clothing or nail polish.

Lip makeup:

  • narrow lips. To make them look more complete, you need to paint an outline of lipstick in the pencil( brilliant colors and lipstick in brilliant colors suitable for make-up);
  • wide lower lip. For optical reduction do not emit corners of the mouth, and high lip gloss;
  • is too full of lips. Apply the tonal base to the natural lip contours, then draw a new line of lips( so you can reduce their size);
  • thin upper lip. Draw an outline of the upper lip and an inner line of the lower one with a contour pencil.

6 Cosmetic procedures

One of the most popular procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine is the increase in lips. The procedure is performed using hyaluronic acid( dense consistency), for which it is administered as an injection to a patient after a previous anesthetic. This injection gradually and naturally increases the volume.

Hyaluronic acid is also used to improve hydration. Then it is used in a more liquid form.

Lips crumble, dry and crack: reasons to do?

Sadly hanging corners of the lips are easily lifted with two tiny injections of botulinum toxin. The action of botox stabilizes after about 2 weeks and lasts from 3 to 9 months.

Unfortunately, the lips, like the skin of the face, are subject to the aging process. There is weakening and sagging of muscles, which eventually lose elasticity and volume. The skin around the mouth diminishes, and wrinkles deepen, loss of the cavity in the upper lip occurs. To eliminate wrinkles above the lip, hyaluronic acid is used. She is introduced abroad with red lips.

Another effective technique is the use of regenerative therapy using a fractional laser in this case. It stimulates the skin around the mouth to self-healing, making in it thousands of microtraums. This activates it to produce a new fabric that fills wrinkles.

People who want to undergo procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine should not make a decision in a hurry. To begin with, you need to make sure the experience and competence of the doctor who performs this procedure.

When the peeling and dryness of the lips, the causes may be different. But knowing how to care for them, you will preserve their beauty for a long time!