Reproduction Hydrangea cuttings in the spring according to the rules

Excellent hydrangea with proper care always delights with lush blossom and aroma. Most flower growers, seeing large thyroid flowers of white, lilac, blue, pink, tend to grow and grow such in their own. In this article, we will describe how competently

to carry out the hydrotherapy breeding in spring.


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Preparation of the source material

In addition to obtaining a new bush of hydrangea with replanting cuttings,known and other ways - planting seeds, breeding culture by division of the bush, layers and descendants. But cuttings are recognized as the most effective method, so they are used most often.

Reproduction Hydrangea cuttings in the spring according to the rules

Experts advise to do the cutting of cuttings in the summer - when there are buds on the branches. But in practice they do this in the spring - in the middle or at the end of May. On the branches you can see new green plants, which are material for growing seedlings. The livestock is part of the stem, which has 1 or more kidneys. Only young shoots are used, the old need pruning.

The cuttings are best cut from the side shoots - those below the crown. It itself should be normally illuminated in a natural way. To reproduce the plant should be large developed kidneys and absent illness. It is necessary to cut the shoots early in the morning when the culture is soaked with moisture - the speed of rooting depends on it. No special training is required - the main thing to do good care of the bush. Normal care - to do timely pruning, watering and fertilizing.

Reproduction Hydrangea cuttings in the spring according to the rules

Reproduction Instructions When starting hydrangea breeding, fill with purified, optionally spring water. Put it in the shadow and start cutting. The upper part of the shoots is cut with scissors or a knife. Each petiole must have more than 2 pairs of leaves - they are the nodes. The cut is done right under the last knot. Before planting, remove 2 lower leaves from the cuttings. The remaining crop is halved. Cut the planting material put in moist sand.

It is recommended to place cuttings for better rooting in a solution of biostimulants or hormones for a period of from 2 to 12 hours. Suit Zircon or Epin. The lower part is treated with Cornewin, Heteroouxin or Cornerstone.

The composition for growth stimulation can be done on its own. Take 250 ml of water, add 1 teaspoon of honey. It helps the appearance of calluses - thickening at the ends of the cuttings, from where the roots appear. Place in a drawer or pot with sand on 2 - 3 cm. The landing will need to be carried out at an angle of 45 degrees.

Cuttings should not touch the leaves of each other and sand. Then cover with polyethylene or a jar. Capacity to put in a shade with a temperature of 18 - 25 degrees. Rooting after planting under normal care takes place in a month. Care includes transfer in separate containers with garden soil, peat and sand at a ratio of 2: 2: 1, timely irrigation. Winter care involves dripping pots in the ground so that the roots are not frozen.

Reproduction Hydrangea cuttings in the spring according to the rules

Hydrangea is still multiplied by dividing the bush. This method is suitable for tree species and large varieties in the spring. Carry out the excavation of a bush, pre-pouring it. The roots are cleaned, the bushes are divided, each part is placed in a permanent place. To multiply with the help of cuttings, the soil around the bush should be digested and aligned. In prepared beards depths of up to 2 cm are placed shoots taken from the bottom of hydrangea.

When they grow up to 20 cm in height, spend a hovering repeat it in 7 days. The reproduction of hydrangea is carried out and seeds. They are bought or collected by themselves. Seeds are small, planting, they are sown superficially. You can wish it in the winter in a container under glass or greenhouses. Soil composition - sand, sheet, ground ground, overhung, peat 0, 5: 1: 1: 1: 0, 5.

Video «How to multiply Hydrangea by cutting?»

How to use spring cutters

In the spring, the wintering landing material will go up in growth, it is advised to make it landing for a permanent place or for cultivation in a tree-bed. In the hole, add 1 tablespoon of mineral fertilizers - in the composition should be potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. They are mixed. The day before planting, do not water the plant, so that the earthen in a pot separated from the walls. To get a luxurious bush, the sapling is cut to two thirds after landing. If you want a plant with a small bar, leave everything as it is.

Reproduction Hydrangea cuttings in the spring according to the rules

Hydrangeas typically form root plots. Sprouted shoots in normal care keep the signs of maternal culture. If you need 2 to 3 seedlings, find in the ground and dig a root close to the surface. It is divided into parts, each containing 3 to 4 kidneys, placed in a container - a mixture of peat and sand in a ratio of 4: 1.Get plants so harder.

Caring for hydrangea in spring and in other periods includes plentiful irrigation. In drought it is held once a week in quantities up to 20 liters under a bush. The soil should be acidic. Care includes mulching of needles, leaves and bark. Run loosening to a depth of 5 cm - 2 - 3 times per season. Make organic fertilizers. When autumn frosts are constructed shelter for plants - sprinkle with dry peat, covered with a film. To fight pests, use the preparations Fitomer, Meta, Carbofos. Conduct competent reproduction of hydrangea.

Video «For Cutting of Decorative Plants»

Produce with a cuttings such a plant as hydrangea, under the power of every gardener. This requires a bit of practice and basic knowledge. All that you need in this procedure, you will find in the video below.