Smokeless Tobacco. Growing an annual flower

Smokeless Tobacco. Growing an annual flower

Any gardener is dreaming that his flower bed was completely harmonious, and at the same time attracted great attention of bees. Without a sweet tobacco, such a flowerbed can not happen. This is due to the fact that this unique plant blooms soft colors, and the aroma is full of airy notes, with

it is not lacking in refinement.

A fragrant tobacco can be found in different varieties, which means that on one flowerbed you can grow a lot of flowers that will have the original shape and aroma. It is worth noting that the varieties differ in color inflorescence, or the length of the stem.

How To Grow Incredible Tobacco

A cradle of this interesting plant is considered South America. The climate of the homeland is much hotter than ours, therefore, the fragrant tobacco is referred to as heat-loving plants. In warm regions tobacco can blossom for several seasons in a row, pleasing the eye with its luxurious flowers. If the climate is colder, then such a plant goes only for one season. The main flowering period falls on June, and lasts until September.

In order for flowers of sweet-smelling tobacco one-year-old to give pleasant moments and mold actively, you need to know some rules of care for this plant.

Smokeless Tobacco. Growing an annual flower

landing in open ground. This event takes place in the spring, and in order not to ruin future flowers, already sprouted seeds are planted in open ground. Favorable month for the cultivation of such a flower can be called the end of February, the beginning of March. At this time, it is necessary to buy a container from the glass, and to plant the favorite varieties of fragrant tobacco. To allow seeds to creep faster, it is necessary to cover this capacity with a polyethylene or a dense lid.

Thus, over time, the greenhouse effect will be created in the plate, which will have a positive effect on growth. The fragrant tobacco has very small seeds, therefore, handfuls are thrown to the surface, then sprayed with water from the spray gun. It should take about two weeks before the first stairs appear. After that, each seedlings are planted in separate cups. To make fragrant tobacco grew in the form of a bush, the tops are squatting.

Disembarkation occurs only when the frosts have retreated, and are not expected in the near future. Similarly, it is important to know that the land well-healed by the sun will be easier to take a sapling of fragrant tobacco. The distance between the seedlings varies from 20 to 30 centimeters minimum.

Smokeless Tobacco. Growing an annual flower

Varieties of sweet tobacco vary in height of the stem, and are divided into dwarfs, tall, tall shrubs. Tobacco dwarf varieties reaches 30 centimeters, and crumble to the ground, finding imitation of a green carpet.

Ground Requirements. Soil for fragrant tobacco can be absolutely any, however, it is worth taking into account the properties of large leaves - they like to absorb moisture. For active growth and flowering, as well as any other culture, tobacco needs air, so loosening is a priority step in care.

Humidity. Moisture for fragrant tobacco is the most important, especially if the summer is droughty. In this case, a decorative plant needs to be watered daily.

Fertilizers in optimum quantities carry well, however, it is not worth the effort as well - instead of flowers can develop leaves well.

Lighting. The seedlings will blossom well where there is no strong, tumultuous wind, and there is no open burning sun. Norm is the full disclosure of buds in the evening. Flowers are pleasing to the eye all summer, and the flowering ends in September-October. Sometimes it is possible to come across woolly and dried buds - fragrant tobacco blossomed. To continue enjoying a beautiful view, you need to break all the dry buds. A more vivid color of the plant can be achieved if you plan them out for winter in the greenhouse. Only there is a need to maintain a stable temperature regime.

Smokeless Tobacco. Growing an annual flower

Reproduction. In order to multiply fragrant tobacco, you can not only wait for the seeds. There is one more effective method. To do this, take the most healthy bush from the soil in the fall. Put it in a flower pot, and leave it at home. The height of the fragrant tobacco is cut to a third, and watered. It is important to remember that sweet tobacco loves light, so the window sill needs to be lit. When spring comes, the bush of fragrant tobacco is again planted in a warmed soil.