Why do not blossom geranium and what to do?

No matter how beautiful the house was, it was impossible to create a cosiness without flowers. After all, they perfectly refresh the atmosphere, create the right atmosphere. Therefore, every hostess on the windowsill has a home "flower bed".Someone loves the exquisite and unusual plants that need to devote to

all their free time, but with the current rhythm of life, few can afford it. Here save the situation unpretentious in the care of flowers. One of these plants is the pelargonium, or, as it is called by the people, geranium. With a fairly simple care, this plant will please your eye with magnificent colors of various shades, and your sense of smell with a gentle, unobtrusive fragrance that leaves the leaves. With proper care, geranium can bloom all year round. It is also worth noting that it is called the best natural antidepressant. But there are situations when the plant loses its flowers or does not bloom at all. Understanding why not blossom geranium and what to do with it, first pay attention to the care of this plant.


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Causes of why geranium does not blossom

Among the possible reasons for the lack of flowers in your pelargonium, the most likely are the following:

  • inappropriate pot size;
  • irregular watering;
  • improper care in different seasons;
  • is inappropriate soil;
  • regular flower trim;
  • lack of nutrition;
  • is an inappropriate temperature.

Having studied the possible reasons why geraniums do not blossom, we will now figure out how to fix it.

Why do not blossom geranium and what to do?

How can I get bloom?

First you need to check if the plant is good in your pot. When selecting a container, you should focus on the size of the roots. But keep in mind, if you choose a pot for "grown up", it can be the reason why geraniums do not bloom. It will not blossom until the roots completely fill the pot, and it will be difficult for you to control the height of the plant and the desired volume. In pots of small sizes, geranium blooms very abundantly, and the flowers themselves look stronger and healthier. Pots for colors can be from different materials, but experts advise to choose capacities from natural materials, for example, from burnt clay. Plastic containers can also be used, but it is worth remembering that the soil dries much more slowly in them, which can lead to rotting the roots. Ideal diameter of the pot, in which one bush - 12-14 cm, and height - 10-15 cm. Conclusion: the smaller the volume of the pot, the more compact your plant will be, and the more color it will be.

Why do not blossom geranium and what to do?

If the pot for the flower is selected correctly, then you should look into the rules of watering. For pelargonium, not so damaging drought, as excessive watering, due to which rotting of the roots begins. But it is also impossible to dry the soil too much, because then the geranium does not bloom. You need to find the "golden mean". In general, geranium can be attributed to drought-resistant plants. But it is not desirable to strongly dry the soil, otherwise the flower will cease to bloom. When the geranium is in a warm room, it can be watered daily. If you notice that the top layer of soil does not have time to dry up, it is worth cutting irrigation up to 3 times a week. When the leaves become sluggish, covered with gray mold and begin to rot, it is a sure sign that you overflow the flower. At the same time the root begins to rot and it is impossible to fight with it, the plant will inevitably perish. Conclusion: follow the soil in the pot and as soon as the top layer is completely dry( but not before) - feel free to water.

Why do not blossom geranium and what to do?

It should be noted that at different times of year, watering should be different. In warm time, watering is practically every day, in winter - once a week. In the period from March to August, do not forget to add different fertilizers with high percentage of phosphorus in water, such actions will lead to abundant flowering. In warm weather geranium is advised, if there is such an opportunity, to carry on fresh air for the whole day. The plant likes insignificant temperature variations and it greatly promotes the growth of flowers. In the winter, the plant should be cleaned in a darker place, and most importantly - away from the heating devices. But keep the temperature below 12 degrees. Add fertilizer to water in the winter is not worth it. If the wintering was successful and all the rules were followed, from the spring until the autumn, the geranium will please you with flowers and a pleasant aroma.

Ready ground for Geranium you can buy at any specialized store or cook yourself. The main condition - the soil should be nutritious. Ideal for a mixture of sand, garden lands and peat. Do not forget about good drainage, because of its reduced risk of rotting roots. From time to time, the soil in the pot should be loosened to ensure that sufficient air is brought to the roots.

Why do not blossom geranium and what to do?

In the beginning of spring geranium wakes up after the winter and it is during this period that it is necessary to form a crown. But pruning should be done extremely accurately and, before proceeding with this procedure, you need to know how to do it right. Cut old leaves, leave no more than 5 kidneys per shoemaker. If you notice that new shoots grow not from the root, but from the leafy sinuses - remove them. Cropped stems can be used safely for cutting. In no way do not cut the plant in winter, it can lead to the consequences of which the geranium does not bloom. If you missed the pruning in the spring, then this can be done in the beginning of autumn. Do not forget that for some time after pruning the geranium does not bloom.

Do not neglect the feeding of the flower. Geranium is very good for various organic and mineral additives. In the period of active blooming in the water to add fertilizers that contain potassium and phosphorus, but at the same time to reduce nitrogen. Thanks to such fertilizers, the plant becomes healthy and blooms abundantly. Also, iodine water( 1 drop of iodine per 1 liter of water) is considered a good feeding. If you decide to save on fertilizer, do not be surprised that you do not blossom geranium. The

Why do not blossom geranium and what to do?

Geranium is quite resistant to temperature fluctuations and it is well tolerated both by heat and coolness. But nevertheless experts advise to keep it in cooler conditions( not lower than 12 degrees).Remember that in most cases, Geranium does not bloom in the winter. The plant is best placed with good lighting. In direct sunlight, geranium leaves sometimes get a pink tinge, it's not worth scaring, it's a normal reaction of the flower in the sun.

Video "Caring for a flower"

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