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Yorkshire Terrier: owner feedback, mini, advantages, disadvantages

Yorkshire Terrier: Owner Reviews, Mini, Advantages, Disadvantages

Funny, sweet, benevolent - this is most often heard in a discussion of such a glorious breed as the Yorkshire Terrier. Of course, it is precisely to them that the expression is that a small dog and to an old age puppy!

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Demand for Tiny Toddlers

Until recently, the presence of a Yoko puppy testified to a certain status of its owner. Only a truly wealthy man could afford to own such a miracle. Today, the situation is such that an increasing number of those wishing to acquire such a pupil are not deprived of the opportunity to translate the desired into reality.

I would like to believe that the welfare of the majority of the population has improved, but most likely the key moment of the change was the fact that the population of the breed was increasing quantitatively, which in turn led to a decrease in the value of each individual.

Now even those who can not boast a high level of earnings, but dreams of a little friend, it is quite possible to get them. In this article I would like to pay attention to not discussing the breed in general, but touch the topic of the pros and cons, inherent in them, to study the reviews of the Yorkshire Terrier. So, in nature there is nothing ideal, therefore, what a large barrel of honey would be, there will always be a place for a spoon of tar. Well, let's start with the obvious advantages.

The main advantages of

tiny animals: Let's start with the positive aspects of the Yorkshire terriers in the owner's reviews.
First of all, with the amazingly sharp mind of these sophisticated toddlers that are easy to draw and easily memorable and perform even the most difficult tricks. The owners of the Yorkshire terriers note the fact that their pupils are not only smart, but quite intelligent. They are not usually the usual memorization of commands, the standard response to intonation, but a clear understanding of words. If York wants to go for a walk or play, then he will surely point it to the host by bringing him the required attribute.
Yorkshire Terrier: Owner Reviews, Mini, Advantages, Disadvantages

Similarly, the advantages include the modest size of the breed. Yes, most often their weight does not exceed 3 kg, but inside them is beating a great loving heart, full of tenderness and awe in relation to their owners. They are excellent companions, showing their attention and responsiveness. Little York will not claim a huge personal space, so the cushions in a cozy corner will be quite enough.

Easily transported. It is possible to make the company on any trip, and this rejects the problem of who to entrust the care of the animal at the time of absence. The Yorkie feels great in transport and even travels for long distances without any problems. And for its transportation it is not necessary to have a special carrier for animals, as these pair of pounds of happiness will be very comfortable to feel in an ordinary lady's bag or simply on the hands.

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Possible Disadvantages of Miniature Yorks

Now let's move on to the negative side of reviews about Mini Yorkshire Terriers. Not once has to face the fact that the undoubted plus, with a certain coincidence, turns into a rather significant minus. So in the case of representatives of a breed like the Yorkshire Terrier, when the acute sense of the dog, recognized as a plus, turns into a minus for the owner, in those cases when the pet is completely unwell and wants to chat. At such moments, York finds thousands of possible reasons for disobedience.

Beginning with banal attacks of poor health, misunderstanding of what it generally wants, to more sophisticated techniques. Showing at the same time high obstinacy.
Yorkshire Terrier: Owner Reviews, Mini, Advantages, Disadvantages
Also a minus is the very independent nature of the dog, despite the overwhelming love of its owners, she is struggling to prove her self-sufficiency, as if showing that it will do well without their presence in her life. Another drawback to the undoubted plus of the breed is the modest size of the dog. Because of the natural fragility of such a pet is very easy to hurt, even without wanting it. Therefore, from a young age, york must be trained to sleep in the designated place, which is located in the least visited part of the living space.

You should not leave the Yorkshire Terrier for the care of young children who, while not playing the game, can injure a dog during the game. Despite the modest size, the Yorkshire Terrier considers itself a great hunter. Which is not surprising, because this breed was originally derived not as a decorative, but as a hunting species. Therefore, feeling themselves offended or offended, without a reproach of conscience, he can get into revenge. Which once again indicates that adults should not be allowed to torment and tease their pet's pet, even when playing with their young family members.

A bare minus can be considered the fact that the york has an incredibly weak digestive system. In any case, representatives of this breed should not eat from the "common table", that is to eat what the owners eat. Often, even special high-quality forages cause babies the most severe stomach upset. It is important to keep track of the fact that the pet did not overeat or pet, and not too small portions of food.
Yorkshire Terrier: Owner Reviews, Mini, Advantages, Disadvantages
The next minus we would like to talk about social spheres of life. Yorkie is incredibly active and creates a lot of noise around them. They like it loudly and tastefully, which is not always pleasant to the inhabitants of neighboring apartments. The dog, with a sharp smell and sensitive hearing, will respond aloud to any third-party noise, believing that it is thus worried about the safety of their masters. On the street, a small zadarak may try to get involved in the fight even with representatives of very large breeds, which also threatens with certain inconveniences.

Yes, of course, the breed is rich in both positive characteristics and negative ones. Being engaged in the comparison of one another can be infinite. Therefore, those who wish to have such a pupil need to carefully and repeatedly weigh all the pros and cons. After all, buying any living creature, it is worth remembering that in life there will not be a new toy, and almost a member of the family.