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Nevsky masquerade cat - the character and behavior of the behavior

Interesting, and somebody ever wondered if there are cats with good manners? Those who will not climb on the table supplemented by supper, will not behave badly or do not make a puddle( or somewhat worse) on your favorite master's shoes? The answer is very simple and understandable

- there is also a Nevsky masquerade cat.

Of course, the name of the breed is quite original, but its basis lies in the kinship of "nevaki".It turns out that the Neva breed is just an Siberian cat in the original masquerade costume, which is created by the color of the color point and the gentle blue eyes, the shade of which varies from gentle-celestial to sapphire-blue. This color has long been tried on a Siamese cat and does not remove it until now. And good behavior and truly royal manners were transferred to the "nevaku" inherited from the Siberian cats, which, at one time, was an ornament at the royal court.

Nevsky masquerade cat character and behavior

The nature of the "non-watches"

The Nevsky masquerade cat differs in a rather strict appearance, which in no way transmits their inner world. The distinctive feature of "Nevacs" is a balanced calm character. Such calm cats still have to be searched! The Neva cat easily combines the opposite qualities: it can also appear as a courageous defender of their territory, and in the image of a tender and faithful friend to their owner, and to be very patient when communicating with children. It is worthwhile, however, to warn that any non-wise person is very wary( although it is mildly said).

Self-esteem is another distinctive feature of the "Nevaca" character. These cats will never impose their company, but will always come to the rescue, listen and even answer. True, a person has not yet learned to understand the language of a cat, but this will not stop a foolish masquerade from talking with households. Nevac very much likes to talk about their affairs and just have a conversation, but it will never be imposed.

Nevsky masquerade cat character and behavior

Not many cats can listen. And Nevsky cat will listen, at the same time on its face will read the full attention and understanding. Nevaki is not just cats, they are little men who are accustomed to the fact that the owner communicates with them on equal terms and appreciates their high intelligence properly. If the Neva masquerade will see or hear a disturbance or anxiety in the behavior or voice of the host, it will surely come, sit on its knees or near it and begin to calm a rather melodic perversion, in which sometimes slight crunching sounds. It can be said with certainty that "Nevaki" are excellent partners for owners.

Nevsky masquerade is not inherent to deprive anyone of households with tenderness, love and attention. During the day she will walk to each member of the family and "chat" with him, learn how he has, and ask him to play. If she finds out that everyone is busy and does not give her time to play, Nevsky will never be bored - she will find out how to cheer her up. However, the master must necessarily see that this interesting creation has found a safe occupation, and nothing threatens her life and health. As stated above, "nevaki" are good behavior, but their curiosity can sometimes be harmful.

For those who are looking for a good friend, a faithful partner and a good listener - to start a new, masquerade cat!