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Big dogs: photo, title, reindeer, american, spanish, strong

Big dogs: photo, title, reindeer, american, spanish, strong

Dogs of large sizes give a lot of positive emotions to their owners. Like other pets, they have their dignity and disadvantages. Of the advantages it is possible to distinguish their goodwill and loyalty with proper education.

  • hardy Scottish deer hound
  • wonderful protector - Italian Mastiff
  • Hunter - Russian psyacha Greyhound
  • Terminal Pyrenees mountain dog
  • Smart Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound
  • true hunter - эshtrelskaya Shepherd
  • resident Mountains - large Swiss Mountain Dog
  • One Mastiffs - Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Smartand disciplined guard - bulmastiff
  • Good Shepherd - Southern Russian Shepherd
  • Service Russian Black Terrier
  • Friendly friend of the family- St. Bernard
  • Komondor or Hungarian Sheepdog
  • willed and brave Caucasian Shepherd
  • Kuvasы - high representatives of royal blood
  • very tall Irish Wolfhound
  • Central Asian Shepherd or alabai
  • perfect pet - Leonberger
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  • brave and independent Moscow Watchdog
  • Durable andpowerful guard - Burbulus
  • The most extensive - English mastiff
  • Reliable defender - Spanish mastiff
  • Popular Newfoundaundlend or diver
  • humble and unflappable Tibetan Mastiff
  • highest - German dog
  • Smart and true Pyrenean Mastiff
  • Dogo Argentino or Argentinian Mastiff
  • American Akita comes from antiquity
  • Anatolian Shepherd or Kangal
  • strong and friendly Neapolitan Mastiff

They are fairly easy dresyruyutsya notrequire high motor activity. The disadvantage of a large breed dog is quite expensive food, as the amount of food in such pupils corresponds to their size. In addition, big dogs live much less than their small relatives.

But even considering these disadvantages and the growing fame in pets' miniature dimensions, there are many who want to get a big four-legged friend who will become a loyal friend of the family, and can at any time protect his owner. Next will be considered popular dogs of large size, photos of large dogs will also be presented.

Endured Scottish Greyhound

The variety of these dogs is one of the oldest representatives of European horseworms. They call them a dirhound. The breed became known in the 16th century in Scotland. The lower bar of allowable height for dogs is 75 cm, and the body weight reaches 50 kg. In female individuals, growth should not be less than 70 cm, body weight - up to 43 kg. The

Deerhounds have a lightning-fast response and great intuition that made them true hunters. Such dogs are easily trained, mobile, with a cool and hardy temper, and also they will become a good companion for the child.

Wonderful defender - Italian mastiff

They appeared on the Italian territory from their ancestors who took part in hostilities along with the ancient Romans. They are also called canoe-corso.

Male species grow to an average of 71 cm, weighing about 47 kg. Size of the female: height-63 cm, weight about 43 kg. Kane-Corso are considered to be excellent guards.

Hunter - Russian Furious Greyhound

There were first dogs of this breed in the 17th century. The weight of the body of such dogs can reach 61 kg, the height of male individuals - about 86 cm, female - 78 cm.

Service Pyrenees Mountain Dog

For quite some time, these dogs, taken out in the French territory, were used as shepherds in the Iberian Mountains. They have a very powerful body and exquisite appearance.

The luck of such dogs is strong, affectionate and friendly. The height of males reaches 80 cm, the weight is slightly over 50 kg. Female specimens grow to 75 cm, weighing about 40 kg.

Deep Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound

A dog that has a long name, has appeared in ancient times and spreads to Buryat territory and adjacent regions. Lived in the monasteries and carried a service to protect various livestock.

These dogs are great hunters and guards, and even used in search activities when searching for the missing. The lowest height of the dogs is 74 cm, the female is 66 cm, the weight of both sexes reaches 70 kg.

The true hunter - the Estrellas shepherdess

She is also called the Portuguese mountain shepherd, but originally from the Iberian Peninsula. Such a dog was removed from ancient times and served as a shepherd. In n spaces rarely contain this breed, since it is separated mainly by the Portuguese.

The average height of the dogs of the estreilskaya shepherd reaches 70 cm, the weight is 45 kg, the height of the female is about 67 cm, the weight is 35 kg. It is important to note that these dogs are not contained in urban conditions, but they are great hunters.

Resident of the mountains - Great Swiss Zenenhund

The homeland of this breed - the Alps in the territory of Switzerland. Such dogs love to move a lot, freedom and fresh air, so they are not suitable for content in urban settings.

The weight of dogs can reach up to 63 kg, the body weight of the female reaches 54 kg. Their growth is approximately the same - about 70 cm.

One of the mastiffs - Bordeaux dog

This breed appeared in ancient France and was used in the Middle Ages as a hunter and warrior. Today Bordeaux dogs are popular because of their benevolent character and the ability to be good watchmen.

They are distinguished by their power and muscularity. The growth of dogs reaches 69 cm, and the minimum weight of the body - a little more than 50 kg. The growth of the female is up to 65 cm, the minimum body weight is 45 kg.

Intelligent and disciplined guardian - Bulmastiff

We continue to look at the photos with the names of big breeds of dogs and go to the bullmastiff.

The breed was introduced in the English territory in the 19th century for the protection of estates. Her representatives are distinguished by calmness, devotion, bravery and equilibrium.

These dogs have excellent sense of smell and easy to train, so they are great seekers. Growth of dogs can reach up to 71 cm, weight - up to 59 kg. Growth of bitch - up to 66 cm, body weight, as a rule, not more than 54 kg.

Big dogs: photo, title, reindeer, american, spanish, strong

Good Shepherd - Southern Russian Shepherd

The landlord Faltz-Fein brought these dogs and their southern Ukrainian territory became their homeland. The forefathers of this breed have German roots. Southern Russian shepherds are very mobile, so they are not suitable for the elderly or have health problems.

Average weight of such dogs is 49 kg, height is about 66 cm.

Service Russian Black Terrier

The dog is from the USSR and it is not suitable for keeping on the chain. Representatives of Russian black terriers need regular contact with their owner and members of his family.

The average height of the dogs is about 79 cm, the weight is about 60 kg. Growth of female individuals reaches 75 cm, weight - about 50 kg.

Friendly family friend - St. Bernard

This large breed comes from Alpine working relatives. The initial purpose of their breeding is to use it as rescuers. They will become lovely family favorites, as they have a friendly, sensitive and peaceful character. According to the standards of the dogs of the St. Bernard, the growth should not exceed 90 cm, and for women, this value - 80 cm.

The weight of the body of the breed is not more than 80 kg. But, as a rule, there are more large individuals, in which the weight and growth significantly exceed the standard values.

Comondor or Hungarian Shepherd

These representatives of shepherds are distinguished by their special features: their powerful body is covered with long white wool, twisted in cords. Used these clever and beloved dogs with a calm temper as good guards.

They are well adapted to the content in the city. Average weight of dogs can reach 60 kg, height - 80 sm. The average body weight of the female is up to 50 kg, the height does not exceed 70 cm.

Wide and brave Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Such defenders appeared in antiquity on the Caucasus territory. Her representatives have a large body and a fairly large growth. Caucasian shepherds are easy to adapt to different climatic conditions, endurance and do not trust outsiders.

Their growth is an average of 70 cm and weight reaches 90 kg.

Big dogs: photo, title, reindeer, american, spanish, strong

Kuwas - High Representatives of Royal Blood

This dog appeared for the first time in Hungary. In the Middle Ages, her relatives of the king and people close to him had the right to establish her. Kuvas are unpretentious in care, they are fearless and faithful.

The height of dogs, as a rule, reaches 76 cm, and weight - up to 90 kg. Growth of bitch does not exceed 70 cm, maximum weight - 68 kg

Very tall Irish wolfhound

Dogs of this breed are hunting and were taken to the Irish territory. These outwardly significant pupils inside have complacent character. They are easy to educate, well communicate with children and conquer their loyalty.

By standard, the height of male individuals must be at least 79 cm, minimum body weight - 54 kg. The minimum permissible growth of females is 71 cm, and the body weight should not exceed 40 kg.

Central Asian Shepherd or Alabai

The breed was introduced in ancient times in the Central Asian territory. Its representatives are used as good watchmen and carry a guard service.

Along with the external calm and some sluggishness, inside a Central Asian sheepskin hide a lightning-fast reaction, an explosive character and strong muscles. The height of the dog reaches 75 cm, and the weight - up to 80 kg. The average growth of female individuals - up to 70 cm, the weight reaches up to 65 kg.

Perfect pet's house - leonberger

These dogs appeared in the middle of the 19th century in the German town of Leonberg. The breed was the result of work on the crossing of several large representatives of four-legged human friends. These dogs perfectly get together in families with a child, easily trained, devoted, prudent and with good intelligence.

For all this, they are well suited to protecting something. Dogs reach a height of 80 cm and a maximum body weight of 76 kg. Womens grow up to 75 cm, weighing up to 60 kg.

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The brave and independent Moscow watchdog

This breed appeared in the middle of the 20th century on Russian territory. It was the result of the interbreeding of several large dog breeds. The Moscow watchdog is distinguished for its fearlessness, self-assurance, communion, independence and restraint. She carries a watchdog perfectly.

The growth of the dogs is about 78 cm, the minimum allowable value is 68 cm, the weight is not less than 60 kg. Standard growth of female specimens is about 73 cm, the minimum allowable is 66 cm, and the weight is not less than 45 kg.

Persistent and Powerful Guard - Burbulus

Released these dogs in the 17th century on South African territory. Large representatives of the breed possess excellent protective ability, agility and plasticity.

Bourbulus requires special care, since such pupils need constant motor activity and training, as well as in the manifestation of the owner's caress and care. Dogs reach a height of 70 cm, female individuals do not exceed 65 cm. The weight of the breed is in the range from 70 to 90 kg.

The Greatest - English Mastiff

This breed of dogs differs not only in power, but also in courage, intrusive character and peace of mind.

Its representatives can not only be good at carrying out the security service, but also perfectly fit into the role of family pet. English mastiffs are considered to be the world's largest breed of dogs.

Psy can weigh from 68 kg and more than 100, and for women - from 54 to 90 kg. The average height of this breed is the same - from 70 to 90 sm.

Reliable defender - Spanish mastiff

This large breed was brought out in Spain in the Extremadura area. Its representatives were intended to protect livestock against the attack of all kinds of wild animals.

Today the Spanish mastiff can become both a reliable guardian and a noble four-legged friend for all family members. Dogs of this breed reach up to 88 cm in height. The maximum weight of the dogs is 120 kg. Females can reach up to 100 kg.

Popular Newfoundland or Diver

This large breed was introduced in Canada for fishing. Her representatives are excellent rescuers. This is due to their membranes on their paws, waterproof woolen surface and excellent swimming ability.

These dogs are very strong, but at the same time have a gentle temperament. They have well-developed intellect and the ability to decide something on their own.

Average dimensions of newfoundland dogs: height up to 75 cm, weight up to 70 kg. The growth of female individuals, as a rule, is not more than 68 cm, weight - up to 55 kg.

Big dogs: photo, title, reindeer, american, spanish, strong

Submissive and invulnerable Tibetan mastiff

These dogs are one of the oldest. Representatives of the breed treated the servants in Tibetan monasteries as watchmen, as well as were near the nomads and the Himalayas.

Tibetan mastiffs combine calm and balance with the ability to perfectly protect their home. These dogs are very neat and will become wonderful four-legged family friends.

The growth of Tibetan mastiff dogs reaches 80 cm and does not exceed 82 kg. Individual female reaches a height of 71 cm, and weight - no more than 60 kg.

The highest - German dog

These externally powerful dogs are distinguished by their elegance and nobility. They are very loyal, humble, show kindness and kindness to their owner. The breed is unique in the world at its height and the minimum height of male individuals is 80 cm, and the female - 72 cm.

Weight of dogs, as a rule, is not higher than 90 kg, and in women it reaches a maximum of 60 kg.

Clever and True Pyrenees Mastiff

This breed brought out by big dogs was in Spanish Aragon. Its representatives came to Southwestern European territory along with traders from Asia. In them, this breed served as shepherds.

These dogs are distinguished by their high intellectuality and invincibility. Such qualities allow Pyrenean mastiffs to often act as guardian or guardian.

The psy of this great breed reaches a height of 80 cm, and female specimens do not exceed 75 cm. The weight of the Pyrenyian mastiffs, as a rule, reaches 81 kg, but dogs with a much larger body weight are also common.

Argentinian Dog or Argentinean Mastiff

This breed appeared on Argentine territory in the early 20th century.

It was used as a hunting ground. Average dimensions of male animals: growth - up to 68 cm, weight - up to 65 kg. Average size of female: growth - up to 65 cm, weight - up to 55 kg.

American acity from the ancient times

Representatives of this breed in America in the middle of the last century were taken out. Her ancestor was an ancient Japanese breed of akita-inu, so she is also called a large Japanese dog.

Americans believe that both akitas are two species of the same breed. Growth of male individuals reaches 71 cm, weight - up to 66 kg. The growth of the female reaches 66 cm, the weight of the body - about 54 kg.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog or Kangal

This breed was brought out on Turkish territory. And to this day it still does not lose its relevance as a shepherd dog.

Kangalos are distinguished by savvy, devotion, discipline, vigor, they are well-behaved alongside the child and are easy to educate. The average height of the breed reaches 80 cm, the weight does not exceed 65 kg.

Strong and friendly Neapolitan mastiff

Representatives of this breed were brought out in ancient times on the Apennine Peninsula. They needed to perform security functions. The Neapolitan Mastiff's trunk is powerful and coarse.

They can also be started for keeping at home, as they have a benevolent and cheerful character. Men can grow up to 79 cm, and body weight is about 70 kg. Growth of bitch can reach 74 cm, body weight reaches 60 kg.

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